Volume 2: Midwest United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1796-1960s, undated

Volume: Ca. 2 cubic feet (less than 5%) of ca. 60 cubic feet and 250 reels microfilm

Description: 19 collections with records; see website.


/1 "Baltimore, Archdiocese of, Records"

Inclusive dates: 1820s-1960s

Volume: Less than 10% of 1.5 cubic feet and 42 reels of microfilm

Description: Includes correspondence between the Archbishops of Baltimore, other bishops, and the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions regarding Catholic mission and schools serving Native Americans, e.g. Penobscot Indians.


/2 “Baraga, Frederic” Papers

Inclusive dates: 1809-1908

Volume: 3 reels of microfilm and 2 boxes of printed materials

Description: Copies from the Bishop Baraga Association (Marquette, Michigan) comprised of correspondence, reports, and an Ojibwa-Ottawa language catechism.


/2 "Blanchet, Francis Norbert" Papers

Inclusive dates: 1846-1902

Volume: 15 of 30 letters plus clippings and pamphlets within .2 cubic foot

Description: Correspondence of a missionary among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest who served as the Vicar General of the Oregon Country and the first Archbishop of Oregon City (now Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon). In 1839, Blanchet created the first Catholic ladder, a singular mnemonic and pictorial catechism for evangelizing Native Americans who spoke diverse languages. Major correspondents include Major Edward Mallet, 1881-1882, and Bishop Augustin Magloire Alexandre Blanchet of Vancouver’s Island, 1883. Then, Vancouver’s Island (now Archdiocese of Vancouver, British Columbia), was a suffragan of Oregon City.


/3 "Catholic Central Verein of America" Records

Inclusive dates: 1871-1952

Volume: Less than 1% of 11.0 cubic feet

Description: Correspondence of a national federation of German-American mutual aid societies founded in 1855. Included are a few letters by missionaries and the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions about the financing of mission and schools for Native Americans.


/4 "Cincinnati, Archdiocese of" Records

Inclusive dates: 1815-1870s

Volume: Less than 5% of 4.5 cubic feet

Description: Includes a few letters between missionaries, e.g. Father Frederic Baraga, Father Stephen T. Badin, and Bishop Edward D. Fenwick and Bishop John B. Purcell.


/5 "Detroit, Archdiocese of" Records

Inclusive dates: 1810s-1870

Volume: Less than 25% within 2.5 cubic feet


Correspondence (some copies), 1810s-1870, .4 cubic feet; major correspondents include Father Frederic Baraga, Father Gabriel Richard, Father Francis Pierz, Father Stephen T. Badin, Bishop John Fréderic Résé, and Bishop Peter Lefevere

A. Correspondence (some copies), 1810s-1870, .4 cubic feet; major correspondents include Father Frederic Baraga, Father Gabriel Richard, Father Francis Pierz, Father Stephen T. Badin, Bishop John Fréderic Résé, and Bishop Peter Lefevere

B. Diary (copy) by Father Frederic Baraga, 1816-1822, 1 volume

C. Sacramental (baptismal) register for St. Joseph Mission, La Pointe Wisconsin, 1835-1854, 1 volume (copy)

D. Indian prayer book, 1820, 1 volume

E. "Forty-three Years in the Life of a Missionary Apostolic in Europe, Asia, and America," by Father Louis Baroux, undated, 2 volumes; handwritten manuscripts


/6 "Holy Family Mission, Montana” Collection

Inclusive dates: 1890s-1929

Volume: .1 cubic foot


A. Chronicle (copy) for Holy Family Mission (Siksika), Blackfoot Reservation, Browning, Montana, 1908-1917, 200 pages

B. History of Holy Family Mission, 1890s-1929, 1 folder: comprised primarily of "Historia Domus" and "Litterae Annuae"


/7 "Hudson, Daniel Eldred (1849-1934)" Papers

Inclusive dates: 1873-1933

Volume: Less than 5% of 8 cubic feet

Description: Editor of Ave Maria magazine, 1873-1924; primarily correspondence with the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions, regarding the financing of Catholic missions and schools serving Native Americans. 


/8 "Indian” Papers

Inclusive dates: 1881-1939

Volume: 50 items

Description: Primarily clippings, re: Catholic Church involvement with Native Americans; also includes a letter by Father J.B. Miege, 1881, scattered issues of Anishinabe Enamiad, an Ojibwa-Ottawa language newspaper published at Holy Childhood Mission, Harbor Springs, Michigan, 1896-1898, and historical notes.


/9 "Leopoldinen Stiftung, Der" Records

Inclusive dates: 1828-1912

Volume: Less than 5% in 18 reels of microfilm

Description: Incoming letters from missionaries (16 reels) and annual reports from U.S. dioceses and religious communities (2 reels). The correspondence and reports are primarily concerned with describing conditions at the missions and requesting funds. There are calendars arranged chronologically and by name. Further information is provided in the entry for the Archdiocese of Vienna, Austria.    


