Take your Marquette pride for a drive

The Marquette University license plate is available to all Wisconsin drivers! Show your Marquette pride whenever you're on the roads with this specialized plate.

Drivers can purchase the special plate at any time for $15 and don't need to be a Marquette graduate to purchase it. There is no need to wait for the month in which an annual registration fee is due. (However, drivers whose current plates expire within the next three months will be asked to pay their annual registration fee at the same time.)

The plate is available through mail order only.

Order a Marquette license plate!

Order details

Non-personalized plates

  • Five digits long with the letters "MU" stacked at the end; numbers assigned by Wisconsin DOT.
  • A $15 issuance fee is required when the plates are issued or reissued. (This is not an annual fee.)
  • Plates received within four to six weeks after application is processed.

Personalized plates

  • Six digits long; numbers/letters chosen by the driver.
  • Check the availability of a particular number/letter combination. Be sure to indicate interest in the Marquette plate.
  • An annual $15 fee.
  • Plates take four to six weeks to produce.

Show us your plates!

If you decide to order personalized plates, we'd love to see them! Simply send us an email with your license plate photo attached and we'll add your picture to the picture gallery.

Vehicles that qualify for the Marquette license plate:

  • Automobiles
  • Motor homes (annual registration only)
  • Motor trucks
    • 4,500-, 6,000- or 8,000-pound gross weight, including dual-purpose farm and dual-purpose motor homes
    • 12,000-pound gross weight farm trucks

How to apply