2019 Department Awards

Mary Gettel Award

William Frost, Classics: Greek and Latin,

Highest GPA in a Languages, Literatures, and Cultures major


Arabic - Mahmoud Darwish Arabic Literature Award



Madison Abell


Taylor Boeckmann


Seamus McDermott


Chinese - Chinese Language and Culture Award

Awardees (Liu Bowen not pictured)


Monica Dressen


Matthew Trecek


Fantasia Vang


Classics (Greek/Latin) - President’s Latin Contest Advanced

William Frost, Classics: Greek and Latin






Emma Hudson-Mairet,

Most Promising Performance


Kendall Kohlmeyer,

Excellence in Writing


Katie Doyle,

Excellence in Class Performance


Noel Hincha,

Pi Delta Phi Award



German - Goethe Prize for Excellence in the Study of German

Allison Nadenik



Emily Chang,

People for Other at Home and Abroad Award


Esmeralda Mercado,

Outstanding Spanish for Heritage Speakers Award


Katrina Reeder,

Overachiever Award


Jocelin Reynoso Urenda,

Outstanding Creative Work Award


Maria Teresa Serna,

Outstanding Latinx Studies Award


Leah Jackson

Outstanding Research Paper in Spanish Award


Spanish awards descriptions and nomination process

Students may self-nominate; faculty may nominate. The works and activities completed at any time over the course of studying Spanish at Marquette are eligible. Awards are open to all students, whether graduating or not. Graduate students’ works are accepted but preference will be given to undergraduates. Deadline to submit nominations and self-nominations: April 1. Results are communicated by April 20. Awards ceremony early May.

  1. Outstanding Research Paper in Spanish award recognizes outstanding research, argumentation, and style of a student paper in Spanish produced while studying at Marquette.
  2. Outstanding Creative Work award recognizes thought-inspiring, provocative creative work in any medium or genre produced for any Spanish course at Marquette.
  3. People for Others Award recognizes outstanding citizenship and care for the success of others and/or exemplary contributions to the Milwaukee community through Service Learning in any Spanish class.
  4. Globetrotter award recognizes students’ outstanding academic performance and community outreach while studying Spanish abroad.
  5. Overachiever award will go to the Spanish major with the highest GPA in any of the Spanish majors. Names submitted by Dept. Chair. May remain vacant. 

Previous Department Awards

2018 Department Awards


Mary Gettel Award

Highest GPA in a Languages, Literatures, and Cultures major

  • Lucas Connelly, Spanish

Arabic - Mahmoud Darwish Arabic Literature Award

  • Brian Coe
  • Meredith Gillespie*
  • Alyssa Sankey
  • Allison Volcheck*

*Meredith Gillespie and Allie Volcheck were also awarded The Center of Peacemaking Fellowship Award for summer 2018. They will be working under Dr. Othman’s supervision on an oral history project that deals with Muslim women strategies to gain independence and agency by nonviolent methods-leading to a more equal, and consequently more peaceful, society.

Chinese - Chinese Language and Culture Award

  • Luca Bonvicini
  • Lily Cheong
  • Raaz Khoshnood
  • Sofia Monster 

Classics (Greek/Latin) - President’s Latin Contest Advanced

  • Alex Tama


  • Pi Delta Phi Award for Excellence in French Studies: Maxwell Maloney
  • Excellence in Writing: Alexander Lux
  • Excellence in Oral Presentation: Jessi Stellberg
  • Excellence in Oral Presentation: Alexander Pena
  • Most Promising Performance: Zoe Gunderson 

Italian - Excellence in Italian Language

  • Domenic Savaglio


  • Creative Work: Margaret Cullinan ("La trenza floral")
  • Research Paper: Josh Miler and Jessica Szuminski
  • Globetrotter: Zoe Campbell
  • People for Others: Esme Nungaray