Volume 3: Western United States
Alaska: AK-11

Catholic Church. Diocese of Fairbanks. Chancery
1316 Peger Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709

Phone: 907-374-9500


History: The Prefecture Apostolic of Alaska was erected for Alaska from territory in the Diocese of Vancouver’s Island (now Archdiocese of Vancouver, British Columbia), which was subject to the Metropolitan See of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 1894; the Prefecture Apostolic of Alaska was subject to the Metropolitan See of Seattle and was succeeded by the Vicariate Apostolate of Alaska for the northern half of Alaska, 1916; and the Diocese of Fairbanks was erected from the Vicarate Apostolate, 1999. The Prefecture Apostolic reported 2,000 baptized Native American Catholics, 1900, and the three Alaskan dioceses reported 15,700 with Fairbanks alone reporting 15,000, 1999. Fairbanks and its predecessors have administered the following missions, parishes, and schools among Native Americans in Alaska:

1867-1915 (closed) (Fairbanks, 1894-1915)

St. Stanislaus/ St. Paul the Apostle Mission (Koyukon), Kokrines

1873-present (Fairbanks, 1894-present)

St. Michael’s Mission (Yupik Eskimo), St. Michael

1879-present (Fairbanks, 1894-1951)

St. Rose of Lima Church (Tlingit) Wrangell/ Fort Wrangell

1887-present (Fairbanks, 1894-present)

Holy Cross Mission, School and Orphanage (Yupik Eskimo, Ingalik Eskimo), Holy Cross/ Koserefsky

1887-1920 (Fairbanks, 1894-1920)

St. Mary’s Mission (Yupik Eskimo, Ingalik Eskimo), Akularak

1887-present (Fairbanks, 1894-present)

St. Aloysius Mission (Yupik Eskimo, Koyukon), Tanana

1889-1894 (closed) (Fairbanks, 1894)

St. Alphonsus Mission and School (Yupik Eskimo), Tununak, Nelson Island

1895-1916 (Fairbanks, 1895-1951)

Our Lady of the Mines Mission (Tlingit), Douglas


Our Lady of the Snows Church/ St. Peter Claver Mission (Koyukon), Nulato

1896-1920 (closed)

Sacred Heart Mission (Koyukon), Shagelok/ Shageluk River District


St. Joseph Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Tununak


Nulato School (Koyukon), Nulato


St. Ignatius Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Alakanuk



St. Joseph Church (Yupik Eskimo), Nome

1904-present (Fairbanks, 1904-1951)

Holy Name Church (Tlingit, Haida), Ketchikan


Holy Family Mission (Tlingit, Haida), Metlakata

1905-1987 (closed)

St Mary’s School (Yupik Eskimo), Akulurak


St. Bernard Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Stebbins

1910-1920s (closed)

St Ursula’s-by-the-Sea Day School and Hospital (Yupik Eskimo), St. Michael


St. Peter in Chains Mission (Koyukon), Ruby

1918-1940 (closed)

Pilgrim Springs Mission and Orphanage (Yupik Eskimo), Pilgrim Springs


St. Theresa Church (Dena’ina), Nenana


St. John Berchmans Church (Koyukon), Galena


Little Flower of Jesus Church (Yupik Eskimo), Hooper Bay


St. Francis Xavier Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Kotzebue

1929-1970 (closed)

St. John the Apostle Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Pimute


Church of Mary, the Mother of God (Eskimo), Marshall

1931-1960s (closed) (Fairbanks, 1931-1951)

St. Pius X Mission Home (Tlingit), Skagway


St. Anne/ St. Emma Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Teller


St. Jude Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Diomede Island/ Little Diomede Island


St. Theresa Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Aniak


St. Lawrence Church (Yupik Eskimo), Mountain Village


Immaculate Conception Church (Yupik Eskimo), Bethel


Sacred Heart/ Immaculate Conception Church (Yupik Eskimo), Kalskag


St. Joseph Church (Yupik Eskimo), Kotlik



St Teresa/Little Flower of Jesus Church (Koyukon), Kaltag


Blessed Sacrament Church (Yupik Eskimo), Scammon Bay

1950-1960 (closed)

