Records of an independent Catholic advocacy group (known at first as the National Association of Laymen) which sought "to bring the unique lay dimension to Church renewal," focusing on issues such as conscientious objection to the Vietnam War, the financial accountability of Catholic dioceses, the religious education of Catholic students (opposing government aid to parochial schools), women's rights, and world peace. There are files on committees and projects, conventions, board and officers' meetings, and affiliated organizations, including the Archdiocesan Laity League of Milwaukee. Documentation is scant for the first three years, and there is little or nothing concerning several committees and programs and the decision to dissolve the association in 1973. Series 5 contains records donated by Steven Leonard of Denver, Colorado of an affiliate organization, Catholics for a Better Society.

Gift of John P. Yorke, 1990. Supplemented by Steven Leonard, 2023.

Series 1 Committees and Projects, 1968-1973
Series 2 Administrative Records, 1969-1973
Series 3 Board and Officers' Meetings, 1967-1973
Series 4 Conventions, 1967-1973
Series 5 Affiliated Organizations, 1967-1973