Record Group Series Box Folder Title
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 American Institute for Political Communication, Study on the Effects of the Mass Media on Public Opinion Under Political Campaign Conditions, 1968
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 Arete, Academic American Encyclopedia, 1978
C-2 2.4-WGB - Ave Maria
C-2 2.4-WGB 1
"How a Good Newspaper Serves Its Community," 1963
C-2 2.4-WGB 1
"Open Letter to a College Freshman," 1958
C-2 2.4-WGB 1
"The Needs and Images of Man," 1962
C-2 2.4-WGB 1
"What is Freedom of the Press?," 1957-1958
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 By-Line Awards, 1992-1996 (3 folders)
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 "Catholic Consumer Magazines: The Wonder and the Waste," 1963
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 Catholic Educational Press Congress Address, Conventions and Innovations in School Publications, 1964
C-2 2.4-WGB - Catholic School Editor
C-2 2.4-WGB 1
"Catholic Journalism and Rev. Harold C. Gardiner, S.J.," 1955
C-2 2.4-WGB 1
Paul Cuneo, Dan Herr, and Books On Trial, 1955-1956
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 Catholic University in the Secular City, Talk for the Alumni College Washington Program, 1966
C-2 2.4-WGB 1 Center for the Study of the American Press, Book Review Study, 1965-1966 (2 folders)
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Center for the Study of the American Press, Exemplars Project, 1970
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Dialogue on The Media, Public Discourse, and the Democratic Society, 1986
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Chinese Trade Controversy, 1953
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Class Projects and Papers (Bovee's), 1946-1952
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Convention, Talk Topics for Editorials, undated
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Crusader for Truth, (Article on Rev, Gerard Smith, S.J.), 1956
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Editorial on Elections, 1952
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 "Father Reinhold Fights On," 1954-1956

Series 2.4-WGB

Record Group Series Box Folder Title
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 "Fitting the Yearbook to the Needs of the School," 1968
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 "Freedom and Authority in the School Press," Presentation at the Catholic School Press Association's Regional Press Conference, 1966
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 "The Good Uses of School Journalism," circa 1970
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Implement and Tractor Consulting Work, 1958-1965
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Inc. (IEEE), Paper on Scientific and Technical Journals on Microfiche, 1973
C-2 2.4-WGB 2 Institute of the Catholic Press,  "Sources and Reference Books, Bibliography No. 1," 1954-1957
C-2 2.4-WGB - Magazine Publishers Association (MPA)
C-2 2.4-WGB 2           Editor-Writer Relationship, 1963-1967
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           Editor-Writer Relationship Survey, 1963
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           Forty-Fourth Annual Spring Conference, Report, 1963
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           Membership, 1960-1961
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Magazines as an Advertising Medium, 1957
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Masthead, "A Cold Wind Reaches the Editorial Offices," 1981-1982
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Microform Publishing: Salvation for Short-Run Periodicals?, 1972-1976

Series 2.4-WGB

Record Group Series Box Folder Title
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Midwest-Southwest Regional Catholic School Press Conference, The Role of the Journalist in Forming Public Opinion, 1959
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel Editorial Study, 1973
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Moebius Printing Company, "People," 1967
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Modular Publications Research Project, 1973-1974
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 "The New Look in Sports Writing", 1954
C-2 2.4-WGB - Newspaper Criticism of Books, Research Project
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           Data Summary Sheets, undated
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           Drafts, 1964
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           Selection Process for Inclusion, 1964         
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 The Preaching Role of the Catholic Press, circa 1964
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 The Reporter, Review of Articles Considered for Inclusion, 1957-1958
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 St. Theresa School of Nursing, Lecture on Motion Picture Evaluation, 1961
C-2 2.4-WGB - Today
C-2 2.4-WGB 3            "His Brother's Keeper," (Article on George Hunton), 1958
C-2 2.4-WGB 3           "Why Read the Catholic Press?," 1961
C-2 2.4-WGB 3 Voice of St. Jude, Article on William Ready, 1960
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