Christ the King Mission (Yupik Eskimo), King Island



Church of the Nativity/ St. Mary Mission and School (Yupik Eskimo), St. Mary


Holy Angels Mission (Yupik Eskimo, Koyukon), Unalakleet


Sacred Heart Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Chevak


Holy Family Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Newtok


St. Patrick Church (Yupik Eskimo), Utqiabvik/ Barrow


St. Peter/ Mary Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Nunan Iqua/ Sheldon Point


St. Patrick Church (Koyukon), Koyukuk


St. Michael Church (Yupik Eskimo), McGrath


St. Catherine Church (Yupik Eskimo), Cheforniak


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (Yupik Eskimo), Nightmute


St. Charles Spinola Church (Yupik Eskimo), Pilot Station


St. Peter the Fisherman Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Toksook Bay


St. Francis Regis/ Huslia Mission (Koyukon), Huslia

1966-1973 (closed)

Manley Mission (Koyukon), Manley


Sacred Heart Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Emmonak


Christ the King Chapel (Yupik Eskimo), Umkumute

1974-1980 (closed?)

Immaculate Conception School (Yupik Eskimo, Dena’ina), Fairbanks


St. Anthony Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Hamilton


Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission (Yupik Eskimo), Russian Mission


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1886-ongoing

Volume: At least 14 cubic feet 

Description: 5 series include Native Catholic records: 


/1 Bishops’ Papers

Inclusive dates: 1894-ongoing

Volume: Unknown

Description: Not available when surveyed by a Marquette University archivist, 2006.

A. Bishop Pascal Tosi, S.J. [Jesuits] (1835-1898), served 1894-1897

B. Bishop Jean Baptist Rene, S.J. (1841-1916), served 1897-1904

C. Bishop Joseph Raphael John Crimont, S.J. (1858-1945), served 1904-1945

D. Bishop Walter James Fitzgerald, S.J.(1883-1947), served 1945-1947

E. Bishop Francis Doyle Gleeson, S.J. (1895-1983), served 1948-1968

F. Bishop Robert Louis Whelan, S.J. (1912-2001), served 1968-1985

G. Bishop Michael Joseph Kaniecki, S.J. (1935-2000), served 1985-2000

H. Bishop Donald Joseph Kettler (1944-), served 2002-2013

I. Bishop Chad Zielinski (1964-), served 2014-


/2 Sacramental Archive

Inclusive dates: 1887-ongoing

Volume: At least 7 cubic feet (At least 134 volumes)

Description: Arranged alphabetically by parish location and there under by name; includes baptisms, first communions, confirmations, marriages, burials, censuses, family genealogies, house diaries, and school records for parishes and schools plus attended missions and stations; copies noted when included.  

A. Akulurak [St. Mary’s], St. Mary’s Mission and School, 1892-1977, 6 volumes; re: baptisms, 1892-1939, marriages, 1902-1915; baptisms, 1915-1922, first communions, 1915-1926, marriages, 1915-1937, and deaths, 1915-1923; baptisms, 1922-1952; baptisms, first communions, and confirmations, 1889-1927; school records with sacraments, 1906-1944; school records with sacraments, 1945-1952

B. Alakunuk, St. Ignatius Church, 1892-1977, 11 volumes; re: baptisms, 1952-1960; baptisms, 1960-1967; unidentified, 1913-1953, first communions, 1965-unknown; confirmations, 1954-1977; deaths, 1952-1977; marriages, 1952-1977; baptisms, 1892-1915, marriages, 1902-1937, deaths, 1915-1923 (copy); baptisms, 1915-1922 (copy); baptisms, 1952-1977 (copy); confirmations, 1941-1949, 1952-1977, marriages, 1937-1977, deaths, 1952-1977 (copy)

C. Barrow [Utqiabvik], St. Patrick Church, 1954-1992, 1 volume; re: unidentified, 1954-1992

D. Bethel, Immaculate Conception Church, 1939-1973, 3 volumes; re: unidentified, 1942-1973; unidentified, 1939-1951 (Kushokuim District); baptisms, 1942-1959, first communions, 1957-1972, confirmations, 19441946, 1951-1973, marriages, 1942-1973, deaths, 1946-1973 (copy)

