Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1915-1999

Volume: Ca. .1 cubic foot

Description: 9 collections include Native Catholic records.


/1 “Leo Crane Collection, NAU MS 256, PH 658”

Inclusive dates: 1913-1934, undated 

Volume: 12 photographs


A. NAU.PH.658.391: Cochiti Pueblo bell, New Mexico, undated, 1 print

B. NAU.PH.658.392: San José de Tumacacori Mission, Tumacacori, Arizona, 1920, 1 print

C. NAU.PH.658.394: Unidentified pueblo mission, undated, 1 print

D. NAU.PH.658.396-NAU.PH.658.400: San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, San Xavier Reservation, Arizona, undated, 5 prints

E. NAU.PH.658.988-NAU.PH.658.988: St. Michael’s Mission, St. Michaels, Navajo Reservation, Arizona, 1934; 4 prints


/2 “Day Family Collection, NAU MS 89, PH 120”

Inclusive dates: Between 1858-1977 (bulk 1870-1940)

Volume: At least 47 letters   

Description: Collection of Samuel E. Day, Sr. (1845-1925), Charles L. Day (1879-1918), Samuel E. Day, Jr. (1889-1944), and Anne Day (1872-1932), which includes:

A. Series 1: Samuel Day, Sr. Papers, Between 1858-1925

1. Box 1 Folder 51: Correspondence with Charles E. Lusk, Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, 1905, 1 letter; re: title to lands for St. Michael’s Mission, Arizona

2. Box 2 Folder 47: Correspondence, undated, 1 letter; re: Day children attending St. Michael’s School, Arizona

B. Series 3: Samuel Day, Jr. Papers, Between 1888-1941

1. Box 1 Folder 16: Correspondence with Brother Simeon Schwemberger, O.F.M. [Franciscans], 1910, 1 letter; re: Navajo photographs

2. Box 1 Folder 39: Correspondence with Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M., 1921, 1 letter; re: baseball at Our Lady of Fatima Mission, Chinle, Arizona

C. Series 4: Charles L. Day Papers, Between 1884-1923

1. Box 1 Folder 25: Correspondence with Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M., 1904, 1 letter; re: Navajo mountain chant legend

2. Box 1 Folder 28: Correspondence with Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M., 1904, 1 letter; re: lands at Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

3. Box 1 Folder 35: Correspondence with Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M., 1905, 1 letter; re: Navajo legend

4. Box 1 Folder 59: Correspondence with Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M. (1862-1921), 1907, 1 letter; re: widow and children

5. Box 1 Folder 65: Correspondence with Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M. (1862-1921), 1908, 1 letter; re: lands

D. Series 5: Miscellaneous Day Correspondence, ca. 1900, Box 1 Folder 34: Correspondence with Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People and Charles Heyn, ca. 1900, 2 items; re: title to lands for St. Michael’s Mission, Arizona

E. Series 6: Miscellaneous Documents, ca. 1916-1931, Box 1 Folder 34: St. Michael’s School programs, ca. 1916-1931, 45 programs

F. NAU.PH.120.47: St. Isabel Mission, Lukachukai, Arizona, undated, 1 print


/3 “Josef Muench Collection, PH 2003” 

Inclusive dates: Between 1940-1970 

Volume: At least 25 photographs 

Description: By Muench (1904-1998) for Arizona Highways magazine: 

A. NAU.PH.2003.11.9.B8177: Mission chapel ruins, Old Oraibi, Hopi Reservation, Arizona, ca. 1950-1970, 1 print

B. NAU.PH.2003.11.41: Sacred Heart Chapel, Sells, Tohono O’odham Reservation, Arizona, ca. 1950-1970, 1 print

C. NAU.PH.2003.11.41: San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, Arizona, ca. 1950-1970, 25 prints


/4 “Gladwell Richardson Collection, AHS.ND.MS 48”

Inclusive dates: Between 1925-1980

Volume: At least 25 photographs Description: By Richardson (1903-1980) in Series 3, Photographic Collection 666): NAU.PH.666.1350, San Xavier del Bac Mission, Tucson, Arizona.


/5 “United Indian Traders Association Photograph Collection, NAU.PH.99.53”

Inclusive dates: 1999

Volume: Several prints 

Description: St. Isabel Mission, Lukachukai, Arizona.


/6-9 Photograph Collections

Inclusive dates: 1900-1950

Volume: 4 collections with 1 print each  


A. “Santa Fe Railway Collection,” NAU.PH.528.10, Unidentified church ruins, Oraibi, Arizona, 1949

B. “Stretch Fretwell Collection,” NAU.PH.98.6.125, Franciscan mission ruins [San Jose de los Jemez de Giusewa Mission], Jemez Springs, New Mexico, 1953

C. “Thomas Thorpe Collection,” NAU.PH.493.13, San Jose [de Tumacácori] Mission ruins, Tumacacori, Arizona, 1900

D. “Warren Family Collection,” NAU.PH.412.4.242, Catholic school [St. Anthony School], Neopit, Menominee Reservation, Wisconsin, ca. 1910-1945


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.