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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1693-1993

Volume: Approximately 44 cubic feet

Description: 35 collections include Native Catholic records:


/1 “Report on Sonoran Missions, MS 1069”

Inclusive dates: 1744 

Volume: .1 cubic foot 

Description: By Padre Juan Antonio Baltasar, S.J. [Jesuits] (1697-1763), re: Native Americans and Catholic evangelization; Spanish (translation in Juan Antonio Balthasar: Padre Visitador to the Sonora Frontier, 1744-1745 by Peter M. Dunne, 1957; accompanying map in “Tucson Map Collection”


/2 “Balthasar and Sedelmayr Manuscripts, MS 399”

Inclusive dates: 1744-1751

Volume: .2 cubic foot

Description: Native Americans and Catholic evangelization; relates to books by Peter M. Dunne, Juan Antonio Balthasar: Padre Visitador to the Sonora Frontier, 1744-1745 and Jacobo Sedelmayr: Missionary Frontiersman Explorer in Arizona and Sonora. 


/3 “Brophy Papers, William and Ellen Brophy Series, MS 1225”

Inclusive dates: Between 1882-1945

Volume: Several letters

Description: William H. (1863-1922) and Ellen Brophy (1872-1934); includes correspondence on Catholic Charities and restoration of San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, Arizona; Tucson Bishop Henry Granjon is a major correspondent.


/4 “Burruel Family Papers, MS 1143”

Inclusive dates: 1872-1955

Volume: .1 cubic foot

Description: By Elijio, Joaquin, and Refugio Burruel; re: San Xavier del Bac Mission School, including teacher contracts for 1912, 1916, and 1917, annual reports, and a student list; Elijio Burruel was a school trustee and his grandparents, Pedro and Jesus Burruel, donated lands for the school.


/5 “Charouleau Papers, MS 1080”

Inclusive dates: 1895-1960

Volume: Few photographs

Description: By Anna Charouleau (1884-1973); re: Sacred Heart Mission, Covered Wells, and San Solano Missions, Topawa, Arizona (Tohono O’odham). 


/6 “Dobyns Papers, MS 221”

Inclusive dates: 1840s 

Volume: 1 folder

Description: By Henry F. Dobyns; Box 1, Folder 6: Baptismal records (transcripts) of Tubac Presidio, Tubac, St. Augustine Church, Tucson, and San José de Tumacacori Mission, Tumacacori, Arizona (Pima, Tohono O’odham). 


/7 “Eckhart Papers, MS 0239“

Inclusive dates: Between 1905-1973

Volume Several items

Description: By George Eckhart (1898-1978); includes travel logs and photographs of a number Arizona Indian missions, noting architecture and construction.


/8 “Figueroa Papers, MS 601” 

Inclusive dates: 1780-1936

Volume: Approximately .1 cubic foot

Description: Papers of Rev. Paul Figueroa (1856-1945); includes: 

A. History of Yuma, Arizona with Fort Yuma Government Indian School (Yuma) operated by Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (Los Angeles Province) (Archives: St. Louis, Missouri), 1 folder

B. Baptismal register of Pueblo of San Antonio Paduano del Oquitoa Mission, Sonora, Mexico 1778-1820, 1 folder


/9 “Hayes Transcript of Forty-niners Diary, MS 341”

Inclusive dates: 1849

Volume: 1 item

Description: By Benjamin I. Hayes (1815-1877); Re: Trip from Socorro, New Mexico, to Warner’s Ranch, California,, with description of San Xavier del Bac Mission, Arizona, and Pima and Tohono O’odham Indians; typescript; from the Bancroft Library, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, California); published in Pioneer Notes from the Diaries of Judge Benjamin Hayes, 18491875 by Marjorie Tisdale Wolcott.


/10 “Herreras Oral History Interview, AV 276 and AV 368-7”

Inclusive dates: 1982

Volume: 2 recordings and 1 transcript 

Description: Interview of Eleazar Días Herreras (1897-1992); re: in part, restoration of San Xavier del Bac Mission and its Wishing Shrine. 


/11 “Ivancovich Papers, MS 915”

Inclusive dates: 1935-1975

Volume: Ca. 5 cubic feet

Description: By Jane Harrison Ivancovich (1915-1991).  

A. Series 1: “Eusebio Kino, S.J. (1645-1711)”

1. Box 1, Folders 1-10: “250th Anniversary of Kino’s Death,” 19601961; artwork, clippings, correspondence, manuscripts, and photographs

2. Box 1, Folders 11-19: “Kino Memorial Statue Committee,” 1962-1965, undated; artwork, clippings, correspondence, minutes, photographs, and publications

3. Box 2, Folders 20-32: “Padre Kino Plaza, Magdalena,” Sonora, 1965-1971, undated; architectural plans, clippings, correspondence, and photographs

4. Box 3, Folders 33-43: “Kino Miscellany,” 1960s-1972; articles, clippings, correspondence, and photographs

B. Series 2: “San Xavier del Bac Mission”

1. Box 3, Folders 44-47: “Restoration of Mission,” 1950-1953; clippings, correspondence, and ephemera

2. Box 3, Folders 48-51: [Mission] “Fiesta,” 1952-1956; clippings, correspondence, drawings, and program

3. Boxes 3-4, Folders 52-55: “Tucson Community Group,” 1969-1972; clippings, correspondence, drawings, photographs, and publications

4. Box 4, Folders 52-57: “Tucson Community Group,” 1969-1972; clippings, correspondence, drawings, and lists

5. Box 4, Folders 56-57: “Miscellaneous,” 1954-1960s; photographs and publications

C. Series 3: “Correspondents, 1935-1975”

1. Boxes 4-7, Folders 58-106: correspondence, photographs, and publications; notable correspondents: Rev. John Francis Bannon, S.J. [Jesuits], Rev. James Brodrick, S.J., Rev. Maynard Geiger, O.F.M. [Franciscans], Rev. Bonaventure Oblasser, O.F.M., Rev. Nicholas F. Perschl, O.F.M., Rev. Pius Petric, O.F.M, Victor R. Stoner, Henry F. Dobyns, Paul Ezell, and Ronald L. Ives

2. Box 7, Folder 95: “Oblasser, B. [Rev. Bonaventure, O.F.M.], ‘Vida in Bac’,” 1954; a satirical history

D. Series 4: “Miscellaneous, 1952-1971”

1. Box 8, Folder 123: “Aerial views of Missions,” undated; photographs

2. Box 8, Folder 125: “Sonoran Missions,” undated; photographs

3. Box and Folder numbers unknown: “History of the Legal Status of Land and Land Use on the San Xavier Indian Reservation,” by Bernard L. Fontana, undated; typescript


/12 “Ives Papers, MS 983”

Inclusive dates: 1928-1981

Volume: 26.5 cubic feet

Description: By Ronald L. Ives with correspondence, diagrams, manuscripts, maps, and publications; re: missions and missionaries; notable correspondents: Rev. John F. Bannon, S.J., Rev. Ernest J. Burrus, S.J., Rev. Nicholas F. Perschl, O.F.M., Rev. Kieran McCarty, O.F.M., Rev. Bonaventure Nite, O.F.M., Rev. Charles Polzer, S.J., Jane Ivancovich, Julian Hayden, Bernard L. Fontana, and Paul Ezell.  


/13 “Letters and Reports, MS 721”

Inclusive dates: 1744-1751

Volume: Ca. .1 cubic foot 

Description: 4 reports by Padre Jacobo Sedelmayr, S.J. (1703-1779); re: missions in the Pimeria Alta, Pima, Tohono O’odham, and Yuma Indians, and explorations of the Gila and Colorado Rivers; originals restricted but photocopies available; translated in Jacobo Sedelmayr: Missionary, Frontiersman, Explorer in Arizona and Sonora by Peter M. Dunne.


/14 “Presidio Inspection Reports, MS 1202”

Inclusive dates: 1791-1804

Volume: Ca. .1 cubic foot 

Description: Inspection reports (copies) of presidios, which protected the missions, 1791-1792, 1800-1804, including Santa Gertrudis del Altar, San Agustin de Tucson, Santa Cruz, Tubac, San Rafael de Buenavista, San Miguel de Horcasitas, Bavispe, Bacoachi, Fronteras, and Monclova; from the Archivo General de Simancas, Secretaría de Guerra, Valladolid, Spain.


/15 “Roskruge Land Grant Files, MS 1214”

Inclusive dates: 1807-1894 

Volume: Ca. .1 cubic foot 

Description: Land grants of missions in Arizona and Sonora: La Aribac Mission, Arivaca; Maria Santisima del Carmen (Buenavista) Mission, Kino Springs, San José de Tumacacori Mission, Tumacacori, Los Nogales de Elias Mission, Calabazas, San Rafael del la Zanja Mission, and San Jose de Sonoita Mission, Sonoita.


/16 “Report on Indian Uprising in Sinaloa, MS 0588“

Inclusive dates: 1743

Volume: Ca. .1 cubic foot 

Description: Summarizes Governor Don Manuel de Huidobro’s report of the 1740 uprising by Yaqui, Pima, Mayo and other Native Americans and his accusations against Jesuits; Jesuit authorship presumed; Spanish with English typescript by Henry F. Dobyns. 


/17 “San Xavier Del Bac Mission Photographs, PC 036”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1940

Volume: Approximately .1 cubic foot 

Description: Photographs by Donald Dickensheets.


