Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic-related records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1884-1970 

Volume: Ca. 3.5 cubic feet  

Description: 13 collections (10 manuscript and 3 photographic) include Native Catholic records:


Manuscript Collections:

/1 “Coeur d’Alene Indians Agreement, Cage 1752”

Inclusive dates: 1886

Volume: 1 folder (6 pages)

Description: Agreement between the Coeur d’Alene Indians, Sacred Heart Mission, DeSmet, Idaho, and the Washington and Idaho Railroad Company; re: railroad right-of-way across Sacred Heart Mission lands within the Coeur d’Alene Reservation. 


/2 “Colville Agency, Letters, Cage 2014”

Inclusive dates: Between 1884-1890

Volume: Few items

Description: U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs correspondence between the Indian agents of the Colville Reservation (Chelan, Entiat, Methow, Nespelim, Nez Perce, Okanogan, Paloos, Sanpoil, Senijextee, and Wenatchi people) and the Commissioner of Indian Affairs; re: includes a dispute between Catholic and Protestant factions on the reservation; transcripts.


/3 “Floor Plan of St. Paul’s Mission by Duncan McDonald, Cage 3029”

Inclusive dates: 1928

Volume: 1 item

Description: Architectural drawing of St. Paul Mission, Washington.


/4 “Historical Maps Collection”

Inclusive dates: 1858-1859 

Volume: 2 maps

Description: Maps by Rev. Pierre-Jean de Smet, S.J.; copies from U.S. National Archives.

A. Cotton Wood Springs Route from Fort Leavenworth to Salt Lake City, 1858

B. Indian tribal territories and missions between the Cascades and Rocky Mountains and 49th and 54th Parallels in the United States and British North America, 1859


/5 “John Joseph Augustine Joset Papers, Cage 2044”

Inclusive dates: 1858

Volume: 1 folder (7 items)

Description: Papers (copies) by Rev. John Joseph Augustine Joset, S.J.; re: Jesuit missions in the Northwest and Coeur d’Alene and Spokane Indians; from Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington. 


/6 “Nez Perce Music Collection Fieldwork Materials, Cage 636”

Inclusive dates: 1988-1995

Volume: 3 items

Description: "‘Women Never Used to War Dance’: Gender and Change in Nez Perce Music," [dissertation] and research notes by Dr. Judy Jones: 

A. “Cloud, Evelyn” interview, 1990, 1 audio tape and transcript; re: Nez Perce language hymns

B. “Halfmoon, Nancy” interview, 1991, 1 audio tape and transcript; re: Nez Perce language hymns

C. “Mass and Feast of Corpus Christi at St. Joseph Church,” Slickpoo, Idaho,” 1990, 1 program (5 pages)


/7 “Michael O’Malley Papers, Cage 1722”

Inclusive dates: 1905-1928 Volume: 1 folder (142 pages)

Description: Papers of Rev. Michael O’Malley, S.J. (1875-1970); Re: St. Joseph's Mission, Slickpoo, Idaho, Nez Perce Indians, and Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J.; photocopies 

A. Reminiscences of St. Joseph’s by Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J. dictated by Rev. Michael O'Malley S.J., 1905

B. Biographical sketch of Rev. Joseph Cataldo, S.J. from account primarily by Rev. George Weibel, S.J., 1905

C. Sacramental records (baptisms), St. Joseph's Mission, Slickpoo, Idaho, 1867-1893


/8 “John A. Simms Papers, Cage 213”

Inclusive dates: 1858-1881

Volume: Few items within approximately 1 cubic foot

Description: U.S. Office of Indian Affairs records of Colville Indian Agency; re: includes conflict between Protestant and Catholic factions on Colville Reservation.


/9 “Pierre Jean de Smet Papers, Cage 537”

Inclusive dates: 1764-1970

Volume: Ca. 3 cubic feet

Description: Personal papers of Rev. Pierre Jean de Smet, S.J. (18011873); Mostly in French

A. Correspondence, 1834-1905, undated, 4 boxes; re: incoming and outgoing correspondence of de Smet, including letters to family, Jesuit officials and other missionaries, translations of the Lord’s Prayer into several Indian languages, and a Siksika glossary; notable correspondents: Rev. James Van De Velde, S.J., Missouri Province Superior, Rev. John Nobili, S.J., and Rev. Nicholas Point, S.J.

B. Legal documents, 1764-1873, 1 box; re: de Smet family probate papers and Rev. de Smet’s funeral

C. Maps, 1846, undated, 1 box; re: includes maps “Pays des Porteurs” and “De la Mission St. Anne,” maps of the Northwest by de Smet, maps of cities in Flanders and topographical map of the road from Missouri to Oregon from the field notes of Captain John C. Fremont

D. Miscellanea, 1844-1970, undated, 1 box; includes writings of Rev. Francis Xavier De Coen, S.J., 1844-1845

E. Art Work by Rev. Nicolas Point, S.J., 1841-1846, 1 box; re: pencil drawings, ink washes, and other items from Point’s travels with de Smet, including to the Kalispel, Salish, and Coeur d’Alene Indians, Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, Idaho, St. Mary Mission, Stevensville, Montana, and St. Ignatius Mission, Pend Oreille River, Washington


/10 “William Parkhurst Winans Papers, Cage 147”

Inclusive dates: 1904, undated 

Volume: 2 folders 

Description: Jesuit missions among Chelan, Entiat, Methow, Nespelim, Nez Perce, Okanogan, Paloos, Sanpoil, Senijextee, and Wenatchi Indians: 

A. Letters to/ from Winans (1836-1917) and Rev. Cataldo, S.J., 1904, 1 folder; re: Colville Mission

B. St. Paul Mission, Kettle Falls, Washington, n.d, 1 folder; 1 photograph


Photograph Collections:

/11 “Frank Fuller Avery, Photographs of the Colville Indian Agency, PC 19”

Inclusive date: Between 1901-1916

Volume: 1 photograph and glass-plate negative

Description: Unidentified Catholic Church near Manila Creek on the Colville reservation; by Avery while superintendent of government Indian school at Fort Spokane and inspector of Colville Agency Day Schools.   


/12 “Historical Photographs Subject File Collection, PC 2”

Inclusive dates: 1930s

Volume: 17 photographs (prints) Description: St. Paul Mission, Colville/ Kettle Falls, Washington, St. Mary Mission, Omak, Washington, and Sacred Heart Mission, Idaho.  


/13 “Nez Perce Photographs Collection, PC 83”

Inclusive dates: Between ca. 1877-1905

Volume: 2 photographs

Description: Black and white prints; re: St. Joseph School, Culdesac, Idaho. 


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.