B-5.4 Series 2-DWYYEE, DANIEL W., 1911-1990 PAPERS, 1939, 1979-1990, 2010

Series Box Folder Folder Title
B-5.4 2-DWY 1 1 Photographs and background information about Yee and his former classmate, Morris Hootkin
B-5.4 2-DWY 1 2 Milwaukee Sentinel article about Hootkin-Yee correspondence and reader responses, May 1990
B-5.4 2-DWY 1 3-78 Letters to Hootkin (August 1939-December 1986)
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 1-38 Letters to Hootkin (January 1987-January 1990)
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 39-46 Correspondence with Paul McInerny, Marquette University's Department of Alumni Affairs (August 1979 - December 1988)
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 47-48 Letters from Yannie Yee Wong (Daniel Yee's sister) to Hootkin (December 1988-March 1990)
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 49 Letter written (in Chinese) to Daniel Yee's son from Morris Hootkin, following Daniel's death (April 1990)
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 50 Letter of sympathy from Marquette University President John P. Raynor, S.J., to Hootkin following Yee's death (May 1990)
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 51 "40 Years of Silence, Then a Letter," feature article about Yee and Hootkin correspondence published in Marquette alumni magazine (28:2, Spring 2010); also a May 2010 letter by Barbara Kaplan ('71) to Marquette magazine editors, describing her 1980 visit with Daniel Yee.
B-5.4 2-DWY 2 52 March 1980 interview conducted with Yee by Barbara Kaplan during a vacation to China. Loaned for copying, the recording is available on DVD-R.