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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1820-1950, undated

Volume: .15 cubic foot and 6 reels of microfilm

Description: Within 8 collections.


/1 "History-Indian Mission Schools"

Inclusive dates: 1837-1873

Volume: .1 cubic foot

Description: Reports (copies) by Indian agents and Catholic missionaries to the U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs on the following tribes and schools: Kickapoo, School, 1837; Miami, St. Francis Regis School, 18471848, 1850-1857; Osage, St. Francis Institute, 1845, 1873; Potawatomi, St. Mary School, 1839-1871.


/2 "History-Indians-Osage"

Inclusive dates: 1867

Volume: 2 letters

Description: U.S. General Land office correspondence, re: settlements and patents on the Osage Mission land.


/3 "Miscellaneous, Snyder"

Inclusive dates: 1850

Volume: 1 letter

Description: From John F. Snyder to his brother describing St. Mary Mission.


/4 "Microfilm (MS 59), Gailland, Maurice, Diary"

Inclusive dates: 1848-1877

Volume: 286 pages on 1 reel of microfilm

Description: The Diary of Rev. Maurice Gailland, S.J., translated by Reverend James M. Burke.


/5 "Microfilm (MS 93), Osage Mission, Sacramental Records"

Inclusive dates: 1820-1885

Volume: 1 reel of microfilm

Description: From the Chancery Office, Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. 

A. "Osage Nation": baptisms, 1820-1846; marriages, 1830-1847

B. "Osage Mission": baptisms, 1847-1862, deaths, 1847-1876

C. "Osage Missions": baptisms, 1862-1882

D. "Quapaws and Cherokees": baptisms (Quapaw), 1847-1880; baptisms (Cherokee), 1867-1885; deaths (Quapaw), 1853-1863; marriages (Quapaw), 1854-1877

E. "Kansas Territory (includes both Natives and non-Natives)": baptisms, 1854-1871; marriages, 1860-1871; deaths, 1860-1871

F. "Missouri (includes both Natives and non-Natives)": baptisms, 1859-1871; marriages, 1858-1869


/6 "Microfilm (MS 399-402), Potawatomi Indian Mission, Catholic"

Inclusive dates: 1832-1894

Volume: 2 reels of microfilm

Description: Selected records of St. Mary Mission and College from the Midwest Jesuit Archives (now U.S. Jesuit Archives), St. Louis, Missouri. 

A. Diaries and histories, 1838-1887, .5 cubic foot:

1. Diary of Reverend Christian Hoecken, S.J., 1838, 1848-1850, 1 Volume; translated and annotated by Rev. J.J. O'Meara, S.J.

2. Diary of Rev. Maurice Gailland, S.J., 1850-1871, 1 volume; translated and annotated by Rev. J.J. O'Meara, S.J.

3. Diary, 1848-1849, 1877-1887, 1 volume; by Rev. Maurice Gailland, S.J., and others

4. "House Diary," 1854-1862, 1 volume

5. "History of Immaculate Conception Church," by Rev. Christian Hoecken, S.J., 1838, 1 volume; translated and annotated by Rev. J.J. O'Meara, S.J.

B. Sacramental records, 1832-1887, .75 cubic foot

1. "Rev. Charles F. Van Quickenborne's Register," 1832-1834, 1 volume; baptisms and marriages

2. "Westport Register," 1839-1845, 1 volume; baptisms and marriages

3. "Kickapoo and Council Bluffs (Iowa) Register," 1835-1839, 39 pages; baptisms and marriages

4. Marriages, 1836-1882, 1 volume; various places in Kansas, Montana, and the Dakotas

5. Sugar Creek and St. Mary Missions, 1838-1887, 9 volumes

C. School records, 1858-1894, 3 volumes: register of students


/7 "Microfilm (MS 403-404), Jesuits. Missouri Province, Osage Missions"

Inclusive dates: 1832-1910, undated

Volume: 2 reels of microfilm Description: From the Midwest Jesuit Archives (now U.S. Jesuit Archives), St. Louis, Missouri. 

A. Correspondence, 1832, 1845-1849, 1852, 1855, 1857, 1867-1868, 1870-1872, 1875, 1883-1888, 1910, 55 letters; major correspondents include Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J., Rev. Paul M. Ponziglione, S.J., and William Medill, U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs

B. "Historia Domus, Littarae Annuae," 1854-1863, 1865-1867, 1869, 1871-1891, 2 folders, in Latin; most in Rev. Paul M. Ponziglione's hand

C. "Status Temporalis and Fructus Ministerii," 1861-1878, 1880-1892, 1 folder

D. "Writings of Rev. Ponziglione," 1853-1897, 1 cubic foot:

1. Osage Indian language records, 1853, 1856, 1862, 1885, undated, 25 items; includes a dictionary, catechisms, prayers, dialogues, and collections of Epistles and Gospels translated into Osage by Rev. Paul Ponziglione, S.J.

2. "Annals, Osage Mission," 1824-1889, 3 volumes

3. "The Osages and Fr. John Schoenmakers, S.J., Interesting Memoirs Collected from Legends, Traditions, and Historical Documents," dedicated in 1897, 561 pages; contains 51 chapters plus appendix; includes a history of the Osage Indians, beginnings of Catholic evangelization among the Osage, 1820s-1830s; and the Osage Mission, 1846-1884

4. "Journal of the Western Missions Established and Attended by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus Residing at the Osage Mission, Neosho County, Kansas, Beginning from August 11, 1867," 1867-1896, 10 volumes; correspondence (includes copies) and histories

5. Notebook, 1880s-1890s, 1 volume; contains a necrology for Osage Mission, 1852-1887, a history of St. Stephen Mission (Arapaho, Shoshoni), Wyoming, 1884-1894, and an historical account of Jesuit missions, 1883

6. "Status Animarium of the Western Missions," 1870

7. "Notes on Indian Customs" and "Anecdotes," undated

8. "Record of the Sodality of the Immaculate Heart of Mary," 1865, 1867, undated, 3 volumes

E. "Maps, Surveys, Plats," 1871, 1877, 1881, undated, 9 items

F. "Historical Accounts," 1870, 1872-1874, 1889, undated, 1 folder: includes a "Guide for Missionaries," by Rev. Paul Ponziglione, S.J., 1874 and a record of mission stations and churches among the Osage Indians from 1847-1870 by Rev. Paul Ponziglione S.J.


/8 Photograph Collection 

Inclusive dates: 1867-1950, undated

Volume: 17 prints

Description: Arranged alphabetically by subject, including:  

A. Osage Mission, Kansas, 1870, 1940s, undated, 8 prints

B. St. Mary Mission, Kansas, 1867, 1870s, 1950, undated, 9 prints


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.