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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1862-1975, undated

Volume: Less than 1%

Description: Field notes, publications in indigenous languages (e.g. hymnals, newspapers, prayers, sermons), sound recordings in indigenous languages (songs), and still photography/ video pertaining to missions and schools. Search "" 7 notable collections found:


/1 Cooper, Father John M. (1881-1949) Notes

Inclusive dated: Undated

Volume: 16 linear feet

Description: Siksika [Blackfeet] and Atsina [Gros Ventre], Montana; Navajo; Ojibwa [Chippewa]; and others.


/2 Hilger (1891-1977), Sister Innez M., O.S.B., Papers

Inclusive dates: 1931-1971

Volume: 18.5 linear feet

Description: Field notes from Minnesota Ojibwa [Chippewa] and among other tribes in the United States and beyond.


/3 Hilger (1891-1977), Sister Innez M., O.S.B., Sound Recordings,

Inclusive dates: 1952-1973

Volume: 35 recordings

Description: Songs with notes from Minnesota Ojibwa [Chippewa] and Montana Siksika [Blackfeet].


/4 Hubbard 1888-1962), Rev. Bernard, S.J., Footage

Inclusive dates: 1937-1938

Volume: 30 hours

Description: Silent black and white video of Eskimo, King Island, Alaska.


/5 Sermon on the Passion of Jesus Christ, NAA MS 3124

Inclusive dates: 1862

Volume: 8 pages

Description: In Mohawk from Kanawake [Caughnawaga], Canada; John N.B. Hewitt, collector.


/6 ҆inasapa Wocekiye Taeyanpaha [Catholic Sioux Herald]

Inclusive dates: 1892-1922

Volume: ca. 1 cubic foot

Dakota-Lakota language Catholic newspaper with reports by Native American catechists based at local Dakota-Lakota missions/ parishes with occasional insert in English; published by the Benedictines, St. Michael Mission, Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota. Available online, in part; also available in part from Marquette University Special Collections and Archives.


/7 Steltenkamp, Rev. Michael F., S.J., Photographs

Inclusive dates: 1975

Volume: 2 photographic prints

Description: Daughter Lucy and granddaughter of Nicholas Black Elk


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives.