Box Date Title/Contents Format
1 March 1996 Footage of first delegation preparing to leave for Iraq (including public announcement in downtown Chicago) and on arrival at Al-Qadisiya Hospital Videocassette
1 March 1996 Footage of first delegation's visit to Al-Qadisiya Hospital (APTV Global Video Wire) Videocassette
1 December 1996 Footage of fourth delegation at Al-Qadisiya Hospital Delegation Videocassette
3 10 February 1998 Bert Sacks interviewed on Flashpoints (KPFA-Berkeley,CA) Audiocassette
1 30 May 1998 "Iraqi Sanctions Challenge" (interview with Kathy Kelly) Videocassette.
1 6 June 1998 Kathy Kelly interviewed on Arabic Hour Videocassette.
3 28 July 1998 Kathy Kelly and George Lopez interviewed on Democracy Now! Audiocassette
3 24 December 1998 School children singing "We Shall Overcome" outside hospital in Baghdad (with KK and other delegation members) Digital Videocassette
3 30 December 1998 Kathy Kelly interviewed on CBS Up to the Minute concerning US bombing campaign Digital Videocassette
3 30 December 1998 VITW News Conference at National Press Club (C-Span) Digital Videocassettes (2)
1 December 1998 Milwaukee Muslim Perspectives programs on conditions in Iraq, including interviews of Carolyn Griffith and Kathy Kelly (2 programs), followed by phone interview of Rick McDowell after US bombing began (12 December) Videocassette
1 1998 Iraq Sanctions: What the US Doesn't Want you to See (footage from November 1997 delegation visit) Videocassette
1 10 March 1999 Talk by Brad Simpson at Prayer Vigil for Iraq, sponsored by Islamic Society of Milwaukee and Peace Action Wisconsin Videocassette.
3 17 August 1999 The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer segment on bombing in no fly zones (KK guest); includes New Jersey Network News feature by reporter who accompanied July 1999 VITW delegation Digital Videocassette
1 15 October 1999 Keynote Addresses by Phyllis Benis, Eric Gustafson, and Kathy Kelly, Conference on Sanctions against Iraq, Ann Arbor, MI Videocassette
3 7 October 2000 Kathy Kelly's interview on "Newsmakers" program, Channel 12, Portland OR Digital Videocassette
1 Fall 2000 American Muslim Hour feature on West Coast Remembering Omran Bus Tour Videocassette
3 2000 Ani (record album created and produced by Danny Muller of VITW as "a witness to the injustice of sanctions")  
1 6 March 2001 Kathy Kelly interviewed following announcement of Nobel Peace Prize nomination, Channel 7, Chicago Videocassette
1 1 September 2001 CAN TV (public access cable) program on tent encampment in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood in solidarity with VITW fast at UN. Speakers include Fr. Bob Bossie and David Stein of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Worker House. Videocassette
1 21 September 2001 Kathy Kelly's talk at St. Stephen's Church, Reno, NV Videocassette
3 ca. 2001 Delegation footage (visits to hospitals, home, sculptor's studio, etc.) Digital Videocassette
1 September 2001, ca. January 2002 Four videos produced by Frank Craven for public access TV concerning the attack on the World Trade Center, VITW's UN fast (including his interview of faster Henry Williamson, broadcast live on 14 September 2001), and the arrest of VITW members and other activists at the US embassy to the UN on 22 January 2002 Videocassette
3 2 and 9 June 2002 Jeff Guntzel and Kathy Kelly interviewed after visit to West Bank following attack on Jenin Refugee Camp, broadcast on Voices of Our World (Maryknoll) CD
3 26 September 2002 Kathy Kelly's talk at DePaul University 8MM Videocassette
2 3 January 2003 Bert Sacks on "Iraq, Sanctions, The Media and Nonviolence," following talk by Congressman Jim McDermott, Trinity United Methodist Church, Seattle Videocassette
3 23 January 2003 Kathy Kelly interviewed on Worldview (Chicago Public Radio) before leaving to join Iraq Peace Team Audiocassette
2 10 March 2003 Kathy Kelly interviewed in lobby of Al-Fanar Hotel by David Barsamian (in Boulder, CO) for RadioVision Videocassette
2 20 March 2003 Kathy Kelly's interview (by phone from Baghdad) by ABC News anchor Charles Gibson Videocassette
3 21 March 2003 Wade Hudson speaking to VITW staffer via phone from Al-Fanar Hotel CD
3 13 June 2003 Kathy Kelly's talk in Seattle Digital Videocassette
2 Spring 2003 Kathy Kelly speaking in Uptown Chicago Videocassette
2 30 June 2003 Kathy Kelly's talk sponsored by Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, Detroit Videocassette
2 9 July 2003 Witnesses to War, Iraq Peace Team members Cynthia Banas and Ed Kinane speaking at the University of Pittsburgh (Snowshoe Films) Videocassette
3 10 August 2003 Kathy Kelly's talk at Full Circle Fair, Blue Hill, ME, broadcast on WERU-FM, Bangor CD
2 18 August 2003 Talk by Doug Johnson and Dan Winters on their experiences with the Iraq Peace Team Videocassette
2 ca. August 2003 Post-war footage from Baghdad (John Farrell recounting attack by US military on a family, interview of doctor by Kathy Kelly and Ed Kinane, and interview of Kinane) Videocassette
3 ca. 2003 CAN TV (public access cable) broadcast of talk by Kathy Kelly in Chicago, following return from Iraq Digital Videocassette
2 1 February 2004 "A Call to Peace," Annual Deanery Convocation, Wausau, WI, with addresses by Simon Harak, SJ, Ian Harris, and Kathy Kelly, broadcast on WPAC Public Access Channel 10 Videocassette
3 3 February 2004 Kathy Kelly's talk at Unitarian Church, Milwaukee Digital Videocassettes (2)
2 24 September 2004 Kathy Kelly's talk at Buckingham Friends School, Lahaska, PA Videocassette
3 20 October 2004 Kathy Kelly's talk at Dolores Mission Church, Los Angeles CD
2 October 2004 Kathy Kelly's talk at Earth Charter Community Summit, Chicago Videocassette
3 2005 In a Time of Siege: Voices in the Wilderness Defying War and Sanctions in Iraq (documentary produced by Peace Productions) DVD