Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1574-1966 

Volume: Ca. 1 cubic foot 

Description: 11 manuscript collections and one photographic collection contain Native Catholic records:


Manuscript Collections

/1 “Bernardo de Arratia Letter, Mss SC 1342”

Inclusive dates: 1746

Volume: 1 letter

Description: Fray Bernardo de Arratia, O.F.M., to the Franciscans Santo Evangelico Province; re: appeal for missionaries in New Mexico; handwritten in Spanish.          


/2 “Gertrude and Raymond Bonnin Collection, Mss 1704”

Inclusive dates: 1921

Volume: 1 letter

Description: Letter to Raymond Bonnin (Yankton) from Monsignor William H. Ketcham, Director of the Bureau of Catholic Indian, re: Mr. Brave.  


/3 “Gasper Higher Letter, Mss SC 1337”

Inclusive dates: 1752

Volume: 1 letter 

Description: To Padre Phelipe Segesser, S.J., from Padre Gasper Stiger, S.J., of San Ignacio de Cabórica Mission, San Ignacio, Sonora, Mexico; re: difficulties between certain priests, Spaniards, and Pima Indians; handwritten in Spanish with English typescript.  


 /4 “George P. Hammond Collection, Mss 908” 

Inclusive dates: ca. 1970-present

Volume: ca. 15 folders  

Description: Mostly originals in Spanish acquired by George P. Hammond; re: Franciscan missions and Indians in New Mexico:

A. “’Pen pictures of Apache and Comanche Indians drawn from life’ by Fray Vicente de Ste. Maria, O.F.M.,” undated, 1 folder

B. “Coronado expedition,” undated, 1 folder

C. “Religious papers,” undated, 1 folder

D. “Request of bishop Fray Antonio to erect a church,” 1784, 1 item; Fray Antonio Margil de Jesús, O.F.M.

E. “Photograph of ruins of San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo,” undated, 1 item; Mission in San Antonio, Texas

F. “Disorders by Fray Juan Agustin de Morfi, O.F.M.,” undated, 1 item

G. “Events and People of New Mexico,” 1689, 1 folder; Spanish

H. “Mission Report (Spanish), unidentified,” undated, 1 folder; Unidentified mission in New Mexico

I. “Two articles about Mother Maria de Jesus de Agredo, undated, 1 folder; re: Sister María de Jesús de Agreda, O.S.F., the “Lady in Blue”; Spanish

J. “Official reports or dispatches to the Sacred Catholic Magistrate,” 1566-1567, 1 folder; Spanish

K. “Government documents,” undated, 1 folder; re: Indian relations and colonization of New Mexico

L. “The Southwestern Catholic - Early history,” 1922, 1 folder

M. “True Account of the Franciscan Father, Jan Perez Suerta, of Happiness in New Mexico,” 1622, 1 folder; Spanish

N. “Visitations of Bishop Tamarons to New Mexico,” 1760, 1 folder; Spanish

O. “Woodcuts of maps of the Southwest,” undated, 1 folder

P. “Documents, locations, names concerning the Alamo,” undated, 1 folder


/5 “Letters to Haskell, Mss SC 200”

Inclusive dates: 1878

Volume: 2 letters

Description: Rev. N. Eels and John Strother Griffin to T.N. Haskell; re: Haskell’s inquiry into Catholic missionary involvement with the Whitman Massacre in Washington Territory.   


/6 “Letters to Thomas R. Bannerman, Mss SC 121”

Inclusive dates: 1906-1907

Volume: 3 letters

Description: Rev. Lawrence Benedict Palladino, S.J., to Thomas R. Bannerman; re: St. Ignatius Mission, St. Ignatius, Montana; Nez Perce, Salish, and Kootenai Indians and Jesuits and Sisters of Providence. 


/7 “Diego Miguel Bringas y Encinas List, Mss 31”

Inclusive dates: 1774 Volume: 1 list (1 page)

Description: By Fray Diego Miguel Bringas y Encinas, O.F.M.; re: settlement of Franciscan missions in Sonora, Mexico; handwritten in Spanish. 


/8 “Miguel Sanchez Letters, Mss 318”

Inclusive dates: 1794-1795

Volume: 2 letters (5 pages)

Description: By Fray Miguel Sanchez, O.F.M.; re: marriage problems of parishioners at San Gabriel Mission, California, who presumably were Native Americans; handwritten in Spanish. 


/9 “S. Lyman Tyler Collection, UA 614”

Inclusive dates: 1922-1966

Volume: 1 folder 

Description: Catholic Church report to the Utah Committee on Indian Affairs, re: Services offered to Indians in Utah.


/10 “General Don Alonso de Vargas Papers, Mss SC 505” 

Inclusive dates: 1574-1591

Volume: .2 cubic foot (5 folders)

Description: Believed relevant to evangelization of Native Americans; handwritten in Spanish.    


/11 “Joseph Ximeno Letter, Mss SC 1369”

Inclusive dates: 1749

Volume: 1 letter (2 leaves)

Description: By Fray José Ximeno, O.F.M.; re: Appeal for missionaries in New Mexico; handwritten in Spanish.  


Photograph Collection

/12 “C.R. Savage Collection, Mss P 24”

Inclusive dates: 1860-ca. 1900

Volume: 1 photograph  

Description: By landscape photographer Charles Roscoe Savage; re: Santa Barbara Mission, California.


Unless noted otherwise, the repository named above holds (or held) the records described and not the Marquette University Archives. However, Marquette’s holdings, e.g. Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, include related records about these Native and Catholic groups and places.