Volume 3: Western United States
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Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans: 

Inclusive dates: 1865-1949?, undated 

Volume: Ca. .2 cubic foot  

Description: 13 collections with photography include Native Catholic records; selected images available online within the “American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection;” also see website (Research).


/1 “Asahel Curtis Klondike-Alaska Collection, Coll 519”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1897-1898

Volume: 7 photographs

Description: Sacred Heart Mission (Tlingit), Haines, and St. James Mission (Eskimo), Tanana, Alaska.  


/2 “Asahel Curtis Photo Company Collection, PH Coll 482”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1901-1942

Volume: 9 photographs

Description: Alaska, Holy Cross Mission (Eskimo), Holy Cross; Idaho, Sacred Heart Mission (Coeur d’Alene), DeSmet; and Washington, Rev. E. Casimir Chirouse, O.M.I. [Oblates of Mary Immaculate], at the Tulalip School, Tulalip, the abandoned Ahtanum Mission, Yakima, and St. Peter Cemetery (Suquamish), Suquamish. 


/3 “Ernest B. Bertelson Collection, Coll 477”

Inclusive dates: undated 

Volume: 1 photograph

Description: Sam Wilson in front of St. Peter Church (Suquamish), Suquamish, Washington.  


/4 “Lawrence Denny Lindsley Collection, Coll 548”

Inclusive dates: 1949?

Volume: 3 photographs

Description: “Old Wapato Catholic Church” (Chelan, Entiat) near Chelan, Washington, and St. Peter Church and Cemetery (Suquamish), Suquamish, Washington.  


/5 “Early Photographers Collection, Coll 334”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1859-1910 

Volume: 1 photograph

Description: Rev. E. Casimir Chirouse, O.M.I. [Oblates of Mary Immaculate], at the Tulalip School, Tulalip, Washington. 


/6 “Grand Coulee Dam Collection, Coll 478”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1930-1940

Volume: 1 photograph 

Description: St. Paul Mission (Colville), Kettle Falls, Washington. 


/7 “Frank La Roche Collection, Coll 283”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1890-1909

Volume: 3 photographs

Description: Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, California.


/8 “Lomen Brothers Collection, Coll 328”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1900-1934

Volume: Few photographs

Description: Holy Cross Mission (Eskimo), Holy Cross, Alaska. 


/9 “John Francis Pratt Collection, Coll 567”

Inclusive dates: Unknown 

Volume: 9 photographs

Description: Sacred Heart Mission (Tlingit), Haines, and Holy Cross Mission (Eskimo), Holy Cross, Alaska. 


/10 “W.E. Priestly Album, Coll 373”

Inclusive dates: 1909

Volume: Few photographs 

Description: Photographs from Alaska; includes prints of Holy Cross Mission (Eskimo), Holy Cross, Alaska.   


/11 “Douglas Tancred Collection, Coll 514” 

Inclusive dates: ca. 1890-1898

Volume: 1 photograph 

Description: Holy Cross Mission (Eskimo), Holy Cross, Alaska.


/12 “United States Boundary Survey Collection, Coll 462”

Inclusive dates: ca. 1900

Volume: 1 photograph 

Description: Catholic mission, Kootenai River, Montana. 


/13 “Alvin H. Waite Collection, Coll 291”

Inclusive dates: 1890s

Volume: 2 photographs 

Description: San Francisco de Asís Mission [Dolores] Mission, San Francisco, California.


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.