Volume 3: Western United States
Texas: TX-48

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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: Between 1631-1880

Volume: Less than 1 cubic foot 

Description: Within 5 collections. 


/1 “Indexes to Spanish Archives”

Inclusive dates: 1631-1878

Volume: Several entries within 8 volumes

Description: Indexes to records

A. Laredo, 1749-1836

B. Bexar, 1717-1836

C. Camargo, 1755-1880

D. Nacogdoches, 1731-1836

E. Parral, 1631-1821

F. Saltillo, 1689-1878

G. New Mexico, 1685-1905 and 1621-1821

H. Archives of the Spanish Government of West Florida, 1782-1811


/2 “Bexar County Records”

Inclusive dates: 1736-1838

Volume:  Several reels of microfilm

Description: Includes records of the Spanish Franciscan missions—Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepción de Acuña, San Francisco de la Espada, San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo, and San Juan Capistrano, San Antonio, Texas; from Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas.


/3 “The Camargo Historical Records Collection”

Inclusive dates: 1755-1880

Volume: 5 reels of microfilm

Description: Includes diligencias matrimoniales [prenuptial investigations] from Santa Ana de Camargo Mission (Coahuiltecan, Mestizos), Camargo, Coahuila, Mexico and the attended communities of Camargo, Reynosa, Mier, Vitoria, Monterrey, Saltillo, and Bexar, Texas, arranged chronologically; in Spanish; originals at the Archdiocese of San Antonio Archives, San Antonio, Texas.


/4 “San Fernando Cathedral Records”

Inclusive dates: 1703-1824

Volume: Few reels of microfilm

Description: Sacramental records (copies) of baptisms, marriages, and burials for the following missions and parishes, from the Archdiocese of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas:


/5 Spanish Archives of New Mexico

Inclusive dates: 1685-1905, 1621-1821

Volume: Several reels of microfilm

Description: In part, pertains to Native missions of New Mexico (Tiwa) and El Paso, Texas (Tiwa). 

A. San Antonio de Valero (El Alamo) Mission, San Antonio, Texas, 1703-ca. 1803

B. San Carlos Mission, Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 1788-1823

C. San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas, 1761-1911

D. San José y San Miguel de Aguayo Mission, San Antonio, Texas, 1777-1824


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.