A-1.1 Office of the President
A-1.2 Offices of the Vice Presidents
A-1.3 University Publications (SEE ALSO: B-6, D-6)
A-1.4 Office of the Provost
A-2 Marquette University Statutes and Administrative Delegations
A-2.1 Board of Trustees
A-3.1 Board of Governors and Board of Regents
A-3.2 Committee on Administrators and Marquette University Chapter of AAUA
A-4.1 University Committees
A-4.2 Department of Special Events and Conferences
A-4.3 University Anniversaries
A-4.5 Photographic, Sound, Film, and Biographical Records
A-4.6 Marquette University and the City of Milwaukee
A-4.7 Office of the General Counsel
A-4.8 Office of Affirmative Action
A-4.9 Committee on Staff
A-4.11 Virgil C. Blum, S.J. Center for Parental Freedom in Education
A-4.12 Office of International Education
A-4.13 Center for Ethics Studies
A-4.14 Educational Opportunity Program
A-4.18 Office of Student Educational Services
A-4.19 Bradley Institute for Democracy and Public Values
A-4.20 Honors Committee
A-4.21 Les Aspin Center for Government
A-4.22 Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center
A-5.1-5.16 Business and Finance Offices
A-6.1 Office of Admissions
A-6.2 Catalogs and Bulletins
A-6.3 Schedules and Textbook Lists
A-6.4 Office of the Registrar
A-7 Physical Environment
A-7.1 Campus Telephone Directories
A-7.2 Public Safety Department / Marquette University Police Department
A-7.3 Parking Services
A-8.1-8.9 Student-Related Offices, Activities, and Organizations
A-9 Division of Continuing Education
A-10.1-10.4 Marquette University Libraries
A-11 Central Bureau of Information and Statistics
A-12.1 Faculty
A-12.2 Faculty Committees
A-12.3 Faculty Publications ("MU Writes" Collection)
A-12.4 Marquette University Retired Faculty Association
A-13 Marquette University Press
A-14 Information Technology Services
A-15 Alumni Memorial Union
A-17 Marquette University Women's Council
A-18 Office of Mission and Ministry