Volume 3: Western United States
Montana: MT-2

St. Labre Indian School
1000 Tongue River Road
Ashland, MT 59003

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History of St. Labre Indian School:


Mother Amadeus Dunne, O.S.U., and the Ursulines (Toledo, Ohio) established and staffed St. Labre School (Cheyenne)


Jesuits (Turin Province, Turin, Italy) administered St. Labre’s


Diocesan priests administered St. Labre’s


Society of St. Edmund (Swanton, Vermont) administered St. Labre’s


St. Labre’s rebuilt after a destructive fire


Capuchins (St. Joseph’s Province, Detroit, Michigan) administered St. Labre’s

1933-ca. 1980

School Sisters of St. Francis (United States Province, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) staffed St. Labre’s

1928-1938 (closed), 1947-present

St. Labre’s established/ reestablished a high school

1967-1999 (closed), 2000-present

St. Labre’s first established St. Labre Home/ Cheyenne Home, which it reorganized as St. Labre’s Youth and Family Services


St. Labre’s incorporated


U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs funded the school


Pretty Eagle Academy (Cheyenne), St. Xavier, and St. Charles Borromeo School (Crow), Pryor, joined and have been administered by the St. Labre Indian School system


Laity have administered the St. Labre Indian School system

ca. 2004-present

A diocesan priest and a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth (Leavenworth, Kansas) have served the school

History of Pretty Eagle Academy, St. Xavier, Crow Reservation


Jesuits established and administered Pretty Eagle Academy/ St. Francis Xavier School (Crow), St. Xavier, Crow Reservation


Capuchins (St. Joseph Province, Detroit, Michigan) administered Pretty Eagle Academy


Pretty Eagle joined the St. Labre Indian School System

History of St. Charles Borromeo School, Pryor, Crow Reservation


Jesuits (formerly Turin and California; then Oregon Province, Portland, Oregon) established St. Charles Borromeo School (Crow), Pryor

1892-1898 (closed)

Ursulines (Western Province, Great Falls, Montana) staffed St. Charles


Capuchins (St. Joseph Province, Detroit, Michigan) reopened and staffed the school


Congregation of the Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis (Oldenburg, Indiana) have staffed the school


St. Charles Borromeo joined the St. Labre Indian School System


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1926-ongoing, undated

Volume: Over 23.0 cubic feet 

Description: The records at St. Labre Indian School pertain to its schools at its main campus only. Because these records are not arranged according to a classification scheme, the description is by record type. For the records of Pretty Eagle Academy, St. Xavier, see the repository entry for St. Dennis Church, Crow Agency, and for the records of St. Charles Borromeo School, see the repository entry for St. Charles Borromeo Church, Pryor.


/1. Administrative records 

Inclusive dates: 1889-ongoing

Volume: Over 10.0 cubic feet

Description: Correspondence, deeds, maps, and meeting minutes.


/2. Board minutes 

Inclusive dates: 1927-ongoing 

Volume: Over 1.0 cubic foot


A. Board of St. Labre Mission, 1927, 1930, 1933; 1 volume

B. Mission Board, 1970-1975; 2 volumes

C. Board of Directors, 1971-ongoing; 5 volumes


/3. Student records

Inclusive dates: 1928-ongoing

Volume: Over 2.0 cubic feet

Description: High school transcripts arranged alphabetically.


/4. Publications 

Inclusive dates: 1948-ongoing

Volume: Over 2.0 cubic feet


A. The Arrow, 1950-unknown; fundraising newsletter

B. Bells of St. Labre, 1948-unknown; fundraising newsletter

C. The Chief, 1953?-unknown; school yearbook

D. Morning Star/ The Morning Star People, 1965-ongoing; ca. 1 cubic foot; fundraising newsletter

E. The Race of Sorrows, 1956-1971; ca. .5 cubic foot; fundraising newsletter

F. A Portrait of Saint Labre Indian Mission through One Hundred Years: Ashland, Montana, 1884-1984, Sister Carlan Kraman, S.S.F.

G. Sandal Prints, 1961?-1984?; fundraising newsletter


/5. Photographs

Inclusive dates: 1926-ongoing, undated 

Volume: Over 7.0 cubic feet  

Description: St. Labre School and Northern Cheyenne and Crow Indians, Capuchins, and School Sisters of St. Francis.

A. Motion pictures by Finton Schaub, ca. 1930s-1960, undated.; ca. 1.0 cubic foot

B. Still prints, 1926-, undated; over 6.0 cubic feet


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.


Archival materials from the Raynor Memorial Libraries

Marquette Archives