Volume 2: Midwest United States
Iowa: IA-3

Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Dubuque. Archives
Archdiocesan Center
1229 Mount Loretta Avenue
P.O. Box 479
Dubuque, IA 52004-0479

Phone: 563-556-2580, Extension 299


Hours: Appointment recommended

Access: Some restrictions apply

Copying facilities: Yes


History: The Diocese of Dubuque was erected from territory in the Diocese of St. Louis, 1837, elevated to an archdiocese, 1893, and lost territory, which reduced it to eastern Iowa, 1893-1902. In 1900, Dubuque reported fewer than 100 baptized Native American Catholics. The former Dubuque Diocese included the following Catholic missions and parishes serving Native Americans:

1838-1841 (closed)

St. Joseph Mission (Potawatomi), Council Bluffs, Iowa

1843-1846 (closed)

St. Francis Xavier Mission (Dakota), Little Prairie, Minnesota

1843-1848 (closed)

Our Blessed Lady of the Seven Dolors/ Winnebago Mission (Winnebago), Iowa

1848-1870s (no longer Native) (Dubuque, 1848-1850)

Assumption Church (Cree, Métis, and Ojibwa), Pembina, North Dakota


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1843-1856, 1970s-present

Volume: Less than 1 cubic foot

Description: 4 series with records.


/1 "Bishops' Papers

Inclusive dates: 1843-1856

Volume: .1 cubic foot

Description: Bishop Mathias Loras (1792-1858):

A. "Council Bluffs Correspondence," 1852, 1854, 1856, 3 letters; from St. Mary Mission (Potawatomi), St. Marys, Kansas

B. "Cretin to Loras Correspondence," 1843-1856, 1 folder; letters between Bishop Loras and Bishop Joseph Cretin

C. "General Correspondence," 1843-1850, 1 folder

D. "Indian Affairs Correspondence," 1848, 1853-1854, 1 folder

E. "Propagation of the Faith Correspondence," 1844-1850, 1 folder


/2 Parish files

Inclusive dates: 1970s-ongoing

Volume: Few records possible

Description: Records (e.g. correspondence, notes, clippings, photography) of St. Patrick Church, Tama, about Fox Indian parishioners.


/3 Sacramental records

Inclusive dates: 1970s-ongoing

Volume: Few records

Description: Sacramental records (e.g. baptisms, marriages, burials) of St. Patrick Church, Tama, for Fox Indian parishioners.


/4 Archdiocesan newspaper

Inclusive dates: 1970s-ongoing

Volume: Occasional articles

Description: The Witness, archived online.


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.


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