Volume 2: Midwest United States
South Dakota: SD-5

All Saints Church
138 North Spruce Street
P.O. Box 110
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

Phone: 605-964-3391
Email: See Diocese of Rapid City website (parishes)


History: All Saints Church has been a predominantly Native American parish administered by Rapid City/ Lead diocesan priests (1911-1953, unknown-present) and the Congregation of Priests of the Sacred Heart (United States Province, Hales Corners, Wisconsin) (1953-unknown). All Saints is one of six past and/ or present predominantly Native parishes on the Cheyenne River Reservation (Sans Arc Lakota). The others have been Corpus Christi Church, Cheyenne Agency; St. Joseph Church, Cherry Creek; St. Mary Church, La Plant; St. Therese Church, White Horse; and Sacred Heart Church, Dupree, which likewise, have been administered by diocesan and Sacred Heart priests.


1892-1959 (closed)

Corpus Christi Church, Cheyenne Agency

1894-1919 (became a parish)

St. Joseph Church, Cherry Creek

1896-1903 (closed)

St. Catherine Mission, Bad River

1901-1906 (became a mission)

Moreau River station

1903-1919 (transferred to St. Joseph's, Cherry Creek)

St. Peter Mission, Cheyenne River

1905-1970 (closed)

St. Mary Church, La Plant

1906-1961 (transferred to St. Therese, White Horse)

St. Catherine/ St. John the Evangelist Mission, Promise/ Moreau River

1906-1912 (became a mission)

Thunderbutte station

1909-1911 (became a mission)

White Horse station

1911-ca. 1938 (closed)

St. Matthew Mission, Parade

1911-1961 (became a parish)

St. Therese/ St. Paul Mission, White Horse

ca. 1911-1919 (transferred to St. Joseph's, Cherry Creek)

Blessed Sacrament/ St. Leo Mission, Bull Creek

1911-1917 (became a mission)

Lantry station


Sacred Heart Mission, Dupree


All Saints Church, Eagle Butte

1912-1935 (transferred to St. Joseph's, Faith)

St. Luke Mission, Thunderbutte

ca. 1915-1919 (transferred to St. Joseph's, Cherry Creek)

St. Mark Mission, Lower Cherry Creek

ca. 1915-1919 (transferred to St. Joseph's, Cherry Creek) 

St. Pius Mission, Cherry Creek

1917-ca. 1966 (closed)

St. John the Evangelist Mission, Lantry

1923-1950 (closed)

St. Basil Mission, Mossman

1923-1958 (closed)

St. Catherine Mission, Four Bears


St. Joseph Mission, Ridgeview

1932-ca. 1942 (closed)

St. Mary, Help of Christians Mission, Pleasant Valley

1932-ca. 1948 (closed)

St. Peter Mission, Cheyenne River

1938-1958 (closed)

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Mission, Moreau River

1950-unknown (closed)

St. Luke Mission, Thunderbutte


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1890-ongoing, undated 

Volume: At least 1.7 cubic feet

Description: The records at All Saints Church were not organized according to a classification scheme when inspected by a Marquette University archivist, 1980. Consequently, the description is by record type.


/1 Sacramental records

Inclusive dates: 1890-ongoing

Volume: At least 1.5 cubic feet

Description: Sacramental records (e.g. baptisms, marriages, burials) for All Saints Church, Eagle Butte, Corpus Christi Church, Cheyenne Agency, Sacred Heart Church, Dupree, St. Mary Church, La Plant, and their Native missions and stations.


/2 Photographs

Inclusive dates: 1908-ongoing, undated

Volume: At least 190 prints


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.