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Anduin™ is the database system now used to study Tolkien’s manuscripts for The Lord of the Rings at Marquette University. It contains digital scans of all the manuscripts and enables researchers to navigate easily through Marquette's collection, studying Tolkien's magnum opus by book, chapter, draft of chapter, and (eventually) by individual passage. Anduin™ replaces the older and cumbersome method of studying microfilm and photocopies. The goal of Anduin™ is to improve the research experience, helping scholars make efficient use of their time and facilitating the discovery of new insights about The Lord of the Rings. Because copyright to Marquette’s Tolkien manuscripts remains with The Tolkien Estate Limited, images in Anduin™ can only be accessed on-site in the archives reading room. Off-site access to images in Anduin™ is prohibited.

If you wish to use Anduin™, please email to make an appointment.

ANDUIN is a trademark owned by Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC and is used under license by Marquette University.