Mission Statement

Guided by the Jesuit, Catholic Mission of Marquette University, the Office of Inclusion and Belonging is called to walk with our students in a transformative educational experience to be individuals for and with others.  We foster a culture that values, respects, and promotes a sense of belonging for the Marquette community.  This is realized through the opportunities provided by intentional programs and services towards their intellectual, ethical, social, cultural, and leadership development.  We are committed to accompanying our students on their journey to a hope-filled future.

Programming Philosophy and Learning Outcomes

Our programming is guided by the history of the Center for Engagement and Inclusion and the learning goals and mission of the Division of Student Affairs strategic plan. The Center coordinates programs that educate, engage, empower, and embrace all students. Through programming, we hope Marquette students will have the ability to share ideas, learn from those around them and be able to analyze society in a way that leads them to a positive civic and philanthropic experiences post-graduation.

In conjunction with the Jesuit mission of the University, the Center strives to develop a community of men and women for others by working with students and student organizations to plan, promote, implement, and evaluate programs. The design of the programming model is inspired by the Jesuit motto, AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam), which translates to “For the Greater Glory of God.” The CEI programming model utilizes this Jesuit motto by identifying the following target areas that serve as the basis for our program series in Engagement and Inclusion. Those target areas are:

  • Awareness of self as well as in relation to others
  • Meaningful involvement with persons from different backgrounds
  • Development of leaders who will be able to solve problems given multiple variables
  • Grow and sustain faculty relationships to connect in-class learning with out of the classroom experiences
  • Engage in social justice topics on campus and in the local and global community.

In past years, the Office of Inclusion and Belonging sponsored or supported events includes Heritage Months, faculty and student colloquia, immersion experiences, and leadership education and training. We make a distinction between sponsored and supported events. In programs the Center sponsors, financial support is provided and the staff helps in the preparation, coordination, implementations, and assessment of the program. On average we seek to financially support two or three events/programs per month during cultural heritage months. The Center supports programs approved by the university and that are aligned with its mission. In supported programs, we serve as consultants to actively and effectively plan the event, and to the extent possible provide staffing and/or assist with publicity for the event. As we realize all students are in different stages of truly understanding self, the events we sponsor and support will include a variety of levels of engagement and understanding.


The Office of Inclusion and Belonging is committed to helping students become more aware of other Marquette departments and resources that share our vision of fostering a diverse and inclusive campus. Sharing information, resources and working collaboratively with campus partners allows the Office of Inclusion and Belonging to enhance the personal and educational experiences of students from underrepresented racial, ethnic and religious communities, students in the LGBTQ+ community, and first-generation students.


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