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Connect to the African American Catholics of the United States Digital Image CollectionAfrican American Catholics of the United States contains over 200 images of African American clergy, religious, and laity, plus others in ministry to them, in parishes and schools, religious communities, and lay organizations since 1900.

Connect to the Building a Campus 
	  Digital Image CollectionBuilding a Campus contains over 1200 images and printed materials documenting the built environment through the course of Marquette University's history. The initial November 2010 and subsequent August 2011 releases focus on 25 buildings; additions featuring other buildings will be made over time.

Connect to the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Digital Image CollectionBureau of Catholic Indian Missions contains over 1,800 images of Native Americans and related Catholic churches, schools, clergy, and religious from across the United States, most of which were submitted as potential illustrations for The Indian Sentinel. Images from the Sacred Heart Franciscan Records and the Walter Bernard Hunt Collection are also included.

Connect to The Gesu CollectionThe Gesu Collection offers records from the Gesu Parish and School Collection that will be of interest to genealogists. Many of the records come from St. Gall Parish which consolidated with Holy Name Parish to form Gesu.

Connect to the MU Athletics Hall of Fame Digital Image CollectionThe Hall of Fame Collection contains over 1,200 images of individual athletes, select teams, coaches, and administrators who have been inducted into the M Club Hall of Fame.

Connect to the Alfred Hamy's Jesuit Portrait GalleryAlfred Hamy's Jesuit Portrait Gallery contains over 400 portrait engravings of famous Jesuits, scanned from the pages of Rev. Alfred Hamy, S.J.'s Galerie Illustrée de la Compagnie de Jésus (Paris: 1893).

Connect to the Marquette Hilltop Yearbooks, 1915-1996The Hilltop Yearbooks span from 1915 to 1996 and offer online access to Marquette University's student annual.

Connect to the Holy Rosary Mission & Red Cloud Indian School Digital Image CollectionHoly Rosary Mission — Red Cloud Indian School contains over 1,000 images pertaining to Red Cloud Indian School (formerly Holy Rosary Mission) and Oglala, Brulé, and other Indians, Jesuits, and Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian reservations in South Dakota.

Connect to the Generation After - I'll Tell You a Story: Memories of Pre-Holocaust Europe CollectionI'll Tell You a Story: Memories of Pre-Holocaust Europe provides full-text access to 25 oral history interviews describing the fabric of Jewish life in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s.

Connect to The Indian Sentinel CollectionThe Indian Sentinel, 1902-1962, features articles by and about Native Americans, clergy, and religious and in the United States plus related Catholic churches, missions, and schools.

Connect to the In the Spotlight 
	  CollectionIn the Spotlight presents limited amounts of digitized materials that are relevant to current events, historical anniversaries, or that are central to Marquette University's heritage.

Connect to the Marquette Tribune Online CollectionThe Marquette Tribune Online provides digital access to the historic print run of the student newspaper, beginning in 1916.

Connect to the Marquette University History Online Digital Image CollectionMarquette University History Online provides a federated search portal for accessing several university-related collections as well as thousands of scans made in response to patron requests.

Connect to the Joseph R. McCarthy Speech Excerpts Audio CollectionSenator Joe McCarthy: Audio Excerpts, 1950-1954 provides access to 35 streaming audio files containing public remarks made by the controversial Wisconsin senator during his anti-Communist campaign.

Connect to the Ralph Metcalfe: The Olympic Years 1932-1936 Digital Image CollectionRalph Metcalfe: The Olympic Years, 1932-1936, contains 100 images, newspaper clippings, and other print materials about the sprinter once known as "The World's Fastest Human".

Connect to the Postcards from Manhattan: The Portrait Photography of Carl Van Vechten Digital Image CollectionPostcards from Manhattan: The Portrait Photography of Carl Van Vechten offers portrait postcards of prominent individuals, photographed by Carl Van Vechten and mailed to his friend, Karl J. Priebe, between 1946 and 1956.

Connect to the St. Francis Mission Digital Image CollectionSt. Francis Mission features images of Brulé and Oglala Indians, Jesuits, and Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, mostly at St. Francis Mission School on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Connect to the Service Learning at Marquette Digital Image CollectionService at Marquette includes 150 images from 1969 through 2006 demonstrating Marquette's ongoing commitment to community service activities.

Connect to the Edwin A. Shanke CollectionEdwin A. Shanke: AP Reporter in Germany, 1937-1942 provides access to photographs, correspondence, and wire copy from MU alumnus Edwin Shanke while he worked in Germany as an Associated Press correspondent from 1937-1942.

Connect to the Tommy G. Thompson 
	  Digital Image CollectionThe Tommy G. Thompson Collection presents photographs depicting Thompson's service as Wisconsin state legislator (1966-1986), Wisconsin governor (1987-2001), and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (2001-2005).

Connect to the University Histories 
	  Digital CollectionThe University Histories Collection comprises two out-of-print volumes detailing the history of Marquette University, one published in 1906 and the other in 1953.

Connect to the Women in Blue & Gold Digital 
	  Image CollectionWomen in Blue & Gold features nearly 2,000 images documenting women's intercollegiate athletics at Marquette University from 1975 through 2000.

Connect to the Clement J. Zablocki Digital Image CollectionClement J. Zablocki: Photographs of Wisconsin's "Mr. Democrat" This collection documents the career of a longtime congressman from Milwaukee. Many of the photographs show Zablocki with presidents, visiting heads of state, and other VIPs.