B-5.4 Series 2-ELSSHAVER, GENE (EUGENE LEE), 1921-1994 PAPERS, 1943-1994 (BULK 1943-1945)

Series Box Folder Title
B-5.4 2-ELS 1 Correspondence, January 5, 1943-November 22, 1945, n.d.; 3 folders 
B-5.4 2-ELS 1 Descriptions of His War Years to His Son Bryan, ca. 1991
B-5.4 2-ELS 1 Funeral Homily, May 26, 1994
B-5.4 2-ELS 1 Sun Valley Sage (U.S. Naval Convalescent Hospital Newspaper), January 7, 1944-June 16, 1944
B-5.4 2-ELS 1 United States Naval Training Station, Visiting Instructions, n.d.
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