Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1574-1966 

Volume: Ca. 1 cubic foot 

Description: 11 manuscript collections and one photographic collection contain Native Catholic records:


Manuscript Collections

/1 “Bernardo de Arratia Letter, Mss SC 1342”

Inclusive dates: 1746

Volume: 1 letter

Description: Fray Bernardo de Arratia, O.F.M., to the Franciscans Santo Evangelico Province; re: appeal for missionaries in New Mexico; handwritten in Spanish.          


/2 “Gertrude and Raymond Bonnin Collection, Mss 1704”

Inclusive dates: 1921

Volume: 1 letter

Description: Letter to Raymond Bonnin (Yankton) from Monsignor William H. Ketcham, Director of the Bureau of Catholic Indian, re: Mr. Brave.  


/3 “Gasper Higher Letter, Mss SC 1337”

Inclusive dates: 1752

Volume: 1 letter 

Description: To Padre Phelipe Segesser, S.J., from Padre Gasper Stiger, S.J., of San Ignacio de Cabórica Mission, San Ignacio, Sonora, Mexico; re: difficulties between certain priests, Spaniards, and Pima Indians; handwritten in Spanish with English typescript.  


 /4 “George P. Hammond Collection, Mss 908” 

Inclusive dates: ca. 1970-present

Volume: ca. 15 folders  

Description: Mostly originals in Spanish acquired by George P. Hammond; re: Franciscan missions and Indians in New Mexico:

A. “’Pen pictures of Apache and Comanche Indians drawn from life’ by Fray Vicente de Ste. Maria, O.F.M.,” undated, 1 folder

B. “Coronado expedition,” undated, 1 folder

C. “Religious papers,” undated, 1 folder

D. “Request of bishop Fray Antonio to erect a church,” 1784, 1 item; Fray Antonio Margil de Jesús, O.F.M.

E. “Photograph of ruins of San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo,” undated, 1 item; Mission in San Antonio, Texas

F. “Disorders by Fray Juan Agustin de Morfi, O.F.M.,” undated, 1 item

G. “Events and People of New Mexico,” 1689, 1 folder; Spanish

H. “Mission Report (Spanish), unidentified,” undated, 1 folder; Unidentified mission in New Mexico

I. “Two articles about Mother Maria de Jesus de Agredo, undated, 1 folder; re: Sister María de Jesús de Agreda, O.S.F., the “Lady in Blue”; Spanish

J. “Official reports or dispatches to the Sacred Catholic Magistrate,” 1566-1567, 1 folder; Spanish

K. “Government documents,” undated, 1 folder; re: Indian relations and colonization of New Mexico

L. “The Southwestern Catholic - Early history,” 1922, 1 folder

M. “True Account of the Franciscan Father, Jan Perez Suerta, of Happiness in New Mexico,” 1622, 1 folder; Spanish

N. “Visitations of Bishop Tamarons to New Mexico,” 1760, 1 folder; Spanish

O. “Woodcuts of maps of the Southwest,” undated, 1 folder

P. “Documents, locations, names concerning the Alamo,” undated, 1 folder


/5 “Letters to Haskell, Mss SC 200”

Inclusive dates: 1878

Volume: 2 letters

Description: Rev. N. Eels and John Strother Griffin to T.N. Haskell; re: Haskell’s inquiry into Catholic missionary involvement with the Whitman Massacre in Washington Territory.   


/6 “Letters to Thomas R. Bannerman, Mss SC 121”

Inclusive dates: 1906-1907

Volume: 3 letters

Description: Rev. Lawrence Benedict Palladino, S.J., to Thomas R. Bannerman; re: St. Ignatius Mission, St. Ignatius, Montana; Nez Perce, Salish, and Kootenai Indians and Jesuits and Sisters of Providence. 


/7 “Diego Miguel Bringas y Encinas List, Mss 31”

Inclusive dates: 1774 Volume: 1 list (1 page)

Description: By Fray Diego Miguel Bringas y Encinas, O.F.M.; re: settlement of Franciscan missions in Sonora, Mexico; handwritten in Spanish. 


/8 “Miguel Sanchez Letters, Mss 318”

Inclusive dates: 1794-1795

Volume: 2 letters (5 pages)

Description: By Fray Miguel Sanchez, O.F.M.; re: marriage problems of parishioners at San Gabriel Mission, California, who presumably were Native Americans; handwritten in Spanish. 


/9 “S. Lyman Tyler Collection, UA 614”

Inclusive dates: 1922-1966

Volume: 1 folder 

Description: Catholic Church report to the Utah Committee on Indian Affairs, re: Services offered to Indians in Utah.


/10 “General Don Alonso de Vargas Papers, Mss SC 505” 

Inclusive dates: 1574-1591

Volume: .2 cubic foot (5 folders)

Description: Believed relevant to evangelization of Native Americans; handwritten in Spanish.    


/11 “Joseph Ximeno Letter, Mss SC 1369”

Inclusive dates: 1749

Volume: 1 letter (2 leaves)

Description: By Fray José Ximeno, O.F.M.; re: Appeal for missionaries in New Mexico; handwritten in Spanish.  


Photograph Collection

/12 “C.R. Savage Collection, Mss P 24”

Inclusive dates: 1860-ca. 1900

Volume: 1 photograph  

Description: By landscape photographer Charles Roscoe Savage; re: Santa Barbara Mission, California.


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.