Edwin A. Shanke: AP Reporter in Germany, 1937-1942, Staff

Creating this online digital collection was a huge undertaking. Professional staff involved in the effort were:

Bill Fliss, Archivist and overall project manager
Michelle Sweetser, University Archivist
Amy Cooper Cary, Head, Special Collections & Archives
Keven Riggle, Library IT
Lynn Whittenberger, Metadata Librarian
Rose Fortier, Digital Programs Coordinator

The digital collection would not have been possible without the hard work of many wonderful students and fieldworkers. Special thanks goes to Kendall Cosley who bore the lion's share of the work building the photograph albums while she labored at the archives in 2016, first as a Marquette student fieldworker and later as a student employee.

Special thanks is also due to Kirsten Buvala, who, as a graduate student fieldworker through UWM's SOIS program in the fall of 2015, provided invaluable assistance as the project got underway, particularly with the digitization of Shanke's correspondence.

Special thanks also goes to Marquette doctoral candidate Michael Pulido and UWM graduate student Catherine Kirchman who provided translations for the German language elements in the collection.

Lauren Parrottino was the foremost member of a terrific cadre of student employees who worked on the Shanke project in 2015-2016. The other students in the group were Mason Austin, Omar Campos, Lydia Melland, and Paul Sampson.

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