Volume 2: Midwest United States
Missouri: MO-1

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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:
Inclusive dates: 1930s-1959, 1962, 1980-1981
Volume: Over 60 folders/ volumes + 3 sound recordings; microfilm; DVDs
Description: Within the John G. Neihardt Papers, C3716, a collection of the State Historical Society of Missouri held by the University of Missouri-Columbia.

A. Manuscripts with related documents

1. Black Elk Speaks: John G. Neihardt manuscript and related documents, re: his visit and interview of Nicholas Black Elk (Oglala Lakota), Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, 1931, re: his life story retold from birth to the present including his great childhood vision and evangelistic work as a Catholic catechist

a. Original manuscript by John G. Neihardt, 1931-1932
b. Stenographic notes of interview by daughter Enid Neihardt Fink, 1931, with transcripts of stenographic notes by archives staff, 1980-1981
c. Drawings by Stephen Standing Bear relating to Black Elk’s great vision, 1931
d. Diary by Enid Neihardt Fink, 1931

2. When the Tree Flowered: Stenographic notes by daughter Enid Neihardt Fink of Neihardt’s interviews of Nicholas Black Elk, Eagle Elk, and Andrew Knife, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, 1944, re: Lakota adjustment to U.S. sovereignty, with transcripts of stenographic notes by archives staff, 1980-1981

B. Correspondence: Letters to/ from:

1. Ben Black Elk, 1930s-1959, several letters
2. Eagle Elk, 1940s; few items

C. Photography: Scrapbook of photographic prints compiled by Enid Neihardt Fink, re: Neihardt’s visit and interview of Nicholas Black Elk, 1931, 1 volume
D. Audiovisual materials: Recordings, 1954, 1962, include Neihardt’s recollections of his visits with Black Elk


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.