Title: Marquette Open II
Date: 1/30/2000
Time: 20:52
Film Quality/Color (Original): Excellent; color
Footage available as: 1/2" VHS (Box 1), DVD (Box 1)
Sound: Yes

Description: Training footage.

Notes: Footage of several wrestling matches. Highlights: 2nd place finishes by Brian O'Farrell (141 lbs.), Bill Neville (149 lbs.), Tim Scot (157 lbs.), Micah Nelson (174 lbs.), and Brad Hampton (184 lbs.); 3rd place finishes by Tim McGuire (141 lbs.), Brian Cobb (149 lbs.), Jarrod Schaffer (174 lbs.), and Brian Floral (285 lbs.); 4th place finish by Aaron Dill (157 lbs.); and 6th place finishes by Ryan Schoettle (149 lbs.) and Nick Hartner (174 lbs.).