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Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Generalate, IT-1
Augustinians, Generalate, IT-2
Barnabites, General Motherhouse, IT-3a
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, IT-3b
Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Generalate, IT-4
Canossian Daughters of Charity, Generalate, IT-5
Capuchins, Generalate, IT-6
Christian Brothers, Generalate, IT-7
Claretian Missionaries, General Headquarters, IT-8
Comboni Missionaries, General Motherhouse, IT-9
Congregatio Pro Gentium Evangelizatione, IT-10
Congregation of Priests of the Sacred Heart, Generalate, IT-11
Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, General Motherhouse, IT-12
Congregation of the Holy Cross, Generalate, IT-13
Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, General Motherhouse, IT-15
Conventuals, General Curia, IT-16
Crosier Fathers, Generalate, IT-17
Discalced Carmelites, Generalate, IT-18
Dominicans, Generalitia, IT-19
Felician Sisters, General Motherhouse, IT-20
Franciscans, General Headquarters, IT-21
Holy Ghost Fathers, Generalate, IT-22
Jesuits, Generalate, IT-23
Marian Fathers, Generalate, IT-24
Marist Brothers, Generalate, IT-25
Marists, Generalate, IT-26
Marist Missionary Sisters, Generalate, IT-27
Missionaries of La Salette, Generalate, IT-29


Jesuits, Turin Province, IT-57

ROME, continued

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, General Motherhouse, IT-30
Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Generalate, IT-31
Pallotines, Generalate, IT-32
Passionists, Generalate, IT-33
Premonstratensians, Generalate, IT-34
Redemptorists, Generalate, IT-35
Regular Franciscans, General Motherhouse, IT-36
Salvatorians, General Headquarters, IT-38
School Sisters of Notre Dame, General Motherhouse, IT-39
Servites, Generalate, IT-40
Sisters of Notre Dame, Generalate, IT-41
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Generalate, IT-42
Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, General Motherhouse, IT-43
Sisters of the Divine Savior, Generalate, IT-44
Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Generalate, IT-45
Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Generalate, IT-46
Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, Generalate, IT-47
Society of African Missions, Generalate, IT-48
Society of the Divine Word, Generalate, IT-49
Society of the Holy Childhood of Jesus, Generalate, IT-50
Society of the Precious Blood, Generalate, IT-51
Society of the Sacred Heart, Generalate, IT-52
Theatines, General Motherhouse, IT-53
Ursulines, Generalate, IT-55
Vincentians General Motherhouse, IT-56