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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1862-1975, undated

Volume: Less than 1%

Description: Field notes, publications in indigenous languages (e.g. hymnals, newspapers, prayers, sermons), sound recordings in indigenous languages (songs), and still photography/ video pertaining to missions and schools. Search "" 7 notable collections found:


/1 Cooper, Father John M. (1881-1949) Notes

Inclusive dated: Undated

Volume: 16 linear feet

Description: Siksika [Blackfeet] and Atsina [Gros Ventre], Montana; Navajo; Ojibwa [Chippewa]; and others.


/2 Hilger (1891-1977), Sister Innez M., O.S.B., Papers

Inclusive dates: 1931-1971

Volume: 18.5 linear feet

Description: Field notes from Minnesota Ojibwa [Chippewa] and among other tribes in the United States and beyond.


/3 Hilger (1891-1977), Sister Innez M., O.S.B., Sound Recordings,

Inclusive dates: 1952-1973

Volume: 35 recordings

Description: Songs with notes from Minnesota Ojibwa [Chippewa] and Montana Siksika [Blackfeet].


/4 Hubbard 1888-1962), Rev. Bernard, S.J., Footage

Inclusive dates: 1937-1938

Volume: 30 hours

Description: Silent black and white video of Eskimo, King Island, Alaska.


/5 Sermon on the Passion of Jesus Christ, NAA MS 3124

Inclusive dates: 1862

Volume: 8 pages

Description: In Mohawk from Kanawake [Caughnawaga], Canada; John N.B. Hewitt, collector.


/6 ҆inasapa Wocekiye Taeyanpaha [Catholic Sioux Herald]

Inclusive dates: 1892-1922

Volume: ca. 1 cubic foot

Dakota-Lakota language Catholic newspaper with reports by Native American catechists based at local Dakota-Lakota missions/ parishes with occasional insert in English; published by the Benedictines, St. Michael Mission, Fort Totten Reservation, North Dakota. Available online, in part; also available in part from Marquette University Special Collections and Archives.


/7 Steltenkamp, Rev. Michael F., S.J., Photographs

Inclusive dates: 1975

Volume: 2 photographic prints

Description: Daughter Lucy and granddaughter of Nicholas Black Elk


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.