Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: ca. 1860-ongoing

Volume: Ca. 1 cubic foot

Description: 5 collections include Native Catholic records:


Manuscript Collections:

 /1 “Hodge, Frederick Webb, Manuscript Collection, Ms. 7“

Inclusive dates: 1906-1955

Volume: At least 8 letters

Description: Correspondence with Franciscans:

A. Haile, Rev. Berard, O.F.M. [Franciscans], 1953-1955, 4 letters, re: 1630 Memorialof Fray Alonso de Benevides, O.F.M., Navajo and Apache Indians, and Bureau of American Ethnology Archives

B. Glauber, Rev. Ludger, O.F.M., 1922; 1 letter; re: Rev. Berard Haile, O.F.M., Navajo Indians, and Navajo Reservation

C. Van Valkenburgh, Richard f.; 1953-1954; 4 letters; re: health of Rev. Berard Haile, O.F.M. and Apache Indians and their land claims

D. Weber, Rev. Anselm, O.F.M. 1. 1906; 1 letter; re: conference papers at International Congress of Americanists and Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M. 2. 1919; 1 letter; re: health of Rev. Anselm Weber, O.F.M., Rev. Albert T. Daeger, O.F.M., Zuni Indians, and the Navajo Reservation.


/2 “James, George Wharton, Collection, Ms. 4“

Inclusive dates: ca. 1893-1919, undated

Volume: 8 folders

Description: Only partially processed in 2006.

A. Box 2, Folder 39: “Southern California Missions,” John Elliot, undated; “Missions of California,” Ben C. Truman, undated

B. Box 3, Folder 48: “Letter and notes on Franciscans and San Francisco,” undated

C. Box 3, Folder 51: “Proofs, re: Mission Style Architecture,” undated

D. Box 3, Folder 55: “The California Missions,” undated; “The Missions and Mission Indians of California [lecture],” undated

E. Box 3, Folder 60: “George Wharton James tells about Photographing the Acoma Indians Outside of the Old Church,” undated

F. Box 5, Folder 142: “The Franciscan Mission Buildings of Missions,” undated

G. Box 5, Folder 142: “Christian Education, Etc. [pamphlet],” undated

H. Box 6, Folder 173: “Miscellaneous Autographs,” undated; includes Rev. Zephyrin Engelhardt, O.F.M.

I. Box 6, Folder 181: “Letter by Thomas P. King, re: Santa Ynes [Santa Inés] Mission,” undated

J. Unnumbered box, Folder 231: “Galley and page proofs, Palou’s Life of Serra,” undated


/3 “Lummis, Charles Fletcher, Manuscript Collection, Ms. 1“

Volume: Less than 1 cubic foot

Inclusive dates: Between 1879-1928

Description: Papers of Charles Fletcher Lummis (1859-1928):

A. Series 1.1. Correspondence, 1885-1928: Arranged alphabetically by surname of correspondent; re: includes Franciscans and Fray Junípero Serra, O.F.M., San Fernando Rey de España, San Juan Capistrano, and Santa Bárbara Missions, and the Cupeño Indian relocation from Warner’s Ranch to the Pala Reservation; notable correspondents include:

1. Mss. 1.1.1832: with Rev. B. Florian Hahn, C.Pp.S. [Society of the Precious Blood], 1902; 4 letters

2. Mss. 1.1.3386: with Ambrosio Ortega (Cupeño), 1902; 3 letters

3. Mss. 1.1.150: with Rev. Augustine Schwartz, O.F.M., 1925, [St. Francis Church, Whiteriver, Arizona?]; 7 letters

4. Mss. 1.1.4558: with Rev. Anselm Webber, O.F.M., 1902-1909; 25 letters; re: St. Michael’s Mission, Rev. Berard Haile, O.F.M. and Franciscans, and Hopi and Navajo Indians, including 1906 letter: Hopi parents-Indian agent crisis on children’s school attendance

B. Series unprocessed in 2006: Journals and Diaries, 1880-1928, re: English translation of 1630 Memorial of Fray Alonso de Benevides, O.F.M.; clippings, journal articles, and records of the Landmark Club, 1897-1925, which raised funds for restoration of Spanish Franciscan missions in California


/4 “Ostermann, Leopold, Manuscript Collection, Ms. 869“

Inclusive dates: 1905

Volume: 1 folder

Description: Navajo language notes (copy) by Rev. Leopold Ostermann, O.F.M.; typescript.


Photographic Collections:

/5 “Photographic Collection”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1860?-1955, undated

Volume: Approximately 200 items: Lantern slides, photographic prints and negatives; re: Catholic churches, schools, cemeteries, Franciscans, and American Indians by George Wharton James (1858-1923), Charles Fletcher Lummis (1859-1928), Joseph Amasa Munk (1847-1927), Brother Simeon Schwemberger, O.F.M. (1867-1931), and others; includes 1 or more images of the following:

A. La Purísima Concepción de Maria Santisima Mission (Chumash), Lompoc, California

B. Nuestra Señora de la Guadalupe de Halona Mission (Zuni), Zuni, New Mexico

C. Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Mission, Soledad (Esselen, Ohlone, Yokuts), California

D. Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Cahuilla), Palm Springs, California

E. San Antonio de Padua Mission (Chumash, Yokuts), Jolon, California

F. San Antonio de Pala Mission (Cahuilla, Kumiai, Cupeño), California

G. San Augustín de la Isleta Mission (Tiwa), Isleta, New Mexico

H. San Buenaventura Mission (Chumash), Ventura, California

I. San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission (Esselen, Ohlone), Carmel, California

J. San Diego de Alcalá Mission and St. Anthony School (Kumiai), San Diego, California

K. San Fernando Rey de España Mission (Gabrielino), Mission Hills, California

L. San Francisco de Asís Mission (Ohlone, Wintun), San Francisco, California

M. San Francisco Solano Mission (Miwok, Pomo, Wintun, Yuki), Sonoma, California

N. San Gabriel Arcángel Mission (Gabrielino, Serrano), San Gabriel, California

O. San José de Guadalupe Mission (Miwok, Ohlone, Yokuts), Fremont, California

P. San Juan Bautista Mission (Miwok, Ohlone, Yokuts), San Juan Bautista, California

Q. San Juan Capistrano Mission (Cahuilla, Juaneño), San Juan Capistrano, California

R. San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Mission (Chumash, Yokuts), San Luis Obispo, California

S. San Luis Rey de Francia Mission (Cahuilla), Oceanside, California

T. San Miguel Arcángel Mission (Yokuts), San Miguel, California

U. San Rafael Arcángel Mission (Miwok, Pomo, Wintun), San Rafael, California

V. San Xavier del Bac Mission and School (Pima, Tohono O’odham), Tucson, Arizona

W. Santa Bárbara Mission (Chumash), Santa Barbara, California

X. Santa Clara de Asís Mission (Miwok, Ohlone), Santa Clara, California

Y. Santa Cruz Mission (Chumash, Ohlone), Santa Cruz, California

Z. Santa Inés Mission (Chumash), Solvang, California

AA. St. James Mission (Cahuilla, Kumiai, Cupeño, Yuma), Pauma, California

BB. St. John’s School (Apache, Pima, Tohono O’odham), Laveen, Arizona

CC. St. Michael’s Mission (Navajo), St. Michaels, Arizona

DD. St. Catherine School (Tewa, Tiwa), Santa Fe, New Mexico

EE. St. Peter Church (Yokuts), Lemoore, California


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.