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Marquette University has had a variety of nicknames and associated mascots over the years.  The nicknames and mascots are representative of the era from which they were created and should be viewed within the context of that period. The University Archives holds and preserves documents, artifacts and media in its collection that may depict perspectives and actions that may not be in keeping with contemporary Marquette University values.  There are many records documenting nicknames and mascots throughout the University Archives.


List of Marquette NicknamesA chronological, descriptive list of nicknames used by Marquette University.   

Primary Sources Related to Nicknames/Mascots at Marquette

Following are the major sources related to nicknames and mascots:

  • The Photographs and General Information Files contain photographic prints as well as assorted newspaper clippings and print materials documenting the mascot issue and reporting on its history. Following are specific files that are likely to be of interest:
    • 00130a (Bleuteaux)
    • 00310 (Cheerleaders)
    • 00316 (Chief White Buck)
    • 00621aa (Golden Eagles)
    • 00985 (Nickname/Mascot; multiple folders divided chronologically)
    • 01380 (Willie Wampum)
    • 01385 (First Warrior)
    • and 01387 (Warriors).
  • Student government leaders played an important role in the establishment and retirement of nicknames and mascots at Marquette throughout the years. Student government records are maintained as a series. Researchers will want to consult files related to the:
    • Mascot Committee, Warrior Head Committee, Willie Wampum, and specific resolutions and legislation from years under consideration.
  • The Athletic Board and Department of Athletics Administration have played a role in the approval of nicknames and the selection of alternatives. Athletic Board minutes and other subject files include documentation of the board's involvement. A restricted series within the Department of Athletics Administration includes correspondence and suggestions for alternate nicknames proposed in 1993-1994 (the archives staff can help make a request on your behalf for access to these restricted records, though permission may not be granted).
  • In 2005, the university considered its nickname and mascot in response to an offer from a member of the Board of Trustees to donate a considerable sum in exchange for a reversion to the nickname, “Warriors.” Archives staff collected material documenting the community conversation and website developed to solicit feedback in its Athletics Nickname/Mascot Collection.
  • The student newspaper, The Marquette Tribune, covered the ongoing conversation about mascots and nicknames. The publication is in the process of being digitized; a rough index to headlines through the mid-1970s is available upon request. Print copies of the Tribune are available for consultation in the Archives Reading Room. 
  • Presidential records of interest may be: 
  • The University Archives maintains the physical outfit worn as the First Warrior. Use of these items is restricted, but they may be viewed in the Archives Reading Room. 
  • In 2011, Dr. John Krugler's Public History students created two oral histories during a classroom examination of the nickname and mascot issue. The created a video oral history with Mark Denning, who represented Marquette as the First Warrior, and an audio oral history with Dr. James Scott, Vice President for Student Affairs from 1970-1992. 

Audiovisual Resources Related to Nicknames/Mascot at Marquette

  • Many images are digitized and part of Marquette University History Online
  • The Hilltop yearbooks (1915-1996) have been digitized and are available online. Ssearch for “First Warrior,” “Willie Wampum,” "Bleuteaux," etc. Keep in mind that the spelling of the mascot names changed through the years and you’ll want to use a variety of alternatives.
  • The university's slide collection mirrors the Photographs and General Information Files described above, but is limited to images in color slide format. Relevant topics include "First Warrior," "Mascots," and "Bleuteaux."
  • Additional images of the various mascots may be included in the cheerleading and basketball records and files.
  • Brief performances by the mascots may have been captured during recording of men's basketball and football games.

Secondary Sources about Nicknames/Mascots and Marquette University

Milwaukee's Jesuit University Thomas J. Jablonsky

Published in 2007, this is the most recent book about Marquette University's history, covering the first 100 years (1881-1981). 

"The Mascot Name Change Controversy: A Lesson in Hypersensitivity"   

John B. Rhode. Publication Date: 1994.  

A Commentary piece in the Marquette Sports Law Review provides information on the legal background and context for nickname and mascot name changes, and provides specific details related to Marquette and the University of Wisconsin Madison.  

The Last Warrior Jake Albers, Zachary Baldauf, Jennifer Berzin, Kimberly Kluge, Margaret McClain, et al. 

Publication Date: 2012

Students in Dr. John's Krugler's Public History class generated this 4-panel exhivit on Marquette nicknames and mascots in 2012. 


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