Volume 2: Midwest United States
Wisconsin: WI-17

Catholic Church. Diocese of La Crosse. Archives
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History: The Diocese of La Crosse was erected for western Wisconsin, 1868. La Crosse and its predecessors (Cincinnati-1821-1833; Detroit, 1833-1843; Milwaukee, 1843-1868) have served the following missions and parishes with Native American parishioners:

1660-1765 (La Crosse, 1868-present)

Prairie du Chien Mission (e.g. Ojibwa, Winnebago), Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

1835-present (La Crosse, 1868-1905)

St. Joseph Mission (Ojibwa), La Pointe, Wisconsin

1855-1910s (no longer Native) (La Crosse, 1868-1905)

St. Francis Xavier/ Assumption Church (Ojibwa), Superior, Wisconsin

1860-present (La Crosse, 1868-1905)

Holy Family/ Christ Church (Ojibwa), Bayfield, Wisconsin

1868-present (La Crosse, 1868-1905)

St. Mary/ Our Lady of Seven Dolors Mission (Ojibwa), Odanah, Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin

1878-1910s (no longer Native) (La Crosse, 1878-1905)

St. Agnes Church (Ojibwa), Ashland, Wisconsin

1880-present (La Crosse, 1880-1905)

St. Francis of Assisi Mission (Ojibwa), Flambeau/ Flambeaufarm, Wisconsin

1882-1919 (closed) (La Crosse, 1882-1905)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission (Ojibwa), Mouth of Yellow River, Wisconsin

1882-1934 (closed) (La Crosse, 1882-1905)

St. Anthony of Padua Mission (Ojibwa), Pakwawong, Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin

1882-present (La Crosse, 1882-1894)

Holy Family Church (Ojibwa), Cloquet, Minnesota

1885-present (La Crosse, 1885-1905)

St. Francis Solanus Church (Ojibwa), Reserve, Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin  

1889-1942 (closed) (La Crosse, 1889-1905)

St. Joseph Mission (Ojibwa), Bellilfalls, Wisconsin

1889-ca. 1920s (no longer Native) (La Crosse, 1889-1905)

Our Lady of Good Counsel/ St. Mary of Good Counsel Mission (Ojibwa), Solon Springs, Wisconsin

1880s-present (La Crosse, 1889-1905)

St. Anthony of Padua/ St. Mary of the Angels Mission (Ojibwa), Gordon, Wisconsin  

1892-1937 (closed) (La Crosse, 1892-1905)

Holy Angels Mission (Ojibwa), Mud Lake, Wisconsin

1893-present (La Crosse, 1893-1905)

St. Francis Church (Ojibwa), Red Cliff, Red Cliff Reservation, Wisconsin

1894-present (La Crosse, 1894-1905)

St. Anthony of Padua Mission (Ojibwa), Lac du Flambeau, Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wisconsin

1895-ca. 1915 (closed) (La Crosse, 1895-1905)

St. Joseph Mission (Ojibwa), New Village, Lac du Flambeau, Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wisconsin

1900-1962 (closed) (La Crosse, 1900-1905)

St. Anthony Mission (Ojibwa), Belanger Settlement, Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin

ca. 1904-1910 (closed) (La Crosse, ca. 1904-1905)

Sacred Heart Mission (Ojibwa), Trade River, Wisconsin


St. Anthony de Padua Church (Winnebago), Augusta


St. Joseph Church (Winnebago), Black River Falls


St. Mary Church (Winnebago), Lyndon Station


Holdings of Catholic records about Native Americans:

Inclusive dates: 1873-1904, 1920s-ongoing

Volume: Less than 1 cubic foot   

Description: Within 4 series.


/1 "Bishops' Papers"

Inclusive dates: 1873-1904

Volume: 4 letters

Description: Arranged chronologically by administration; pertain to Ojibwa Indians:

A. Bishop Michael Heiss (1818-1890), 1873, 1 letter: From Rev. Eustace Vollmer, O.F.M. Christ Church, Bayfield

B. Bishop Kilian C. Flasch (1837-1891), 1889, 2 letters: From Rev. Martin Marty, O.S.B., and Rev. John Gafron, O.F.M., Christ Church, Bayfield

C. Bishop James Schwebach (1847-1921), 1904, 1 letter: From Rev. Sabinus Molitor, O.F.M., St. Agnes Church, Ashland


/2 Priest Files: Rev. Georges P. Mathieu

Inclusive dates: Unknown-1996

Volume: At least 1 folder

Description: Includes Rev. Mathieu (Potawatomi, 1912-1996), Director of Diocese of La Crosse Native American Ministry, 1972-1980s.


/3 Diocesan Newspaper

Inclusive dates: 1936-ongoing

Volume: Occasional articles 

Description: The Times Review, formerly the La Crosse Register.


/4 Sacramental records

Inclusive dates: 1920s-ongoing

Volume: Few records

Description: Sacramental records (e.g. baptisms, marriages, burials) for Winnebago [Ho Chunk] Indian parishioners before 1960. See the parish for records after 1960.

A. Augusta, St. Anthony de Padua Church, 1920s-1998

B. Black River Falls, St. Joseph Church, 1920s-ongoing

C. Fall Creek, St. Raymond of Peñaford Church, 1998-ongoing

D. Lyndon Station, St. Mary Church, 1950s-ongoing


Unless otherwise noted, the repository on this page holds (or held) the records described here and they are not held at the Marquette University Archives.