Volume 3: Western United States
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History: The Diocese of San Bernardino, California, was erected for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties from territory in the Diocese of San Diego, 1978. The San Bernardino Diocese and its predecessors have supported the following Native American missions and schools:

1858-present (San Bernardino, 1978-present)

Santa Rosa de Lima Mission (Yokuts), Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Reservation 

1888-present (San Bernardino, 1978-present)

St. Joseph Mission (Cahuilla), San Jacinto

1890-1956 (no longer Native)

St. Boniface School (Cahuilla, Serrano, Cupeño), Riverside/ Banning (see detail below)

1890-present (San Bernardino, 1978-present)

St. Mary Chapel (Cahuilla, Serrano), Morongo, Morongo Reservation

1904-present (San Bernardino, 1978-present)

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Chapel (Cahuilla), Thermal, Torres-Martinez Reservation 

1909-present (San Bernardino, 1978-present)

St. Michael Mission (Cahuilla), Temecula, Pechanga Reservation

1932-present (San Bernardino, 1978-present)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission (Cahuilla), Palm Springs


Our Lady of the Snows Mission (Cahuilla), Cahuilla Reservation


St. Catherine of Alexandria Church (Cahuilla), Temecula


St. Theresa Chapel (Cahuilla), Mountain Center

St. Boniface School:


Society of the Precious Blood (Archives: Cincinnati Province, Dayton, Ohio) established and administered St. Boniface School (e.g. Cahuilla, Serrano, Cupeño)

890-1893, 1894-1901, 1902-1913

Rev. B. Florian Hahn, C.Pp.S. [Society of the Precious Blood] (1850-1916) served as superintendent


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (Los Angeles Province) (Archives: Los Angeles, California) staffed St. Boniface

1921-1952 (no longer Native)

Franciscans (Santa Barbara Province) (Archives: Santa Barbara, California) administered St. Boniface


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1890-ongoing 

Volume: Ca. 1.5 cubic feet

Description: 4 series include Native Catholic records:


/1 Bishops Papers

Inclusive dates: 1992-ongoing

Volume: Ca. .3 cubic foot (9 folders; 4 linear inches) 

Description: Bishop Gerald Richard Barnes (1945- ), Auxiliary Bishop of San Bernardino, 1992-1995; Bishop of San Bernardino, 1995-ongoing; includes the following items:

A. 13th Annual Powwow 2002, Soboba Tribe; 1 booklet (18 pages)

B. 8th Annual Inter-tribal Powwow 2004; 1 booklet (18 pages)

C. Conflicts, undated; 1 folder (.4 linear inch)

D. Demographics, undated; 1 folder (.1 linear inch)

E. Escuela de Raza Unida, undated; 1 folder (1 page)

F. Grants: Black and Indian [i.e. Commission for Catholic Missions among the Colored People and the Indians] and Catholic [Church] Extension Society, undated; 1 folder (1 linear inch)

G. List of tribal chairs, undated; 1 folder (5 pages)

H. Native general issues, undated; 1 folder (1 linear inch)

I. State of the Mission Report, 1994; 1 folder (8 pages)


/2 Parish and School Files

Inclusive dates: 1890-ongoing

Volume: Approximately 1 cubic foot (37 folders)

Description: Arranged alphabetically by location of parishes and there under by name; includes clippings, correspondence, histories, notes, photographs, and publications for parishes and their attended missions and stations.

A. Banning, St. Anthony School, undated, 1 folder

B. Cahuilla Reservation, Our Lady of Snows Church, 1920-1989, 1 folder

C. Highland, San Manuel Church, 1984-1986, 1 folder

D. Idyllwild, Story of Queen of Angels Church, 1984?, 1 folder: includes Anza, Sacred Heart Mission

E. Morongo, St. Mary Church, 1952-1989, 1 folder

F. Pala, San Antonio de Pala Mission, 1985-1996, 1 folder

G. Riverside/ Banning, St. Boniface School, 1890-1950s (files after 1952 excluded), 23 folders (13 linear inches): includes materials on the following

1. Background, undated, 1 folder

2. Benedictions, undated, 1 folder

3. Chapel, undated, 1 folder

4. Correspondence by Father [B. Florian] Hahn, C.PP.S [Society of the Precious Blood], 1890-1920, 1 folder

5. Development of St. Boniface School, 1986-1990, 1 folder

6. Historical papers (copies) 1891-1906, 1 folder: Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, Series 1-1 Correspondence and Series 2-1 School Records; re: St. Boniface School; from Marquette University Special Collections and Archives, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

