Volume 1: Eastern United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans in the United States:

Inclusive dates: 1848-2012

Volume: Equivalent of over 400 cubic feet

Description: At least 7 collections with pertinent records.


/1 "Bureau of Catholic Indian Mission Records"

Inclusive dates: 1848-1976, undated

Volume: Equivalent of ca. 400 cubic feet (411 reels of microfilm)

Description: Records of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions and the Commission for the Catholic Missions among the Colored People and the Indians; re: Indian affairs and Catholic Indian missions throughout the United States; microfilmed by the Marquette University Special Collections and Archives, which holds the original records and controls access to the microfilm.


/2 "Cooper Papers, John Montgomery, Collection, ACUA 049"

Inclusive dates: Between 1920s-1962, undated

Volume: Several folders

Description: Papers of Reverend John Montgomery Cooper (1881-1949), a distinguished professor, administrator, theologian, and anthropologist, who founded the Catholic Anthropological Conference, 1926,  to promote ethnographic studies by Catholic missionaries. Two years later, Catholic University established the Department of Anthropology and appointing him Professor and Chair of Anthropology, which he held until his death, 1949. Cooper took 13 field trips to study Cree Indian communities of the James Bay area in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, 1925-1940, where he developed a collaborative relationship with Regina Flannery [Herzfeld], a student and later colleague who became a Professor of Anthropology at Catholic University. Folders include:

a. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions in Series 2 Subject Files (undated) and Series 3 Correspondence with directors Monsignor William Hughes and Rev. John B. Tennelly, S.S.

b. Re: Indians and Eskimos and Catholic evangelization in Series 3 Correspondence with Bishop of Rapid City/ Lead Joseph F. Busch, Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J., Rev. Berard Haile, O.F.M., Rev. Julius Jette, S.J., Rev. Martin J. Lonneaux, S.J., Rev. Bonaventure Oblasser, O.F.M., Rev. Fridolin Schuster, O.F.M., Rev. Placidus Sialm, S.J., Rev. Marcellus Troester, O.F.M., Sister M. Inez Hilger, O.S.B., and anthropologists [Regina] Flannery [Herzfeld], I. Irving Hallowell, A.L. [Alfred Louis] Kroeber, Clyde Kluckhohn, Robert H. Lowie, Frank [Gouldsmith] Speck, and the American Anthropological Association, U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, and UNESCO [United Nations Preparatory Educational Scientific And Cultural Commission]

c. Re: Ethnographic field notes [Cree Indians?] in Series 3 Correspondence; see also "Algonkian Magic" (Series 3 Correspondence) and "Religion of Gros Ventres [Atsina Indians]" (Series 3 Correspondence and Series 4 Publications)


/3 "Ewing Papers, Charles B., Collection ACUA 044"

Inclusive dates: 1862-1951 (bulk 1870-1883)

Volume: Approximately .5 cubic foot

Description: Correspondence, 1870-1883, legal documents, clippings, and printed materials of General Ewing (1835-1883), first Commissioner of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, 1874-1883, which were compiled by Rev. Peter Rahill for "The Catholic Indian Mission and Grant's Peace Policy, 1870-1884," which was his doctoral dissertation at Catholic University; re: Indian affairs and Catholic Indian missions notably in Washington, Montana, Arizona, and New Mexico; notable correspondents include Archbishops of Santa Fe John Lamy and John Baptist Salpointe; Bishops of Nesqualy, Washington, Augustin Blanchet and Aegidius Junger; Rev. Joseph Brouillet and Rev. George Deshon, and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Columbus Delano; includes originals and copies (typescripts) of letters held elsewhere.


/4 "Lindesmith, Reverend Eli W.J., Papers, ACUA 024"

Inclusive dates: Unknown

Volume: Unknown

Description: Diaries and letters of Rev. Lindesmith (1827-1922) while a chaplain at Fort Keogh, Montana, 1880-1901; re: Cheyenne, Crow, Oglala, and others; includes 1 folder of correspondence with Mother Amadeus Dunne, O.S.U., 1884-1919, re: mission schools staffed by Ursulines.


/5 "Muench Papers, Cardinal Aloisius, Collection, ACUA 037"

Inclusive dates: Between 1906-1963 (bulk 1946-1959)

Volume: Few letters possible

Description: Papers of Cardinal Aloisius Joseph Muench (1889-1962), Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, 1935-1959, who founded the Tekakwitha Conference, 1939; possible notable correspondents relating to Indian evangelization include officials and officers of the Catholic Central Verein of America and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, Bishop of Bismarck, North Dakota, Vincent J. Ryan, and Auxiliary Bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, Leo F. Dworschak.


/6 "Records of the National Catholic War Council, ACUA 10"

Inclusive dates: Between 1891-(1917-1935)-1956

Volume: Less than 1% of 135 linear feet

Description: Correspondence with the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions.


/7 "National Catholic Welfare Conference – United States Catholic Conference Records"

Inclusive dates: 1919-2012

Volume: Less than 1% of 1,602 linear feet

Description: Correspondence with the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions.


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.