1957-[ongoing] bulk 1986-2001

Series 4 Scope and Content

There are over 17,000 photographic images in the Thompson Collection. They are divided among Series 4.1 to 4.4. Each series is arranged chronologically by event, except for the portraits which are arranged chronologically by subject. Exact dates have been provided whenever available. In the absence of an exact date, archivists have attempted to identify the month or year. Any undated events (undated) appear at the end of each series. Some photographs have negatives that are stored separately from the prints. Each negative has been numbered, and the number appears on the back of the corresponding print.

All photographs from the collection appear in Series 4 except for some framed prints presented as gifts to Thompson. These are listed among the memorabilia in Series 6.

Series 4.1, Portraits, 1971-2000, undated, consists of formally posed shots of Thompson, his family, and staff. The photographs are arranged chronologically by subject. The series also contains some formal shots of Thompson posing with VIPs. Thompson was photographed with many important individuals at events throughout his career. Most of these images will be found among the other three series, appearing with additional photographs from the same event.

Series 4.2, Pre-gubernatorial Events, 1961-1986, undated, contains the earliest images of Thompson, from his time as a student at UW-Madison through his election as Wisconsin's Governor in November 1986. The photographs are arranged chronologically by event. Undated events (undated) appear at the end of the series.

Series 4.3, Gubernatorial Events, 1987-2001, undated, is the largest photographic series, covering the period from Thompson's first inauguration as Wisconsin's Governor to his departure from office at the beginning of 2001. Each year has its own inventory, arranged chronologically by event, with undated events (undated) appearing on a separate inventory. The series also contains photographic albums given to Thompson in recognition of specific events, such as Governors' Association meetings, Harley-Davidson riding tours, and the 1992 Moving State Government Week.

Series 4.4, Health and Human Services, 2001-2004, undated, consists of digital .jpeg images depicting Thompson's service as HHS Secretary in the first administration of President George W. Bush. Unidentified HHS photographers created the images. They are arranged chronologically by event. In many instances, archivists dated an event based on date stamp metadata assigned by the camera. Most of the events depicted are photo opportunities from when individuals or groups met with Secretary Thompson in the Hubert H. Humphrey Building. Many of these groups and individuals remain unidentified. Other events include public speeches, press conferences, and congressional hearings. The series does not contain any images from Thompson's international trips, except missions to Afghanistan in October 2002 and Rwanda in 2003.