Why Languages, Literatures and Cultures?

Take a look at our department brochure or watch our department video and discover why you should pursue Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Marquette University.

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

10 Reasons You Should Pursue a Degree in Languages

  • Because I want to be able to communicate in other languages that are spoken in the United States and around the world.
  • Because companies actively seek people who can speak and read other languages in almost any profession, be it government work, medical careers, business, law, sales, or education. 
  • Because I can combine a language major or minor with any other majors.
  • Because I love to travel and I know that knowing other languages will open to me many doors in many countries. 
  • Because I love to read, think, and write, and because I consider it a privilege to dedicate time to doing that. 
  • Because I want a chance to test myself, to debate with the experts, and to explore a topic in depth.
  • Because I want to better understand the world around me and become an active participant in today’s global society.
  • Because learning one more languages will also make it easier for me to learn many other languages.
  • Because I have been taking other languages at school and would like to take this knowledge on the next level.
  • Just because!

The benefits of majoring in languages

Language students lead richer, more fulfilling lives because they have learned to communicate with people around the world, enjoy literature and the arts, experience other cultures, understand themselves and the world, and make a difference.

Why Marquette?

What we offer

Our majors and minors offer: real-world experiences, language immersion, international faculty and community engagement.

What you receive

Career potential in: advertising, banking and finance, business and trade, diplomacy, government and service, social services, education, health care, information technology, journalism and media, and translation and interpretation.

Real-world skills such as: language proficiency, critical thinking, understanding other cultures, and research and communication to name a few.

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