C-1.12 Department of Philosophy

(SEE ALSO: A-1.2 Series 3

Series 1 Administrative Subject Files
Series 1.1 Administrative Subject Files (Restricted: Inventory in Archives)
Series 2 Faculty Files
Series 2–PMB Paul M. Byrne Papers
Series 2–TED Thomas E. Davitt, S.J., Papers
Series 2–MVM Michael V. Murray, S.J., Papers
Series 2-JHR James H. Robb Papers
Series 2-JOR John O. Riedl Papers
Series 2–FCW Francis Clarence Wade, S.J., Papers
Series 2–BHZ Beatrice H. Zedler Papers
Series 3.2 Phi Sigma Tau

Descriptive inventories of the collections are also available in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives.