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Native Groups

The Native Guide includes repository entries for the following Native American groups, most of which are also represented in the Marquette archival holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records. The Native American names are expressed according to Library of Congress subject headings with those that follow in [brackets] denoting common alternative names. States in (parentheses) denote the places where the people were located according to records noted in the Native Guide and those in the Marquette Archives. See Search and Tips for effective use of these terms.

Abenaki Indians (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont)

Ahtena Indians [Athapascan] (Alaksa)

Alabamu Indians [Alabama] (Louisiana, Texas)

Alsea Indians (Oregon)

Apache Indians [Athapascan, Chiricahua, Cibecue, Jicarilla, Mescalero, White Mountain] (Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)

Apalachee Indians (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana)

Arapaho Indians (Oklahoma, Wyoming)

Arickara Indians (North Dakota)

Assiniboine Indians (Montana)

Atsina Indians [Gros Ventre] (Montana)

Aztec Indians (Florida)

Bannock Indians (Idaho)

Biloxi Indians (Louisiana)

Brulé Indians [Sicangu, Dakota, Lakota, Teton Sioux] (South Dakota)

Caddo Indians [Adai, Hasinai] (Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)

Cahuilla Indians [Aguas Calientes] (California)

Catawba Indians (North Carolina)

Cayuga Indians [Iroquois, Iroquoian] (New York, Oklahoma)

Cayuse Indians (Oregon)

Chelan Indians [Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Cherokee Indians (Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee)

Cheyenne Indians (Montana, Oklahoma)

Chickasaw Indians (Louisiana, Oklahoma)

Chinook Indians [Warm Springs] (Oregon)

Chitimacha Indians (Louisiana)

Choctaw Indians (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma)

Chumash Indians (California)

Clallam Indians [Klallum, Salish] (Washington)

Coahuiltecan Indians [+ Taouaizsés, Tauayas] (Texas, Mexico)

Cochiti Indians [Keresan] (New Mexico)

Cocopa Indians (California)

Coeur d’Alene Indians [Skitswish] (Idaho)

Comanche Indians (Oklahoma, Texas)

Cowlitz Indians (Washington)

Cree Indians (Montana, North Dakota, Canada)

Creek Indians [Muskogee] (Alabama, Oklahoma)

Crow Indians [Absaroki] (Montana)

Cupeño Indians (California)

Dakota Indians (Indiana, Minnesota); see also -- Santee Indians, Sisseton Indians, Wahpeton Indians

Delaware Indians (Delaware, Oklahoma)

Dena'ina Indians [Athapascan, Tanaiana] (Alaska)

Diné Indians [Athapascan] (Canada)

Editso Indians (South Carolina)

Entiat Indians [Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Eskimo [Inuit, Innupiaq, Yupik Eskimo] (Alaska, Canada)

Esselen Indians (California)

Fox Indians [Mesquakie] (Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma)

Gabrielino Indians (California)

Grand Ronde Indians [Grand Ronde Confederated] (Washington)

Haida Indians (Alaska)

Han Indians (Alaska)

Hasinai Indians (Texas)

Hidatsa Indians (North Dakota)

Hopi Indians [Moqui] (Arizona)

Houma Indians [Huma, Pointe-aux-Chênes] (Louisiana)

Hualapai Indians [Walapai] (Arizona, California)

Hunkpapa Indians [Dakota, Lakota, Teton Sioux] (North Dakota, South Dakota)

Huron Indians (Michigan, Ohio); see also -- Wyandotte Indians

Hupa Indians [Hoopa] (California)

Illinois Indians [Illini, Kaskaskia, Peoria] (Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma)

Iowa Indians (Nebraska, Oklahoma)

Isleta Indians [Tiwa] (New Mexico)

Jemez Indians [Pecos, Towa] (New Mexico)

Juaneño Indians [Ajachemem] (California)

Jumano Indians (Texas)

Kalispel Indians [Flathead, Pend D'Oreille] (Montana, Washington)

Kansa Indians [Kaw] (Oklahoma)

Karankawa Indians (Texas)

Kickapoo Indians (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico)

Kiowa Indians (Oklahoma)

Klamath Indians (Oregon)

Koasati Indians [Coushatta] (Louisiana, Texas)

Kootenai Indians [Kutenai, Salish] (Idaho)

Koyukon Indians [Athapascan] (Alaska)

Kumiai Indians [Campo, Diegueño, Kumeyaay] (California)

Kusso Indians (South Carolina)

Kutchin Indians [Athapascan] (Alaska)

Kwakiutl Indians (Alaska)

Laguna Indians [Keresan] (New Mexico)

Luiseño Indians (California)

Lumbee Indians (North Carolina)

Lummi Indians [Salish] (Washington)

Maidu Indians (California)

Makah Indians (Washington)

Malecite Indians (Maine)

Mandan Indians (North Dakota)

Maricopa Indians [Pee-Posh] (Arizona)

Maya [K'iche, Queche, Qanjobal, Chuj, Mam, Kakchiquel, Ixil] (Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Guatemala, Mexico)

Mayo Indians (Arizona)

Menominee Indians (Wisconsin)

Mestizos (Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico)

Methow Indians [Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Métis (Illinois, Indiana,Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Canada)

Miami Indians [Piankashaw, Wea] (Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma)

Miccosukee Indians (Florida)

Micmac Indians (Canada)

Miwok Indians (California)

Modoc Indians (Oklahoma)

Mohave Indians (Arizona)

Mohawk Indians [Iroquois, Iroquoian] (New York, Ohio, Canada)

Mono Indians (California)

Muckleshoot Indians (Washington)

Nanticoke Indians (Delaware)

Natchez Indians (South Carolina)

Navajo Indians [Athapascan] (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah)

Nespelim Indians [Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Nisqually Indians [Salish] (Washington)

Nooksock Indians (Washington)

Oglala Indians [Dakota, Lakota, Teton Sioux] (Nebraska, South Dakota)

Ohlone Indians (California)

Ojibwa Indians [Chippewa, Ojibwe] (Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Canada)

Okanogan Indians [Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Omaha Indians (Nebraska, Oklahoma)

Oneida Indians [Iroquois, Iroquoian] (Wisconsin)

Onondaga Indians [Iroquois, Iroquoian] (New York)

Opata Indians (California, Mexico)

Osage Indians (Kansas, Oklahoma)

Otoe Indians (Oklahoma)

Ottawa Indians (Michigan, Oklahoma)

Paiute Indians (California, Nevada, Oregon)

Paloos Indians [Palus, Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Passamaquoddy Indians (Maine)

Penobscot Indians (Maine)

Peoria Indians (Oklahoma)

Pima Indians [Akimel O'odham] (Arizona)

Piro Indians (New Mexico)

Piscataway Indians (District of Columbia, Maryland)

Pomo Indians (California)

Ponca Indians (Nebraska, Oklahoma)

Potawatomi Indians [Pottawatomi, Pottawatomie] (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin)

Powhatan Indians (Virginia)

Puyallup Indians [Salish] (Washington)

Quapaw Indians (Kansas, Oklahoma)

Quileute Indians (Washington)

Quinault Indians [Quinaielt, Salish] (Washington)

Salish Indians [Flathead] (Montana)

San Felipe Indians [Keresan] (New Mexico)

Sanpoil Indians [Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Sans Arc Indians [Itazapco, Dakota, Lakota, Teton Sioux] (South Dakota)

Santa Ana Indians [Keresan] (New Mexico)

Santee Indians [Mdewakanton, Wahpekute, Dakota Sioux] (Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, Canada); see also -- Dakota Indians

Santo Domingo Indians [Keresan] (New Mexico)

Seminole Indians (Florida, Oklahoma)

Seneca Indians [Iroquois, Iroquoian] (New York, Oklahoma)

Senijextee Indians [Lake, Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Seri Indians (Mexico)

Serrano Indians (California)

Shawnee Indians (Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma)

Shoshoni Indians [Shoshone] (California, Wyoming)

Siksika Indians [Blackfeet, Blackfoot] (Montana)

Siletz Indians [Chinook, Klamath, Siletz Confederated Indians] (Washington)

Sisseton Indians [Dakota Sioux] (Illinois, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Canada); see also -- Dakota Indians, Wahpeton Indians

Skagit Indians [Salish] (Washington)

Skokomish Indians (Washington)

Snoqualmie Indians (Washington)

Sobaipuri Indians (Arizona)

Spokane Indians [Flathead] (Washington)

Stockbridge Indians [Mahican] (Wisconsin)

Suquamish Indians [Salish] (Washington)

Swinomish Indians (Washington)

Taino Indians (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands)

Tarahumara Indians (Mexico)

Tepehuan Indians (Mexico)

Tewa Indians [Nambe, Ohkay Owingeh, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, Tesuque] (New Mexico)

Timucua Indians (Florida)

Tinne Indians [Athapascan] (Alaska)

Tiwa Indians [Isleta, Picuris, Piro, Sandia, Taos, Tompiro, Ysleta] (New Mexico, Texas)

Tlingit Indians [Chilkat] (Alaska)

Tohono O'odham Indians [Papago] (Arizona, Mexico)

Tortugas [Tiwa] (New Mexico)

Tsimshian Indians [Alaska]

Tubatulabal Indians (California)

Tulalip Confederated Indians [+ Snohomish, Twana] (Washington)

Tunica Indians (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi)

Tuscarora Indians [Iroquois] (New York)

Umatilla Indians (Oregon)

Ute Indians [Uinta, Wiminuche] (Colorado)

Wahpeton Indians [Dakota Sioux] (North Dakota, South Dakota, Canada); see also -- Dakota Indians, Sisseton Indians

Wailaki Indians (California)

Walla Walla Indians (Oregon)

Wasco Indians (Oregon)

Washo Indians (Nevada)

Wenatchi Indians [Wenatchee, Colville Confederated] (Washington)

Wichita Indians (Oklahoma)

Winnebago Indians [Ho-Chunk] (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin)

Wintun Indians (California)

Wiyot Indians (California)

Wyandot Indians (Michigan, Oklahoma, Canada); see also -- Huron Indians

Yakama Indians [Yakima] (Washington)

Yankton Indians [Dakota, Nakota Sioux] (South Dakota)

Yaqui Indians (Arizona, Mexico)

Yavapai Indians (Arizona)

Yokuts Indians (California)

Yuchi Indians (Oklahoma)

Yuki Indians (California)

Yuma Indians [Quechan] (Arizona, California)

Yurok Indians (California)

Zapotec Indians (Mexico)

Zia Indians [Keresan] (New Mexico)

Zuni Indians (New Mexico)



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