Volume 1: Eastern United States
Pennsylvania: PA-2

Holy Ghost Fathers. United States Province 
6230 Brush Run Road
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Phone: 412-831-0302


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History: Founded in France, 1703, the Holy Ghost Fathers (a.k.a. Congregation of the Holy Ghost, Spiritans) self-identify with the post-nominal initials, “C.S.Sp.” They made their first U.S. foundation in Baltimore, 1794, which established a U.S. province that divided into the Eastern U.S. and Western U.S. provinces, 1964, and reunified, 2009. The Western Province Holy Ghost Fathers administered the following missions and parishes among Native Americans:


St. Augustine Church (few Native Americans, e.g. Osage, Cherokee), Tulsa, Oklahoma


St. Catherine Mission (Apache), Cibecue, Fort Apache Reservation, Arizona


St. Anthony Mission (Apache), Cedar Creek, Fort Apache Reservation, Arizona

1968-1990 (transferred to San Diego Diocese)

St. Joseph Church (Aguas Calientes), San Jacinto, California


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1940-1983, undated

Volume: .02 cubic foot



/1 Parish files: Arranged alphabetically by place followed by parish name:

A. Arizona, Fort Apache Reservation, Cedar Creek, St. Anthony Mission: Unknown

B. Arizona, Fort Apache Reservation, Cibecue, St. Catherine Mission: Unknown

C. California, San Jacinto, St. Joseph Mission, 1983, undated, 1 folder; correspondence, clippings, house chronicle or history, and notes

D. Oklahoma, Tulsa, St. Augustine Church, 1940-1956, undated, 1 folder; correspondence, notes, and photographs (black and white and color prints), re: Cherokee, Comanche, Creek, Otoe, Quawpaw, and Shawnee Indians in dance costumes and in church; also a statue honoring St. Kateri Tekakwitha, installed within the new church in 1956, which claimed to be the first church in Oklahoma to do so


/2 Personnel files: Members who served missions and parishes among Native Americans: Unknown.


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.