E. Chevak, Sacred Heart Church, 1944-1982, 3 volumes; re: census, 1949; unidentified, 1957-1982; baptisms, 1944-1957 (Keyalucik and District); includes Kashunak

F. Galena, 1954, 2 volumes; re: census, 1954, and house diary [Jesuits?], 1954-1982

G. Holy Cross, Holy Cross Mission, 1887-1972, 18 volumes; re: baptisms, 1887-1919, confirmations, 1895-1918; first communions, 1939-1955; baptisms, 1887-1902, first communions, 1956, deaths, 1900-1902; baptisms, 1917-1919; baptisms, 1931-1938, first communions (with portraits), 1930-1956; baptisms, 1934-1972; unidentified, 1919-1934; confirmations, 1917-1918, 1948, 1952; deaths, 1888-1944; deaths, 1900-1919; marriages, 1917-1919; first communions, 1941-1973, confirmations, 1941-1968, marriages, 1924-1973, deaths, 1946-1971 (copy); baptisms, 1887-1912, baptisms (Shgeluk), 1887-1902, first communions, 1956-1972, confirmations, 1917-1978, marriages, 1919-1972, deaths, 1919-1972 (copy); baptisms, 1887-1902 (copy); baptisms, 1889-1947 (copy); baptisms, 1917-1971 (copy); baptisms, 1919-1972, marriages, 1919-1972, deaths, 1919-1972 (copy); unidentified, 1887-1916, first communions, 1956, confirmations, 1917-1918, marriages, 1919-1972, deaths, 1919-1972 (copy)

H. Hooper Bay, Little Flower of Jesus Church, 1889-1971, 7 volumes; re: baptisms, 1889-1947; baptisms, 1920-1947; unidentified, 1916-1919, 1946-1971; baptisms, 1889-1931 (Tymute); first communions, 1941-1942, marriages, 1929-1946, census (Scammon Bay), 1939, census (District), 1938, deaths, 1946 (Hooper Bay District); baptisms, 1889-1947 (Hooper Bay Ledger); baptisms, 1889-1947 (Hooper Bay to Lower Yukon)

I. King Island, Christ the King Mission, 1920-1960, 2 volumes; re: baptisms, 1947-1958; baptisms, 1920-1960, family tree (King Island Miscellaneous)

J. Kokrines, St. Stanislaus/ St. Paul the Apostle Mission and Tanana, 1907-1939, 2 volumes; re: census, Kokrines, 1907-1939 and Tanana, 19081933 (copy); Kokrines births, marriages, and deaths, 1920-1924

K. Kotzebue, St. Francis Xavier Church, 1929-1944,2 volumes; re: unidentified, 1929-1944; letters and graveyard list (loose notes)

L. Koyukuk, St. Patrick Church, 1873-1904, 2 volumes; re: baptisms, 18731901, marriages, 1894-1904; census, 1955

M. Kozerefsky (Holy Cross), Holy Cross Mission, 1899-1919, 2 volumes; re: marriages, 1899-1919 (early Holy Cross); family trees and census, 1907-1917

N. Kushkokwim (Holy Cross), Holy Cross Mission, 1909-1918, 2 volumes; re: baptisms, confirmations, and marriages, 1909-1915 (Holy Cross); census, 1918

O. Little Diomede (Diomede), St. Jude Mission, 1937-1964, 1 volume; re: baptisms and marriages, 1937-1964

P. Mary’s Igloo and Little Diomede (Diomede), St. Jude Mission, 1904-1964, 1 volume (copy); re: Mary’s Igloo unidentified, 1904-1938 and Little Diomede (Diomede), St. Jude Mission, 1937-1964

Q. Mountain Village, St. Lawrence Church, 1889-1969, 4 volumes; re: baptisms, 1889-1927; unidentified, 1938-1969, census, 1942-1943, statistics, 1929-1930, 1942; baptisms, 1889-1969, confirmations, 19391967, marriages, 1939-1969 (copy); unidentified, 1914-1940 (copy)