7. History, undated, 1 folder

8. Main building, undated, 1 folder

9. Notebook, Father [Florian B.] Hahn C.Pp.S. (Society of the Precious Blood)] and school, 1890-1920, 1 folder

10. Office, undated, 1 folder

11. Photographs, undated, 1 folder

12. Probation problems, undated, 1 folder

13. School cemetery, 1890?-1941?, 1 folder

14. Sherman Institute [Government Indian school], undated, 1 folder

15. Sister Anna Francis Stack, C.S.J. [Sisters of St. Joseph], undated, 1 folder

16. St. Boniface quarterly reports, undated, 1 folder

17. St. Boniface, 1913-1952, 1 folder 18. St. Boniface Cemetery, 1902-1990, 1 folder

19. St. Boniface Cemetery internment records, 1890-1950, 1 folder

20. St. Boniface Indian Industrial School, Kevin Cramer, undated, 1 folder

21. St. Joseph’s Sisters, undated, 1 folder: re the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles Province, Los Angeles, California

22. Students and teachers, undated, 1 folder

23. The Mission Indian, undated [1906?], 1 folder

H. San Jacinto, St. Joseph Church, 1918-1985, 1 folder

I. San Ysabel, San Ysabel Mission, 1922-1995, 1 folder

J. Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Mission, 1939-1985, 1 folder

K. Torres-Martinez [Thermal], Sacred Hearts Chapel, 1938-1984, 1 folder

L. Yuma [Winterhaven, California], Story of St. Thomas Indian Mission, Charles Russell Quinn, 1968

M. General:

1. Miscellaneous, Bingo, undated, 1 folder

2. Mission Indians, 1834-1984, 1 folder

3. Native American Ministry, 1983-1990, 1 folder


/3 Sacramental Records 

Inclusive dates: 1852-ongoing

Volume: 12 reels of microfilm in part 

Description: Arranged alphabetically by location of parishes and there under by name; includes baptisms, first communions, confirmations, marriages, and burials for Native and non-Native American parishes with attended Native missions and stations and/or a few Native American Catholics; parishes have retained the original records.

A. Anza, Sacred Heart Church, 1993-ongoing, includes Ramona Reservation station, 1993-ongoing, Mountain Center, St. Theresa Chapel, 1993-ongoing, and Cahuilla Reservation, Our Lady of the Snows Chapel, 1993-ongoing; 1 reel

B. Banning, Precious Blood Church, 1890-2006, includes Morongo Reservation, St. Mary Chapel, 1890-1965; 1 reel; succeeded by Beaumont, St. Kateri Tekakwitha Community, 2006-ongoing

C. Blythe, St. Joan of Arc Church, dates unknown, includes Colorado River Reservation station, dates unknown; 1 reel

D. Coachella, Our Lady of Soledad Church, 1923-ongoing, includes Thermal [Torres-Martinez], Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Chapel, 1927ongoing, Palm Springs, Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, 1932-ongoing, Augustine Reservation station, 1932-ongoing, and Twenty-nine Palms Reservation station, 1932-ongoing; 1 reel

E. Highland, St. Adelaide Church, 1956-ongoing, includes San Manuel Reservation station, 1956-ongoing; 1 reel

F. Indio, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, 1932-unknown; includes Indio station, 1932-ongoing; 1 reel

G. Needles, St. Ann Church includes Fort Mojave Reservation station, 1897-1904; 1 reel

H. Havasu Lake station, dates unknown; 1 reel

I. Riverside, St. Thomas Church, 1903-, includes the Sherman Institute, 1867-ongoing; 1 reel

J. San Bernardino, St. Bernadine Church, 1852-1925, includes Riverside/ Banning, St. Boniface School, 1852-1925; 1 reel

K. San Jacinto, St. Anthony Church, 1907-1978, includes Soboba Reservation, St. Joseph Mission, 1905-ongoing; 1 reel

L. Temecula, St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, 1979-ongoing, includes Pechanga Reservation, St. Michael’s Chapel, 1979-ongoing; 1 reel


/4 Diocesan Newspapers 

Inclusive dates: 1980-ongoing

Volume: Few articles 

Description: The Inland Catholic, 1980-1999, and The Diocese of San Bernardino Bulletin, 2000-ongoing, have included occasional articles about Native Americans and Catholic evangelization in the diocese. 


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.