Marquette Tribune Online Staff

Digitizing a long run of student newspapers and mounting them online is a major undertaking, requiring the input and assistance of many individuals over a sustained period of time. Professional staff involved with the project are:

Amy Cooper Cary, Head, Special Collections & Archives

Katie Blank, University / Digital Records Archivist

 Former staff: 

Rose Fortier, Digital Programs Coordinator
Michelle Sweetser, University Archivist
Lynn Whittenberger, Metadata Librarian

A special thanks goes to the following students, interns, and volunteers who have contributed to the project since its inception:

Mason Austin, 2016, 2018
Omar Campos, 2017-
Layla Bahrami, 2014-2015
Patrick Bethel, 2015-2016 
Glen Brown, 2014-2015
Jasmine Burns, 2014-2015
Kelly Cannon, 2015-2016
Chia-Lin Change (Sharlin), 2014
Alissa Condon, 2016-2017
Luke Frommelt, 2015-2016
Kenny Guay, 2016-2017 
Jenna Himsl, 2015-2016
Abbie Joranger, 2019
Catherine Kirchman, 2016 
Kelly Krause, 2016-2017
Madeline Krolczyk, 2018-2019 
Yi-Ting Lin (Katrina), 2014
Ashley Meddaugh, 2015-2016
Peter Melling, 2017-2018
Aaron Moriak, 2018
Sunaina Randhawa, 2018-
Tamara Robinson, 2016
Ben Ruedinger, 2015-2016
Margaret Rydeski, 2016-2017 
Stephanie Salvaterra, 2014-2016
Olga Shchennikova, 2017-2019
Alison Sielaff, 2016 
Katie Simpson, 2017
Rachel Tanis, 2015
Cindy Xaba, 2017
Emily Wong, 2016-2018


Archival materials from the Raynor Memorial Libraries

Marquette Archives