R. Nelson Island and Yukon River, Tununak, St. Joseph Church and St. Alphonsus Mission and School, 1890-1965, 5 volumes/folders; re: confirmations, 1934-1955, deaths, 1935-1961; confirmations, 1939-1965, marriages, 1934-1947; baptisms, 1889-1928, confirmations, 1906-1924, marriages, 1890-1927, deaths, 1890-1896 (Nelson Island and Yukon River; copy); baptisms, 1889-1926, confirmations, 1939-1965, marriages, 19341965, Tununak unidentified, 1934-1959 (copy); baptisms, 1890-1927, 1947 (Nelson Island Folder)

S. Nome, St. Joseph Church, 1901-1974, 9 volumes; re: baptisms, 1901-1923, confirmations, 1904-1939; baptisms, 1924-1956, confirmations, 19481956; unidentified, 1957-1973; unidentified, 1973-1981; marriages, 1901-1956; deaths, 1906-1956; unidentified, 1907-1923 (copy); baptisms, 1907-1923 (copy); first communions, 1957-1973, confirmations, 19571973, marriages, 1907-1973, deaths, 1957-1973 (copy)

T. Nome (St. Mary’s Igloo), 1910-1951, 1 volume; re: unidentified, 1910-1951

U. Nulato, Our Lady of the Snows Church/ St. Peter Claver Mission, 18731964, undated, 11 volumes; re: baptisms, 1901-1920; baptisms, 1921-1947; baptisms, 1948-1964; families, 1907-1913; marriages, 1903-1948; marriages, 1927-1931, 1946-1948; baptisms, 1873-1901, marriages, 1894-1904 (copy); baptisms, 1901-1964, marriages, 1903-1963 (copy); census, undated (Nulato Area Light Green Notebook); census, 1950 (Nulato Area Dark Green Notebook); census, undated (Nulato Area Red-Brown Notebook)

V. Nulato: Koyukuk and Kaltag, 1901-1921, 1 volume; re: Deaths

W. Pilot Station, St. Charles Spinola Church, 1914-1940, 2 volumes; re: unidentified, 1914-1940; confirmations, marriages, and deaths, 1921-1939

X. Pimute, St. John the Apostle Church, 1934-1950, 2 volumes; re: families with sacraments, 1934 and census, 1940-1950

Y. Ruby, St. Peter in Chains Church and Kokrines, 1907-1939, 1 volume; re: baptisms and deaths

Z. St. Marys, St. Mary’s School, undated, 1 volume; re: index of families with students

AA. St. Michael, St. Michael’s Mission, 1895-1973, 4 volumes; re: baptisms, 1895-1949; unidentified, 1895-1949 (copy); unidentified, 1949-1973; unidentified, 1949-1973(copy)

BB. Tanana, St. Aloysius Church and Kokrines, 1910-1933, 1 volume; re: unidentified

CC. Tununak (Nelson Island), St. Joseph Church, 1934-1965, 2 volumes; re: baptisms, 1934-1959; baptisms (copies, 1959-1965


/3 School Records

Inclusive dates: 1951-ongoing

Volume: ca. 2 cubic feet

Description: Transcripts for St. Mary’s High School, St. Marys; other school records filed by parish with sacramental records.


/4 Photography

Inclusive dates: 1890s-ongoing

Volume: At least 5 cubic feet (at least 5,000 items)

Description: Prints, negatives, and slides arranged alphabetically by place and there under by event and/or ethnic group with oral history data recorded on the versos of many prints; an inventory was not available when surveyed by a Marquette University archivist, 2006.


/5 Files regarding Religious Communities

Inclusive dates: Unknown

Volume: Several presumed

Description: Files pertaining to Jesuits, Dominican Sisters, Sisters of Notre Dame, and Sisters of St. Joseph.


/6 Diocesan Newsletter

Inclusive dates: 1960-ongoing

Volume: Many articles 

Description: Quarterly publications with substantial content about Native Americans and Catholic evangelization with the Diocese:

A. Alaska Catholic, archived online, 2012-2016

B. The Alaskan Shepherd, print only edition, 1960-2012, archived online, 2000-ongoing

C. Arctic Footprints, archived online, 2017-2019

D. Missionary Disciples eMagazine/ Ministry Update, archived online, 1995-ongoing


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.