ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL ECONOMICS RECORDS, 1941-[ongoing], 2.2 feet and 57 MB.

Records of an organization of scholars concerned with the moral and social dimensions of economic problems.
(It was known as the Catholic Economic Association until 1970.)
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BUREAU OF CATHOLIC INDIAN MISSIONS RECORDS, 1848-, undated, 609.8 feet + 64.7 GB [421 reels microfilm] (25.1 feet unprocessed).

The Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions (formerly, The Office of Catholic Commissioner for Indian Missions, 1874-) supports Catholic evangelization among Native American Indians and Alaskan Natives in the United States and dependent territories through advocacy for and financial support of Native American Catholic missions, schools, and parishes in need. The Bureau has also supported Native American economic justice and human rights issues through government advocacy, monitoring, and testimony. The records include correspondence, reports, publications, audio and video recordings, photography, government documents, and websites. The collection also includes the records of two other affiliated agencies, and with the BCIM, they are known collectively as the Black and Indian Mission Office (Washington, D.C.). However, since the BCIM accumulated the bulk of the records, its name designates the overall collection.
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CONRAD N. HILTON FUND FOR SISTERS RECORDS, 1986-, 187.0 feet (153 feet unprocessed).

Records of humanitarian projects throughout the world, which were administered by Catholic religious sisters and funded by the Hilton Fund for Sisters (1986-). Most projects sought to alleviate critical community needs in education, health care, clean water, and economic or energy development, whereas others targeted the internal needs of congregations of Catholic women religious, especially those in former Communist countries. Several projects in the United States, and elsewhere in North and South America, targeted needs among indigenous Native American, African American, and other minority populations.
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DALEY, SR. JOEANN, O.P., COLLECTION, 1992-1993, undated, 1.6 feet.

Framed laser art prints and video discussions by Catholic religious sisters from East-Central Europe regarding their spiritual captivity (1945-1989) and reawakening during and after Communism. Daley created the artwork from etchings, paintings, and photo collages, and used the discussions to formulate the theme, "New Spring, New Spirit." Several prints use Easter and floral imagery. Dailey served as a participant in the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters' East-Central European revitalization initiative for Catholic religious sisters.
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DOLL, DON, S.J., COLLECTION, 1977-2016, undated, 3.8 feet + .9 GB (0.7 cubic foot unprocessed).

Photographs, interviews, and background documentation about notable Native Americans, primarily from South Dakota, who were engaged in their Dakota-Lakota cultural reawakening, 1960s-1970s. Most materials were compiled for the book, Vision Quest: Men, Women, and Sacred Sites of the Sioux Nation. School fundraising calendars from Red Cloud Indian School (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota) and St. Augustine School (Winnebago Indian Reservation, Nebraska) are also included.
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FALLA-SáNCHEZ, RICARDO, S.J., PAPERS, 1937-2005, undated, 0.7 foot [6 reels microfilm] (0.4 foot unprocessed).

Field papers in Spanish and Quiché regarding the life and culture of Quiché (K'iche') Indians in Guatemala during a government-sponsored reign of genocide. These papers, comprised of interviews, notes, manuscripts, maps, and photography, document massacres in native communities, their struggles for justice and human rights, and their revitalization with assistance from Catholic Action. The author used these papers in his Ph.D. dissertation and published writings.
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FOX, NOEL P., PAPERS, 1924-1982, 7.5 feet.

Case files, correspondence, clippings, and reports documenting the political and judicial career of Noel P. Fox, a graduate of Marquette University who served as U.S. District Court judge for the Western District of Michigan, 1962-1979. Notable among 39 federal court cases in the files are those concerning the desegregation of schools in Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, and Lansing, Michigan, and the fishing rights of Ojibwa and Ottawa Indians in Michigan. In addition, there is substantial information on Fox's surveys of Michigan's corrections system (1949) and justice courts (1959-1961), and on the Michigan Constitutional Convention of 1961, for which he chaired the Citizen's Advisory Committee on the Judiciary Department. Other files relate to Fox's activities as an arbitrator and mediator of labor disputes (1941-1956) and circuit court judge in Muskegon, Michigan (1951-1962), and his unsuccessful campaigns for Congress (1938 and 1950) and Secretary of State of Michigan (1948).
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HONOR OUR NEIGHBORS' ORIGINS AND RIGHTS RECORDS, 1990-2006, 0.5 foot [1 reel microfilm].

Records of Honor Our Neighbors' Origins and Rights, a Midwest-based independent advocacy organization for treaty rights and justice issues affecting American Indians. The collection contains minutes of Board of Directors' meetings and its newsletter, HONOR Digest.
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PROJECT EQUALITY, INC. RECORDS, 1971-2007, 3.9 feet.

Records of a national program (originally a service of the National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice) sponsored by religious denominations, non-profit organizations, and corporations to promote equal employment opportunities for African-Americans and other minorities.
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Records of the Wisconsin affiliate of Project Equality, including board meeting minutes, publications, and reports.
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Documentation for more than 600 arbitration cases heard by Herman Rauch, most in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. Included are notes; supporting reports and briefs; recordings, transcriptions, and summaries of hearings; final opinions; and related correspondence.
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Records comprised of correspondence, publications, and photography regarding the termination and restoration of the government-to-government relationship in Wisconsin between the Menominee Nation and the United States. Also included are records regarding Menominee Indian welfare and the designation of the Wolf River as a National Scenic River.
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