C-1.7 Department of History Series 2-FPP Francis Paul Prucha, S.J. Papers

Series 2-2-FPP General Correspondence: Personal and Professional Correspondence (1946-2002)

A-D (1946-2002)
E-H (1954-2002)
I-L (1949-2002)
M-P (1947-2002)
Q-T (1949-2002)
U-Z (1947-2002)

Family Correspondence (1967-2002)
Former Students (1962-2002)
Marquette Business Correspondence (1959-2001)
Peace Medal Correspondence (1961-2002)

Series 2-2.1-FPP Writing: Books (1950-2002)
Series 2-2.2-FPP Writing: Articles, Book Reviews (1939-2005)
Series 2-2.3-FPP Public Talks and Lectures (1956-1998)
Series 2-2.4-FPP Courses Taught (1952-1987)
Series 2-2.5-FPP Awards and Honors (1971-2003)
Series 2-2.6-FPP Professional Activities, Research Fellowships and Grants (1954-2003)
Series 2-2.7-FPP Personal Papers (1927-1993)
Series 2-2.8-FPP Research Materials (1955-2003)