Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1915-1999

Volume: Ca. .1 cubic foot

Description: 9 collections include Native Catholic records.


/1 “Leo Crane Collection, NAU MS 256, PH 658”

Inclusive dates: 1913-1934, undated 

Volume: 12 photographs


A. NAU.PH.658.391: Cochiti Pueblo bell, New Mexico, undated, 1 print

B. NAU.PH.658.392: San José de Tumacacori Mission, Tumacacori, Arizona, 1920, 1 print

C. NAU.PH.658.394: Unidentified pueblo mission, undated, 1 print

D. NAU.PH.658.396-NAU.PH.658.400: San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, San Xavier Reservation, Arizona, undated, 5 prints

E. NAU.PH.658.988-NAU.PH.658.988: St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels, Navajo Reservation, Arizona, 1934; 4 prints


/2 “Day Family Collection, NAU MS 89, PH 120”

Inclusive dates: Between 1858-1977 (bulk 1870-1940)

Volume: At least 47 letters   

Description: Collection of Samuel E. Day, Sr. (1845-1925), Charles L. Day (1879-1918), Samuel E. Day, Jr. (1889-1944), and Anne Day (1872-1932), which includes:

A. Series 1: Samuel Day, Sr. Papers, Between 1858-1925

1. Box 1 Folder 51: Correspondence with Charles E. Lusk, Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, 1905, 1 letter; re: title to lands for St. Michael’s Mission, Arizona

2. Box 2 Folder 47: Correspondence, undated, 1 letter; re: Day children attending St. Michael’s School, Arizona

B. Series 3: Samuel Day, Jr. Papers, Between 1888-1941

1. Box 1 Folder 16: Correspondence with Brother Simeon Schwemberger, O.F.M. [Franciscans], 1910, 1 letter; re: Navajo photographs

2. Box 1 Folder 39: Correspondence with Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M., 1921, 1 letter; re: baseball at Our Lady of Fatima Mission, Chinle, Arizona

C. Series 4: Charles L. Day Papers, Between 1884-1923

1. Box 1 Folder 25: Correspondence with Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M., 1904, 1 letter; re: Navajo mountain chant legend

2. Box 1 Folder 28: Correspondence with Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M., 1904, 1 letter; re: lands at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

3. Box 1 Folder 35: Correspondence with Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M., 1905, 1 letter; re: Navajo legend

4. Box 1 Folder 59: Correspondence with Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M. (1862-1921), 1907, 1 letter; re: widow and children

5. Box 1 Folder 65: Correspondence with Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M. (1862-1921), 1908, 1 letter; re: lands

D. Series 5: Miscellaneous Day Correspondence, ca. 1900, Box 1 Folder 34: Correspondence with Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People and Charles Heyn, ca. 1900, 2 items; re: title to lands for St. Michael’s Mission, Arizona

E. Series 6: Miscellaneous Documents, ca. 1916-1931, Box 1 Folder 34: St. Michael’s School programs, ca. 1916-1931, 45 programs

F. NAU.PH.120.47: St. Isabel Mission, Lukachukai, Arizona, undated, 1 print


/3 “Josef Muench Collection, PH 2003” 

Inclusive dates: Between 1940-1970 

Volume: At least 25 photographs 

Description: By Muench (1904-1998) for Arizona Highways magazine: 

A. NAU.PH.2003.11.9.B8177: Mission chapel ruins, Old Oraibi, Hopi Reservation, Arizona, ca. 1950-1970, 1 print

B. NAU.PH.2003.11.41: Sacred Heart Chapel, Sells, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona, ca. 1950-1970, 1 print

C. NAU.PH.2003.11.41: San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, Arizona, ca. 1950-1970, 25 prints


/4 “Gladwell Richardson Collection, AHS.ND.MS 48”

Inclusive dates: Between 1925-1980

Volume: At least 25 photographs Description: By Richardson (1903-1980) in Series 3, Photographic Collection 666): NAU.PH.666.1350, San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, Arizona.


/5 “United Indian Traders Association Photograph Collection, NAU.PH.99.53”

Inclusive dates: 1999

Volume: Several prints 

Description: St. Isabel Mission, Lukachukai, Arizona.


/6-9 Photograph Collections

Inclusive dates: 1900-1950

Volume: 4 collections with 1 print each  


A. “Santa Fe Railway Collection,” NAU.PH.528.10, Unidentified church ruins, Oraibi, Arizona, 1949

B. “Stretch Fretwell Collection,” NAU.PH.98.6.125, Franciscan mission ruins [San Jose de los Jemez de Giusewa Mission], Jemez Springs, New Mexico, 1953

C. “Thomas Thorpe Collection,” NAU.PH.493.13, San Jose [de Tumacácori] Mission ruins, Tumacacori, Arizona, 1900

D. “Warren Family Collection,” NAU.PH.412.4.242, Catholic school [St. Anthony School], Neopit, Menominee Reservation, Wisconsin, ca. 1910-1945


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.