Volume 2: Midwest United States
Michigan: MI-26

Bishop Baraga Association. Archives
347 Rock Street
Marquette, MI 49855

Phone: 906-227-9117


Hours: By appointment only, see website

Access: No restrictions 

Copying facilities: Yes


History: The Bishop Baraga Association, Marquette, Marquette County, Michigan, has been dedicated to the canonization cause of Bishop Frederic Baraga.


Rev. Frederic Baraga (1797-1868) served as a missionary among the Ottawa and Ojibwa Indians of Michigan and Wisconsin, including Arbre Croche and Grand Rapids, 1833-1835, La Pointe, 1835-1843, and L’Anse, 1843-1853


Baraga was consecrated Bishop of Sault Sainte Marie (later Marquette)


Bishop Baraga Association established


The Bishop of Marquette appointed an Historical Commission to collect and administer archival collections pertinent to Baraga’s life


Pope Benedict XVI declared Bishop Baraga “Venerable”


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1660-present (bulk: 1830s-1860s)

Volume: Ca. 52 cubic feet 

Description: The Bishop Baraga Association administers both its collections and certain archival record holdings of the Diocese of Marquette, such as sacramental records (e.g. baptisms, marriages, burials), that pertain to Bishop I.  Frederic Baraga’s evangelization of Ojibwa and Ottawa Indians in Michigan and Wisconsin.


/1 "Manuscripts (MSS) by Reverend Frederic Baraga"

Inclusive dates: 1852-1866

Volume: 1 cubic foot


A. Diary, 1852-1863, 3 volumes comprising 193 pages

B. Extracts of letters written by Rev. I. Frederic Baraga, 1854-1866, 2 volumes: entries include the date when letter was written, the person to whom it was addressed, and a summary of the letter; arranged chronologically

C. Letters written by Rev. I. Frederic Baraga, 1854-1860, 117 pages: lists date and the name of the person to whom the letter was written; arranged alphabetically by name

D. Letters received by Rev. I. Frederic Baraga, 1854-1866, 1 volume listing 1,784 letters: lists name of person writing the letter; only a few include dates; arranged according to a number assigned to each entry

E. Record of expenditures made by Rev. I. Frederic Baraga, 1855-1860, 1 volume with 56 pages


/2 "Copies of Letters written by Rev. Baraga" 

Inclusive dates: 1818-1867

Volume: Ca. 800 letters

Description: From the University of Notre Dame Archives, Notre Dame, Indiana; the Leopoldine Society Archives, Archdiocese of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; and the U.S. National Archives, Record Group 75, Bureau of Indian Affairs Records.


/3 "Copies of Records about Rev. Baraga" 

Inclusive dates: 1812-1942 bulk dates: 1828-1869

Volume: 1,256 documents

Description: Records (copies) from over 50 archival repositories throughout the United States and Europe. 


/4 "Copies of Miscellaneous Records - About the time period, etc." 

Inclusive dates: 1660-1880s

Volume: 8 file drawers

Description: Records (copies) from archives throughout the United States and Europe.


/5 "Chronological File" 

Inclusive dates: 1660-1942

Volume: 143 ringed binders

Description: Include all collected records (copies) filed chronologically.


/6 "Photographs" Inclusive dates: 1870s-1920s

Volume: Ca. 300-400

Description: Arranged by place or name; headings include "Assinins, Baraga, L'Anse, Mackinac, and St. Ignace."


/7 "Microfilm" Inclusive dates: ca. 1695-1910

Volume: Ca. 630 reels

Description: Prominent collections on microfilm; for more details, see the repository pertaining to the Archives of the University of Notre Dame

A. U.S. Office of Indian Affairs Correspondence files, 1818-1881;

B. Propagation of the Faith Archives, Paris and Lyon, France, 1822-1900;

C. Leopoldine Society Archives [Leopoldinen Stiftung], Archdiocese of Vienna, Austria, 1829-1909;

D. Ludwig Mission Verein Archives, Munich, Germany;

E. American Fur Company Papers, 1835-1849;

F. P.B. Barbeau Papers, 1789-1856;

G. St. Mary's College, Kansas, Records, 1832-1880s;

H. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Papers, 1827-1873;

I. Sacramental records (e.g. baptisms, marriages, burials) of various missions that served Native Americans, e.g. Sainte Anne Mission, Mackinac Island;

J. Rev. Francis Pierz's missions in Michigan and Minnesota


/8 "Published Material"

Inclusive dates: 1820s-present

Volume: Approximately 500 items

Description: Includes publications relating to Rev. I. Frederick Baraga. 


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.