Marquette Hall
Accreditation at Marquette University

Accreditation site visit completed; affiliation status decision expected during spring semester

The eight-person site visit team representing the Higher Learning Commission concluded its visit Wednesday, Oct. 2. Before leaving campus, the team shared general observations with members from the offices of the president, provost and executive vice president. The team expressed thanks for the welcome they received while on campus and was complimentary of the open and honest conversations, along with the thoroughness of the self-study report. The team will complete a draft report for the HLC's consideration.

The final report and the commission's decision is known as the Statement of Affiliation Status. This decision is expected to be received during the spring semester. The Statement of Affiliation Status can reaffirm accreditation status, but also can request that an institution provide reports or require a focused visit to confirm that recommendations from the commission are being addressed.

During the three-day visit, members of the team held more than 40 meetings and met with more than 500 members of the campus community, including the three open forums for faculty, staff and students. The visit was the culmination of more than two years of preparation by hundreds of campus community members, and included a comprehensive self-study.