French studies at Marquette University offer students valuable linguistic, cultural and professional experience. As a language that is widely spoken in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and the Caribbean, French occupies an important place in global affairs. Through grammar and style courses designed to hone linguistic skills, courses that focus on literature, the arts, philosophy, business and history, classes featuring computer-mediated exchanges with native Francophones and study abroad immersion opportunities, students will explore the great diversity of the Francophone world and the role that they may one day play within it. Whether it is completed as a single specialization or is meant to enhance another field of study such as education, political science, law, medicine or international business, a major in French can be attained upon completion of 30 credit hours above the Intermediate level language courses. Possible concentrations include “Francophone Literatures, Cultures and Language,” “Business and Culture” and “Francophone Literatures, Cultures and Language for Education.” Students may alternately elect to complete a minor in French.

French Faculty

Dr. Boubakary Diakite
Dr. Sarah Gendron
Dr. Jeanette Kraemer
Dr. Jennifer Vanderheyden



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