/18 “Sisters of St. Joseph Journal, MS 732”

Inclusive dates: 1870

Volume: Approximately .1 cubic foot

Description: Journal (copy) by Sister Monica, C.S.J.; re: move to Arizona by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet; from St. Mary’s Hospital, Tucson. 


/19 “Spanish Documents, MS 1073”

Inclusive dates: 1693-1854

Volume: Ca. 1 cubic foot 


A. Box 1: Records (mostly copies) from the Bancroft Library, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, California; Spanish unless noted otherwise

1. Correspondence by Padre Joseph Augustin Campos, S.J. [Jesuits], Ministry of Doctrine for Spanish Crown, 1693; re: Indian rebellion and destruction of administrative records

2. Correspondence by Padre Joseph Augustin Campos, S.J., 1702; re: death of Padre Francisco Gonsalvo, S.J.

3. Burial record of Padre Eusebio Kino, S.J., 1711; English translation

4. Jesuit Visita records, including sacramental (baptisms) records, Santa María de Suamca Mission, San Pedro and Santa Cruz River valleys, Santa Cruz, Sonora, 1738-1755

5. Jesuit Mission records, including sacramental (baptisms, marriages) records, Santa María de Suamca Mission, San Pedro and Santa Cruz River valleys, Santa Cruz, Sonora, 1743-1768

6. Correspondence by Padre Francisco Pauer, S.J., ca. 1761; re: death of Padre Gaspar Stiger, S.J.; English translation by Henry Dobyns

7. “Descripcion de las Provincias de Culiacan, Sinaloa, and Sonora, by Fersén, 1770”

8. Report (typescript) on mission at Tucson and the Pima, Tohono O’odham, Apache, and Sobaipuri Indians, 1762 and appointment of Josef de Castro as Alferez of the Presidio of San Agustin del Tucson, 1782

9. Burial records by Fray Pedro Arriquibar, O.F.M., Magdalena, Sonora, 1780, 2 pages

10. Burial records by Fray Pedro Font, O.F.M., Santa María Magdalena, Sonora, 1776, 1 page; includes report of depredations against community by Seri and Pima Indians

11. Sacramental records (baptisms, marriages), San José de Tumacacori Mission, 1796; inventory of Compania del Tucson, 1820

12. Titles for San José de Sonoita, San Rafael de la Zanja, San Ygnacio de Babocamari, Fort of Tubac, María Santisima del Carmen, Tres Alamos, El Paso de los Algodones, and Terrante Land Grants, 1822-1854; Spanish and translations

B. Boxes 2-3: Records (copies) from the Archivo General de Indies, Guadalajara, Mexico, 1731-1783; re: Presidio of Tubac, Arizona


/20 “Stoner Papers, MS 767”

Inclusive dates: 1698-1963

Volume: Approximately 2 cubic feet

Description: By Reverend Victor Rose Stoner (1893-1957).

A. Series 1: “Biographical Materials,” Box 1, Folder 2: “Manuscript ‘San Xavier del Bac, an Intimate Guide to the Old Mission’ by Victor Rose Stoner and Father Nicholas Perschel, O.F.M.”

B. Series 2: “Correspondence,” Box 1, Folder 6: “Correspondence collected by Victor Rose Stoner, between Father Anselm Weber, [O.F.M.] and Reverend [Bishop] H. [Henry] Granjon, 1905-1909; re: Weber’s activities at St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels, Arizona, interracial marriage and the Church, and Hopi relations with the government and missionaries

C. Series 3: “Lecture and Research Materials”

1. Box 2, Folder 13: “Research materials- “The Last Will and Testament of Fray Pedro Arriquibar [O.F.M.]: Chaplain at El Presidio de San Augustin del Tucson, 1820”, and “Father Figueroa’s Manuscript About Yuma”

2. Box 2, Folder 14: “Research material-- ‘Juan Jaramillo with Coronado through Arizona’, ‘Travels of Kino and Captain Diego Carrasco, 1698’,’Travels of Castaneda to Cibola’, ‘Teatro Mexicano’ by Fray Agustin de Vetancurt, 1697-1698”

3. Box 2, Folder 15: “Research material-- ‘1748 Decree of the Victory of New Spain for the Resettlement of the Moqui [Hopi] Indians’”

4. Box 2, Folder 16: “Research material on Tumacacori, Father Kino, and Building Materials for Arizona Missions”

5. Box 3: “Research Materials for Baptismal Records”

a. “3 x 5 cards with baptismal records dated 1741-1753, and 1754-1763”

b. “Key for Baptismal Dates in the Diocese of Tucson”

c. “Notebooks containing baptismal records for:”

(1). “De Calabazas Bautismos, Books I-III, Franciscan Tumacacori”, with notes by V.R. Stoner”

(2). “Tubaca y Otros, Volumes I-III, Jesuit Period, Guevavi Register”


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.