Series 3 Scope and Content

The records in this series have been further divided into three (3) sub-series, grouped by format.

Series 3.1, Photographs, 1976-2009, undated (6.5 cubic feet) contains thousands of photographs depicting Quixote Center activities and personnel as well as the lives of the poor and suffering that the Center sought to help and the environments in which these people lived. The photographs are arranged first by program and then alphabetically by folder title within each program. A large number of photographs, especially personnel photos, are grouped under a general heading of the Quixote Center. The programs with the largest number of photos are Quest for Peace and Haiti Reborn. These were accumulated during the many trips to Nicaragua and Haiti undertaken by Quixote Center staff. Some of these images were selected for use in Quixote Center publications and mailings. All of the images in this sub-series are photographic prints unless otherwise noted in brackets [ ] on the inventory. The other formats are 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, and JPEG digital images. The digital photographs are stored on CD or DVD. All of these digital images have also been copied to the archives' secure server. Many of the photographs arrived in a disordered state with little or no accompanying description. The archives staff has done its best to identify and date images; however, many of the photographs are undated and enjoy only the most minimal description.

Series 3.2, Video and sound recordings, 1979-2009, undated (0.6 cubic feet), a.k.a. Audiovisuals, are contained in this sub-series. The video recordings are arranged chronologically and exist in one of two formats: analog VHS tape or DVD. There is one analog U-Matic tape, but its contents have been migrated to DVD format. This sub-series contains only a handful of sound recordings. These too are arranged chronologically; their format is either analog cassette tape or compact disc.

Series 3.3, Electronic Records, 1997-2006, (0.2 cubic feet) contains computer files pertaining to three of the programs at the Quixote Center: Catholics Speak Out, Equal Justice USA, and Quest for Peace. The files have been migrated from the original media (3.5" floppy disks and zip disks) to DVD and also copied to the archives' secure server. In three instances, a disk back-up had been created by the Quixote Center of the files located on a particular employee's desktop hard drive. These disks then made their way to Marquette with the rest of the records. The archives also received 89 floppy disks with various program files, most from the Equal Justice USA program. All but a dozen or so of these disks contained documents already held in paper format in series 5, and so they were discarded. However, several of the floppy disks contained Equal Justice files -- mostly related to fundraising -- that were not already in sub-series 5.3. These documents were copied to both DVD and the archives' server and the original disks discarded.