Multicultural Affairs Now Known as Intercultural Engagement

Beginning July 1, 2012, the Office of Student Development-Multicultural Affairs will now be known as the Office of Student Development-Intercultural Engagement.

During the past year, the Multicultural Affairs staff reflected on and redefined its purpose and goals. Although our inherent purpose to serve and support historically underrepresented students remains, we have grown to support the cross-cultural exchange within the diverse student body of Marquette. The name change is meant to better represent the growth and focus of this area. Additionally, the former Multicultural Center (MCC) will become the Center for Intercultural Engagement (CIE) in order to reflect consistency in purpose.

“Intercultural” acknowledges the intersecting identities within individuals, while also recognizing the connections formed across groups’ social identities and experiences. This focus on intercultural, as opposed to multicultural, emphasizes the division’s commitment to broadening an understanding of diversity that is inclusive of more than racial and ethnic identities.

“Engagement” represents the opportunities for in-depth interaction and participation in collective reflection and dialogue to enhance Marquette students’ social, academic and leadership experiences.  

The mission, programs and services of Intercultural Engagement are as follows:

Mission Statement

Intercultural Engagement provides opportunities for all students to develop as leaders who explore, understand and engage with areas of diversity and social justice.

Additionally, we provide support and advocacy for students from historically underrepresented communities (including but not limited to students from underrepresented racial, ethnic and religious communities; students in the LGBTQ and Ally communities; and first generation college students) to succeed academically and socially.

Intercultural Engagement will strive to achieve its mission by developing programs and opportunities through the following core initiatives:

Some upcoming events and initiatives include:

The mission of the Office of Student Development – Intercultural Engagement continues to align with the mission and vision of the Office of Student Development and the Division of Student Affairs as well as the University’s Statement on Human Dignity and Diversity and Marquette’s Mission.

For more information, contact Carla Cadet, Assistant Dean For Intercultural Engagement at 414-288-7205 or



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