Series Box Folder Title
D-5 1 1 Brief Sketch - Sent to Holmes
D-5 1 1 Dentistry School of (1913), Brief History of, Robert Haukohl, 1939
D-5 1 1 Engineering, School of, Brief History of the, written by Dean Kartak, and Some Information Notes, 1939
D-5 1 1 Journalism, College of (1910), History of J. L. Sullivan
D-5 1 1 Law School (1908), History of the Marquette University Law School, by F. X. Swietlik, Dean, 1939
D-5 1 1 Liberal Arts, College of, History of Business Administration, College of, by J. F. Pyle, Letter to F. Hamilton, 1939. Report on College by Dean Pyle, 1935. Data Collected by George Deglman, 1939
D-5 1 1 Marquette University Press, A History of, by John Clifford
D-5 1 1 Marquette University Press, A History of, by J. L. Sullivan, 1939 (MISSING, reported 8/25/2005)
D-5 1 1 Medicine, School of, Articles of Association, 1943, and some clippings
D-5 1 1 Music, College of, History of, by Dean Semmann, 1939
D-5 1 1 Physical Education, Department of  Speech, College of (1926), History of "Letter by William Lamers to Raphael Hamilton. May 4, 1939" Information about Speech Activities and about Delta Sigma Rho, 1930