/10 Ludwigs Verein, Ludwig Mission Society

Inclusive dates: 1831-1875

Volume: Less than 10% of 7 reels microfilm (ca. 7 cubic feet)

Description: Chronologically arranged correspondence (1831-1875) and a publication, Annalen der Glaubensverbreitung (1848-1868) of a society founded in 1838 by Father John Frederick Résé of Cincinnati to provide financial support to Catholic missions and schools in the United States. Included were those to Native Americans, primarily in Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin with principal related correspondence by Bishop Frederick Baraga, Father John B. A. Brouillet (Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions), Father Felix Bucher, Father Chrysostomus Foffa, O.S.B., Abbot Frowin Conrad, O.S.B., Archbishop James Gibbons, Abbot Fintan Mundwiler, O.S.B., Bishop Ignatius Mrak, and Father Anselm Weber, O.F.M.


/11 "McMaster, James Alphonsus” Papers

Inclusive dates: 1844-1888

Volume: Less than 5% of 2.5 cubic feet

Description: McMaster (1820-1886) edited the Freeman's Journal and Catholic Register, 1844-1888. His papers contain a few letters regarding Catholic evangelization of Native Americans and the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions.


/12 "Marquette, Diocese of" Records

Inclusive dates: 1830s, 1895, undated

Volume: Less than 25% in 4.0 cubic feet


A. Correspondence (mostly typescripts), 1830s-1895, .2 cubic foot; by Rev.Frederic Baraga and Rev. Ignatius Mrak, both missionaries and bishops of the Marquette Diocese

B. Indian language records, 1830s-1860s, undated, 10 volumes: includes Ojibwa-Ottawa language catechisms and religious exercises by Rev. Ignatius Mrak and Rev. Francis Pierz; a Ojibwa, French, and German dictionary in manuscript; and a copy of a Compendium of Catechism and Sermons in Ottawa, by Rev. Louis Sifferath


/13 "New Orleans, Archdiocese of" Records

Inclusive dates: 1820s-1860s

Volume: Less than 1% in 32 cubic feet

Description: Few letters between the Archbishop and missionaries or other bishops regarding evangelization of Native Americans, e.g. Natchez Indians. A major correspondent was Rev. Adrian Rouquette, who evangelized Choctaw Indians in Louisiana, 1850s-1860s.  


/14 "Propaganda Fide, S. Congregation de" Records

Inclusive dates: 1820s-1873

Volume: Less than 1% of 106 reels of microfilm

Description: The Propaganda Fide records are divided into 4 series: the decisions of the congregation, the records referred to by a congregation or congresso, the records consulted by a congregation or congresso, and the answers sent to interested parties. The arrangement is alphabetical by country. The Notre Dame Archives has the "America Centrale" sub-series, which comprises the United States and all countries south to Panama. While U.S. missions to Native Americans is a topic, it is not prominent. Principal correspondents were administrators of missions and schools, e.g. Rev. Stephen Badin, Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J., Rev. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P., Rev. Florimond J. Bonduel, and bishops who oversaw them, e.g. Bishop Frederic Baraga, Bishop John Fréderic Résé, Bishop Francis N. Blanchet. 


/15 "Rosen, Peter” Papers

Inclusive dates: 1882-1887

Volume: 87 items

Description: Rev. Rosen (1850-1906) evangelized Native Americans in South Dakota. Incoming correspondence form the bulk of the papers with Bishop Martin Marty, Rev. Edward Sorin, Rev. Alexius Granger, and Rev. George Willard as principal correspondents.


/16 "St. Louis, Archdiocese of" Records

Inclusive dates: 1820s-1840s

Volume: Less than 1% of 1 cubic foot and 23 reels of microfilm

Description: Primarily records (copies) from the St. Louis Archdiocesan Archives plus 15 original letters by Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J., 1841-1842.


/17 "Society for the Propagation of the Faith" Records

Inclusive dates: 1822-1930

Volume: Less than 5% within 42 reels of microfilm

Description: Comprised of letters and reports from the United States to the Paris Council, 1828-1930, 27 reels of microfilm, arranged by diocese; and letters and reports to the Lyon Council, 1822-1900, 15 reels of microfilm, arranged chronologically. The correspondence index indicated that Catholic missions and schools to Native Americans were topics of discussion. Notable correspondents include Bishop Frederic Baraga, Bishop Francis N. Blanchet, Bishop Martin Marty, O.S.B. and the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions. 


/18 "Vincennes, Diocese of" Records

Inclusive dates: 1749-1897, bulk 1796-1897

Volume: Less than 10% within 2.0 cubic feet and 31 reels of microfilm

Description: The Vincennes diocese (Indiana and eastern Illinois) was succeeded by the Indianapolis archdiocese.

A. Correspondence (includes copies), 1830s, 1 cubic foot; major correspondents include Bishop Simon William Gabriel Bruté de Rémur and Reverend Benjamin Petit

B. Journal (copy) of Reverend Benjamin Petit, 1830s, 1 folder

C. Journal of Reverend Jean F. Rivet, 1799-1803, 1 volume

D. Historical notes of Reverend Celestine de la Hailandiere, Bishop of Vincennes, 1839-1847, undated, 1 folder

E. Sacramental (baptismal) records of Native Americans, 1749-1763, by Father Simon Bruté; the principal tribes in Indiana were the Miami and Potawatomi


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.