Volume 3: Western United States
Colorado: CO-7

Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration. St. Joseph Province. Archives
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History: The Sisters of St. Francis of the Perpetual Adoration were founded, 1863. They founded St. Joseph Province, 1932, which staffed the following Native American schools and health/ child care programs in New Mexico:


San Diego/ Jemez School (Jemez), Jemez Pueblo, Jemez Reservation 


St. Anthony School (Zuni), Zuni Pueblo, Zuni Reservation


St. Francis of Assisi School (Apache), Dulce, Jicarilla Reservation


St. Mary Hospital (e.g. Navajo), Gallup


University of Albuquerque/ St. Anthony Child Care/ Orphanage (e.g.), Laguna, Navajo) Albuquerque


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1935-1999  

Volume: Ca. 1.2 cubic feet 

Description: When reviewed by a Marquette University archivist, 2006, the records at St. Joseph Province Archives were not fully arranged according to a classification scheme. Consequently, description is by type of record. 


/1 St. Anthony School, Zuni, New Mexico

Inclusive dates: 1935-1991, undated  

Volume: Approximately 1 cubic foot  


A. Class research papers, 1967, 1969, undated (1966?); re: Cultural Similarities and Dissimilarities Between the Zuni and Jemez Indians by Sister M. Denise, O.S.F., 1967, Social System Theory and the Zuni Community by Sister M. Frederick Ann Uhing, O.S.F., 1969, and Notes and Bibliography by Sister Christine, O.S.F., undated (1966?)

B. Clippings, 1938-1991, undated, several items; re: parish and school activities and restoration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission

C. Correspondence, 1966, undated, few items; letter by Rev. Luis __ to Sister Christine, O.S.F., re: Zuni life and publications about them and appeal letters, undated

D. Memoirs, 1965, undated (1973?), 2 items; re: Notes “On the Zuni Indians” by Sister M. Margaret, O.S.F. and Characterization of Zuni Tribe, 19231973, includes a comprehensive list of over 100 sisters who had taught at St. Anthony School

E. Newsletters, 1935, 1955, 1971-1972, undated, 4 titles; re: The Antonian, 1955, 2 issues; A’ Tsa Na’ Wa Tsin Na’ Ne, 1935, 1 issue; St. Anthony Zuni Indian Mission News, undated, 1 issue; Zuni Drums, 1971-1972, 2 issues

F. Pamphlets, 1972, 1998, undated, 7 titles; re: Dedication of the Old Mission of Zuni, Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1972, Diamond Jubilee, 1923-1998, 1998, Dictionary of Zuni Words with English Meaning, undated, 50th Jubilee, St. Anthony’s, 1972, The Restored Mission of Neustra Senora de Guadalupe de Zuni, Zuni, New Mexico by Louis R. Caywood, 1972, Old Zuni Mission, undated, St. Anthony Indian Mission, Zuni, New Mexico, undated

G. Photographs, 1949-1973, undated, 4 albums (black and white and color prints); re: parish and school activities and church buildings (Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission and St. Anthony Church and School)

H. Scrapbook: History of Zuni, 1948-1949, undated, 1 volume; re: clippings, black and white and color photographs

I. Student writings sent for publication to The Indian Sentinel, 19371940, several items

J. Yearbook, 1957, 1 item; re: The Antonian k. Zuni language children’s readers, undated, 4 items: Aishiw A:wan Ts’inakya Haydoshnanne, Hakcho: we, Nana Dakun Ashkya, and Yalena: we


/2 St. Francis of Assisi School, Dulce, New Mexico

Inclusive dates: Unknown 

Volume: Unknown 

Description: Unknown; Apache Indian students.


/3 St. Mary Hospital, Gallup, New Mexico

Inclusive dates: 1942-1974

Volume: Few documents within 2 cubic feet

Description: Clippings, chronicles, correspondence, legal documents, and photographs, re: including Native Americans and St. Joseph Province.


/4 San Diego Riverside/ San Diego School, Jemez, New Mexico   

Inclusive dates: 1910-1999, undated

Volume: .1 cubic feet 

Description: Clippings, correspondence, histories, photographs (black and white and color prints) and yearbooks (1996-1997, 1997-1998, 1998-1999), re: activities and administration of San Diego Church and School (Jemez) plus the attended Indian missions of Jemez Springs, Santa Ana, and Zia; also includes 2 Native American religious sisters.  


/5 University of Albuquerque/ St. Anthony Child Care/ Orphanage, Albuquerque, New Mexico      Inclusive dates: 1946-1986

Volume: Few documents within 6 cubic feet  

Description: Admission records, clippings, correspondence, legal documents, and photographs, re: including American Indians and St. Joseph Province.  


/6 History of St. Joseph Province

Inclusive dates: Between 1887-1989

Volume: Few references in 12 volumes

Description: Includes references about Native Americans and the Sisters of St. Francis of St. Joseph Province.  


/7 Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Inclusive dates: Ca. 1948-2000

Volume: Few items

Description: Includes clippings, re: Native Americans and the Catholic Church. 


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.


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