Volume 2: Midwest United States
Missouri: MO-13

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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1790-1973, undated

Volume: Ca. 20% of 168 reels of microfilm

Description: The Knights of Columbus Vatican Film Library is a research collection for the study of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts established with assistance from the Knights of Columbus, 1953. It contains ca. 40,000 microfilmed manuscripts from the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, the Jesuit Archives and Research Center, St. Louis, Missouri, and other libraries and repositories. 6 groups contain related records:


/1 "Society of Jesus [Jesuits], Missouri Province Archives" 

Inclusive dates: 1790-1973, undated

Volume: Approximately 35% of 32 reels of microfilm  

Description: Except for sacramental records (e.g. baptisms, marriages, burials), these record copies includes many of the Native American mission and school records from the Jesuit Archives and Research Center, St. Louis, Missouri. 


/2 "Rev. Peter J. De Smet Papers" 

Inclusive dates: 1821-1923, undated 

Volume: 7 reels of microfilm 

Description: Copies of papers of Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J. [Jesuits], from the Jesuit Archives and Research Center, St. Louis, Missouri.


/3 "Indian Mission and School Records" 

Inclusive dates: 1843-1963, undated 

Volume: 13 reels of microfilm

Description: These records are held by the Jesuit Archives and Research Center, St. Louis, Missouri; however, Marquette University Special Collections and Archives, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, holds the bulk of the archival records from Holy Rosary Mission (now Red Cloud Indian School), Pine Ridge, South Dakota, St. Francis Mission, St. Francis, South Dakota, and St. Stephens Mission, St. Stephens, Wyoming.

A. St. Francis Mission and School (Brulé), South Dakota, 1883-1963, 2 reels of Microfilm; prominent records include:

1. "Historia Domus and Litterae Annuae," 1909-1962

2. "Chronicles," Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity (Nonnenwerth, Germany; Stella Niagara, New York, and Denver, Colorado), 1886-1963, 3 volumes

3. "History of St. Francis Mission, 1886-1922," by Rev. Florentine Digmann, S.J., undated, 211 pages

4. "Diary," Rev. Emil M. Perrig, S.J., 1886-1909, 6 volumes

5. Publications in Lakota-Dakota, 1883-1925, 10 volumes by Rev. Jerome Hunt, O.S.B., Rev. Eugene Buechel, S.J., and Rev. Stephen R. Riggs (Protestant)

B. Holy Rosary Mission and School [now Red Cloud IndianSchool] (Oglala), South Dakota, 1888-1963, undated, 3 reels of microfilm, which include:

1. "Historia Domus and Litterae Annuae," 1889-1962

2. "Chronicle," Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity (Nonnenwerth, Germany; Stella Niagara, New York; and Denver, Colorado), 1888-1963, 4 volumes

3. "Diary," Rev. Placidus Sialm, S.J., 1929-1930s, 208 pages

4. "House Diary," 1903-1932, 1 volume

5. "Indian Stories and Legends," by Rev. Eugene Beuchel, S.J., undated, 1 volume: written in Dakota

6. "English-Lakota Dictionary," by Rev. Eugene Buechel, S.J., undated, 1 volume

7. "Dakota Winter Counts," compiled in the 1920s

8. School enrollment record, 1888-1903, 1 volume

C. "St. Stephen's Mission and School, Wyoming, 1880s-1963, 1 reel of Microfilm; notable records include:

1. "House Diaries," 1880s-1963, 7 volumes

2. "Chronicles," Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, 1892-1963, 6 volumes

3. "Diary," 1912-1924, 124 pages: author unknown

D. Rocky Mountain Mission, 1843-1931, undated, 7 reels of microfilm; from the Jesuit Oregon Province Archives, now at the Jesuit Archives and Research Center, St. Louis, Missouri; prominent records include:  

1. Correspondence and other historical records written by over 30 Jesuits

2. "Provincial Papers, Oregon Province, Rev. Joseph Giorda, S.J., 1862 1877; Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J., 1877-1893; and Rev. Leopold Van Gorp, S.J., 1893-1900"

3. Correspondence, "Father General Peter Beckx, S.J., to Rocky Mountain Mission (Salish), 1853-1887"

4. Correspondence, "Father General John Roothaan, S.J., to Father Joseph Joset, S.J., 1843-1852"

5. "House Diaries," Sacred Heart Mission, De Smet, Idaho, 1878-1963

6. "Memoirs" of Rev. Filippo Rappagliosi, S.J., 1879, 152 pages

7. "Historical sketches of the Catholic Church in Oregon During the Past Forty Years" by Rev. Francis N. Blanchet, 1878, 183 pages


/4 "General Archives of the Society of Jesus, Rome, Italy" 

Inclusive dates: 1823-1884

Volume: Parts of 3 reels of microfilm 

Description: Letter books of the Jesuit generals in Rome, Italy arranged alphabetically by province; re: correspondence of U.S. Jesuits with the generals, including reports with historical information and statistical data, of the U.S. provinces.

A. "Missio Californiae," 1850-1884, less than 50 letters; re: Indian missions in California and Oregon Territory. A major correspondent is Rev. Michael Accolti, S.J. writing about the Oregon missions.

B. "Missouri," 1823-1863, part of 1 reel of microfilm:

1. Correspondence, 1823-1863, .1 cubic foot; re: Kickapoo Mission and School, Missouri; Osage Mission and School, Kansas; and St. Mary Mission and School, Kansas; major correspondents include Rev. Charles F. Van Quickenborne, S.J., Rev. Theodore De Theux, S.J., Rev. John Roothaan, S.J., Rev. Christian Hoecken, S.J., Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J., Rev. Peter Beckx, S.J., and Bishop John B. Miege, S.J.

2. "Litterae Annuae and Historiae Domorum," 1823-1850s: annual reports from each mission; includes a history of the Missouri Province missions from 1823-1834, 34 pages

3. "Catalogue Primus," 1844-1853: lists of personnel within the Province with name, address, age, title, birthplace, years in the society, and length and nature of ministry

C.  "Missouri, Rocky Mountain Mission," 1852-1884, part of 1 reel of microfilm: primarily correspondence but also biographical data on Jesuit missionaries, historical information on Indian missions, and sacramental records; major correspondents include Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J., Rev. Michael Accolti, S.J., Rev. Joseph Joset, S.J., Rev. John Nobili, S.J., Rev. John Roothaan, S.J., Rev. Gregory Mengarini, S.J., and Rev. Anthony Ravalli, S.J.


/5 "Maryland-New York Province Archives" (St. Louis, Missouri, and Washington, D.C.) Inclusive dates: 1823-1840

Volume: Less than 50 letters

Description: Correspondence on St. Regis Seminary, Florissant, Missouri; re: activities among the Osage Indians by Rev. Charles F. Van Quickenborne, S.J., 1820s, and the Kickapoo Mission and School. Major correspondents include Rev. Charles Van Quickenborne, S.J., Rev. Francis Dzierozynski, S.J., Rev. Theodore De Theux, S.J., Rev. John A. Elet, S.J., and Rev. Peter Verhaegen, S.J.


/6 "Society of Jesus, Province of French Canada Archives" [La Province du Canada Français, Montreal, Quebec]

Inclusive dates: 1842-1924

Volume: Approximately 1 % of 113 reels of microfilm  

Description: Correspondence, diaries, and reports from Jesuit missionaries among the Ojibwa and Ottawa Indians in northern Michigan. A major correspondent is Rev. Frederic Baraga.


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.