Property books were prepared in an effort to track land ownership in the area of the Marquette campus, from roughly Kilbourn to Clybourn and North 19th to North 11th. The books list property owners and assessments and consist largely of photographs of individual properties within the surveyed area.  Images are arranged by block and lot number, with an index map and book to guide the user to a appropriate location in the subsequent volumes.


Series Box Folder Title
D-7 3 - Property Books, circa 1956
D-7 3 1
D-7 3 1
Book 1
D-7 3 1
Book 2 (3 folders)
D-7 3 1
Book 3 (2 folders)
D-7 3 -

Property Books, circa 1955-1961

Note: Box 2 has many duplicate photos from  Box 1.

D-7 3 2      Book 1 - Clybourn - Wisconsin, 11th to 16th Streets
D-7 3 2      Book 2 - Kilbourn - Wisconsin, 11th to 16th Streets
D-7 3 2       Book 3 - Clybourn - Kilbourn - Wisconsin, 16th to 17th Streets
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